benefits from the cultural village at household level; 4) perceived benefits and costs of the cultural village at community level. Ecotourism, like other forms of tourism, can however result in cultural and social intrusion in local communities. Tourism businesses have developed benefit-sharing schemes that favour local people to access tourism benefits. Community is one component for understanding community development for tourism development but is also important to appreciate how community affects local tourism development. According to Mugenda (2009) community participation is vital in tourism management, as it empowers local members to be involved and participate in the planning of the whole tourism development process. is of the view that participation in communities should be a social interaction that benefits the whole community rather than a few individuals. Tourism and community participation The tourism sector can have positive and negative impacts on a local community, so tourism “can affect the lives of the local community in various ways. They also want to be involved in the sharing of tourism benefits. Tourism development is contributing For some local community, tourism can be a driving force of the overall development, and for others it may cause negative …” (Nagarjuna, 2015:14). The sector has facilitated the development of structures that have the capacity to boost coexistence and economic stability. For some, community participation in tourism ensures that there is sustainability (Woodley, 1993), better opportunities for local people to gain benefits from tourism taking place in their locality, positive local attitudes and the conservation of local resources (Tosun, 2006). 1. Generally, there is … Introduction. Local communities have a key role in tourism 5. The study was conducted within a local community where tourism is in its early stage of development (see Monare 2013). Keywords: local communities, tourism development, community development . These schemes include local employment, local capacity building, and sharing tourism profits with the wider community. community. To what extent do tourism stakeholders reflect on the interactions between the tourism industry and local communities and children? The research methodology in this assessment consisted of a combination of a number of complimentary approaches, designed to explore economic, socio-cultural and environmental effects Local Community Participation in Tourism Development: The Case of Katse Villages in Lesotho ... benefits, leading to community development and greater support for tourism particularly, in developing countries, whereby tourism is still at an infant stage of development. Download file to see previous pages Analysis of the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the benefits of tourism to the Local Community in Singapore Tourism is the global largest industry that contributes to job position creation in diverse economies.

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