My Recordings/Credits My Studio. A NOS (New Old Stock) Telefunken E88CC (6922) valve or equivalent. So ive been on ebay for a while looking at different tubes. 14th March 2011 #2. prologicmusic ️. ( Log Out /  Whilst I agree that the K2 is a good sounding, currently-manufactured microphone, I wouldn't just naturally expect that a new valve (tube) will definitely make it sound better. I tried Russian 6DJ8s, then JAN 6922s. Not much difference in any of the 6DJ8 type tubes I tried: Stock was a China tube in mine. Add to Wish List Add to Wish List SKU: # 189624. The RØDE K2 Tube microphone is nothing short of amazing. Hi there, i'm planning to buy a rode k2 pretty soon, i need a good tube vocal mic for a good price and i think whatever you buy for that price you probably need to swap the tube to improve sound quality. Great advice. “ ” Joel Gragg. Sweetwater. This is very easy and I would recommend you try this first and see if you like the way it sounds. Re: swapping tube on Rode k2 to improve sound, any advice. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This particular one is a sought-after Telefunken made in West Germany in the 1950’s. Different tubes will impart a different sonic character to the mic so the ultimate test is to use your ears! For greater warmth, I add … Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen both these screws and fully undo 1 of them to flip the plastic clip up and out of the way. There is a BIG improvement in the sound of both mics. I just bought a new mullard replacement tube for the Rode K2. Is this correct? ( Log Out /  I am very happy with this tube condenser microphone now. I paid approx £125 for one from NOS Tube Store , their service was great and the tube was as described. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Lives for gear . The case is a bit tacky but you can’t have it all. The tube is secured in position by a plastic clip which sits on top of the tube (pointy end) and the clip is held in place by 2 screws. Carefully insert your new tube into the socket, it only fits in one orientation, make sure it is fully engaged. All clips were recorded via the preamps on my UA Apollo interface, I’ve endeavoured to maintain the same conditions and distances between mic and source for each comparison, but there may be small variations. Replacement tubes for Rode NTK & Rode K2. A Rode K2 valve microphone ( I got mine second hand off EBay for £300 which is a fair price). i read a bunch of reviews/forums etc and the k2 seems to be a good choice for the price. To be clear, the capsule upgrade made the mic sound different, rather than better, and based on what I already had in my mic locker I chose to return to the original capsule.This highlighted the importance of following your ears rather than what you read on the internet! I have a K2. Judge for yourself and decide if this mod is worth the money, for me it’s a yes, but I will qualify it by saying I have other flavours of mic tonality in my locker, this adds something different, and it does it rather well. If you want to know more and have time to burn, just check out the forums. Gear Maniac . Online Add to Cart. on Mar 01, 2017 March 1, 2017. 05-21-2007 #2. kidvybes. I replaced the stock chinese 6N11 tube in my Rode K2 with a 1970s Mullard E88CC/6922 a few days ago. These are decent mics and are very useable straight out the box. Then undo the metal sleeve that forms the main body of the mic (hold the mic by the grill end and unscrew). I myself have been using the K2 for about 6 months now & have completely fallen in love with it. Change ), Next: Tracking Vocal Groups Without Headphones,,,,,, (Read 7105 times). Firstly, they are not cheap! Modifying the Rode K2 mic Part 1: Tube Change. swapping tube on Rode k2 to improve sound, any advice? 14th March 2011 #3. ray_subsonic. I’ve presented some comparisons here to give you an idea of the difference. If you are willing to spend more than 1/5th of the mic's value on a "better" tube, something seems wrong with the whole approach. ( Log Out /  Hi there, i'm planning to buy a rode k2 pretty soon, i need a good tube vocal mic for a good price and i think whatever you buy for that price you probably need to swap the tube to improve sound quality. I originally intended to replace both tube and capsule on this mic, but after experimenting and comparing I ended retaining the original capsule but with a replacement tube. They are multi-pattern, very well made with a good quality power supply, cable and shockmount (unlike the Chinese valve mics often used for mods such as the Apex 460). Tube upgrade for Rode K2 Sign in to disable this ad I recently bought a Rode K2 on ebay. I recently purchased both the RODE NTK & K2 mics (both tube). RODE K2 Variable Pattern Tube Mic. 6922 aka ECC88) or can I use different types as well? It could very well be the very best mix of quality and value in the highly competitive mic market today. ( Log Out /  Tubes ~ $45.00 each from The Tube Depot mentioned above. From opera to punk rock and everything in between, the Rode K2 is literally in a class by itself! In the next post I’ll go over the capsule change. Share Quote. The tube can now be pulled carefully from its socket, a slight amount of wiggling (of the tube, not you) may help! In this post I’ll describe the simple tube change and give some audio examples. To my ears the NOS Telefunken tube makes the mic more mid-focused, the low frequencies are still clear, warm and big, the highs are a little less bright and sharp but the mid presence makes the mic cut through the mix more. Before I changed a few parts including the tube type, I tried different 6DJ8 tubes.

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