The previous models have some issues (e.g., battery life, display quality, and so on). It’s been revealed in China, alongside the local release of the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip.The Samsung Galaxy Book Ion … The Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2020 has just become official. The second generation is about 1.8LB (it was purchased in 2018 November). However, the Galaxy Book Ion (the third generation of Samsung … It might be time to take Samsung seriously as a PC maker again. The Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion are thin, light notebooks packing bright, beautiful QLED screens. 80% Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 15 review: Positively charged Source: Pocket Lint Although unconventional in a number of ways, so many of those features - user-expandable storage and RAM, … For example, the first generation is about 2.7 LB (it was purchased in 2013 July). Samsung’s Galaxy Book Ion is an affordable laptop with an awesome display By Arif Bacchus October 29, 2019 The Galaxy Book Flex brings QLED to laptops, at a high price.

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