Founded in the 1980’s, Rode Microphones LLC is an Australian designer and manufacturer of microphones and audio software. I think there is a Rode backlash from the serious over marketing, ok performance of the Rode NT1. This comparison guide takes a detailed look at Rode K2 and Neumann U87. Other than that, the microphone gives a classic style look coupled with modern technology sound. Both microphones come with three polar patterns. Am Curtis and I spend most of my time with microphones. So if you already have a darker alternative then the K2 would be great. Microphone Authority is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I'd choose Rode k2 any day over tlm102 on vocals generally. The model has been used in countless recordings, ranging from pop to spoken word. I was surprised. Although pricey, the products are of high quality. Its character is bright, a common quality in condenser microphones. If your concern is the value of your hard earned money, then Rode K2 should be your preferred microphone. Even so, every device comes with its unique features. I think the K2 is miles better than the Tlm 102 and Tlm 103. Not a whole lot of sound difference compared to the price. Being a Sound Engineer is a passion. I started Microphone Authority to share information on the best sound setups, practices, and products. Its products are primarily used in studio and sound recording and live sound reinforcement. And although it has become one of the leading mic manufacturers, it has solid competitors and Neumann U87 is a great example in this case. Both mics have an impressive build quality featuring a durable heat-treated mesh head. The Neumann TLM102 is pretty seriously cut down, sounds thin and is definitely no where near their best (of course!!). Your email address will not be published. There is therefore no need to worry about adjusting its phantom power. K2 is a well-built mic that, from the perspective of my modest home studio, produces great-sounding recordings which sit well in the mix without too much help. The original Neummann was launched in 1967. On the other hand, Neummann U87 is expensive although it has a great quality. The Rode K2 is a very good sounding mic and very much underrated on gearslutz. If your concern is the value of your hard earned money, then Rode K2 should be your preferred microphone. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It is suitable for different vocals and instruments. Yes more high end frequencies than the u87, less mids, more bass, that's it. This mic has a progressive variable pick-up pattern which is great for dialing in more room sound. The build quality is very good; it features a welded, heat-treated steel mesh head which is highly durable. Both mics have a high handling SPL of about 162 decibels by default. It is a cardoid, omnidirectional microphone. Both Rode and Neumann have been in the microphone manufacturing domain for a long time, and they’re famed for their quality microphones. Is it Ok to Leave a Microphone in the Shock Mount. That said, we shall pit tow of their popular microphones against each other. Conclusion. The mic’s output is accurate and detailed. When shopping for a high quality microphone, Rode and Neumann are two companies that come to mind. At the same time, the lowest self noise level is approximately 12 dBA. I came across a threat about the Rode NT2 being a now forbidden copy of the Neumann U87. It's good value too. I haven't used the TLM102 on vocals, only one I've had a chance to use was in pretty poor shape, BUT I've used the K2 quite a bit on vocals. It offers excellent clarity since the noise level is low. It has a pressure-gradient transducer that comes with a dedicated membrane capsule. With the level, this microphone can take care of some of the loudest singers. They are versatile, meaning they can be used to suit various needs as well as conditions. Still not in love with k2.. You should check out at 4050 in that price range IMO. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is.

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