Are they worth the price difference?? If I understand you correctly in your post above, you're pointing out to the popularity of Neumann mics among professionals as proof of them being worth their high monetary value. but I wonder if I could still hold that preference if a simple high-frequency-cut preset was dropped on the NT1-A file. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. a u87 is certainly not my favourite mic but its solid always. Despite being more affordable, its features do look more attractive. this is the high end forum. But it may not, so it's important that you try before you buy. you obviously have not worked with the mics you are discrediting here. There was no opinion poll mentioned referenced or implied in my post. In others, those pronounced highs sound heavenly. I expect you to think this is poor taste, but I'll have to proceed with this style of inquiry. On the other hand, though, Neumann U87 has been considered by many as one of the very best … Humans, for the most part, are not rational. Let’s find out! That's exactly what I'm saying. So you're reading beyond the lines of my posts and the conclusion you make is that I am either dreaming about a Neumann mic or pissed off that I can't afford it? I've also worked with several u87 tracks where I applied generous presence boost... Had they been recorded with the Rode, I would hardly feel the need to do that. It's not that they're distorted. You need to hear both mics in an finished song, mixed and mastered. Was it helpful and informative of the world of sound recording? It depends on material. Are they all falling prey to slick marketing? To go another way: I could open a tuna can with a hammer if I needed to. im sorry but only a moron would think a nt1a is good. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Unless someone can open my eyes to that, I am left with its performance as I can audition in a test and the build quality, which I doubt is any better than that of the NT1-A, for example. I do not doubt for a moment that if a $300 Rode, AKG or Oktava mic was produced by Neumann as a new $50.000 flagship ldc, many highly respected producers would buy it and praise it for its incredible realism, presence, punch and whatever. they are by far some of the crappiest voice over mics ive ever used in my life. Both microphones were plugged with equal cables to the pres of a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56. Unless someone can open my eyes to that, I am left with its performance as I can audition in a test. i listen to spoken word samples where they are very dynamic in how they are talking. i know the rode well and it sucks moneky balls. I didn't make your point at all, my post just went over your head. you can make it duller or brighter with the eq. Now, to answer your question directly - yes, it would be nothing shocking that all the great engineers preferring the Neumann have mistaken a brand name for superior quality. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Prev: 5 Plugin Discount Websites YOU SHOULD KNOW // Black Friday Special. Nobody said "B has too much distortion to be the u87.". They have a peak, which may be undesirable in many applications. or upgrade their monitoring - or gather more experience. Where do you get this stuff ? However, Rode K2 is available at a much lower price point. The referral point for most of his mics is the almost universally venerated sound of vintage Neumann mics, with their midrange richness with a sibilance-free top end.

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