So it isn't clear exactly why this Chromebook drains so much power. Extending the Chromebook’s battery life is said to have high priority, so owners may only have to wait a few weeks for the update to appear. All rights reserved. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook battery life Keep the charger nearby. Samsung launched the Galaxy Chromebook, arguably the best-looking Chrome OS laptop ever, four months ago.It has a beautiful red aluminum body, a 4K Super AMOLED touchscreen with DisplayHDR 400, and an S Pen. There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is one of the best Chromebooks in the business, but some users and reviewers have reported getting less-than-stellar battery life from the device. It is no secret by now: the otherwise fantastic Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has a fatal flaw. On the other hand, it may opt to include a low-power or power-saving mode. It's also actively looking for a fix. As we see with most 4K laptops, our web-surfing based battery test (which sets the display at … And that leaves only a limited amount of space internally for a battery. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. It has plenty of options ranging from changing how the display works at lower resolutions to reducing the performance of some components. Under those circumstances, sources have reported battery life well under four hours. Contact him at [email protected]. In a test of my basic daily routine, I failed to clear … This post may contain affiliate links. Samsung's latest Chromebook is super thin, at just 9.9mm thick. Obviously, since Samsung doesn’t control Chrome OS, this work will require Google’s assistance. If you want a searingly bright, color accurate, super-high-density display, you’ll pay not only at the cash register, but in battery life as well. The battery is also pushing power to a relatively powerful 10th-gen Core i5 U-series processor. Daniel has been writing for AndroidHeadlines since 2016. I just received my Galaxy Chromebook from Samsung yesterday. Samsung has reportedly reached out to Chrome Unboxed to confirm that it is not only aware of battery problems associated with the Galaxy Chromebook. That's just over the size of the average smartphone. Copyright ©2020 Android Headlines. My only issue is the battery life. Discover Samsung Galaxy Chromebook for business, a touchscreen Chromebook featuring the lightning-fast and secure business capabilities of Chrome OS. The final possible problem is the size of the battery. There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is one of the best Chromebooks in the business, but some users and reviewers have reported getting less-than-stellar battery life from the device. That leaves a lot of room for speculation with regard to how Samsung will fix the issue. Sign up to receive the latest Android News every weekday: Independent, Expert Android News You Can Trust, Since 2010. It may vary significantly with usage and settings. But its battery life leaves much to be desired, and … Daniel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering and has a background in Writing and Graphics Design that drives his passion for Android, Google products, the science behind the technology, and the direction it's heading. With some of the worst battery life we've seen in years, it is hard to recommend widely. The company claimed, at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, that its device would last users up to 10-hours on a single charge. The company…. The battery used, in this case, is a 49.2Wh battery. Be sure to check out, Samsung admits to Galaxy Chromebook’s awful battery life, plans improvements, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook review roundup: Terrible battery ruins perfection, Hands on: Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook stole my heart in a matter of minutes [Video], Google wants to separate browser and Chrome OS updates to extend your Chromebook’s life. Samsung is reportedly fully aware of the Galaxy Chromebook’s battery life issues. The latter solution has already been spotted in the Chromium Gerrit. It is a beautiful device, well made, a joy to type on, and the best display I have seen on a laptop. Now, there are several reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is likely to suffer from a shortened lifespan. With their powerful yet light design and long-lasting battery, Chromebooks are made for the everyday grind. At the moment, there’s no clear direction for Samsung to go to improve the battery life, but there are some hints. Samsung is pushing a new vision for what a Chrome OS product can be: a premium device for power users. That's a long way from the "all-day" battery life Samsung promised from this Chromebook. 8hrs. How to charge your Samsung Chromebook and get the best battery life. That isn't going to be feasible for every user, though. However, its battery doesn’t last as long as Samsung’s marketing claims, and the company is aware of this issue. However, Samsung does indicate that the problem is a high-priority matter. Some users will need to press brightness of the display closer to 60- or 70-percent brightness. Changes being worked on in the background of Chrome OS hint that Google could be introducing a new power governor that would limit the CPU’s performance when the system doesn’t need it. Overall, I still think that this is great Chromebook for anyone looking for a premium Chromebook with great performance, build quality and display. There are a number of ways it could work to accomplish that. The company isn't outlining exactly what fixes it might have on offer. So, to some extent, it seems the most likely to be used. Although if you use it to it's full potential, it drops down to 3 hours. The source notes, for instance, that the laptop can achieve 6-hours of battery life at around 50-percent screen brightness. Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+ and get 6 months of Spotify Premium for free. The problem with pointing to those as underlying issues is that this isn't the only Chromebook with those specs. While that's certainly possible, attaining that requires serious sacrifice on behalf of users. There’s a lot to like about Samsung’s latest Chromebook, but there’s also one major downside. That was after the device was found to have a serious battery defect causing some units to explode. Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news: Samsung is a technology conglomerate based out of South Korea that makes some of the world's most popular smartphones such as the Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Note 10. Now, Samsung is admitting its mistake and says it wants to improve. In a test of my basic daily routine, I failed to clear … Most Galaxy Chromebook reviews praised the laptop’s vibrant design and fantastic screen, but they also pointed out its below-par battery life despite the Project Athena certification. Send tips to or encrypted to So it isn't clear if it plans to reduce the power consumption of the two-in-one laptop. Ben is a writer and video producer for 9to5Google. So it should be included in an update to the gadget relatively quickly. Not least of all, this is the first Chromebook to pack an AMOLED display panel and that's been set to a 4K resolution. Copyright © 2020 Android Headlines. 74% Samsung Galaxy Chromebook review: Great, until the battery runs out Source: Engadget Samsung’s latest Chromebook does many things right. As a Junior Editor for the site, Daniel specializes in reviewing a diverse range of technology products and covering topics related to Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

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