The two fungi employed different mechanisms to reduce medium pH for release of P from TCP, AP and FP. How to Apply Rock Phosphate Fertilizer. Frequently it is utilized to make calcium phosphate nutritional supplements, and more regularly it is put into fertilizers for agricultural use. 2) Table 2 seems to show the amount of phosphate available over time for different phosphate sources. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! FREE Shipping . Phosphorus fertilizers are manufactured from rock phosphate (Figure 2.2), but rock phosphate itself seldom is used directly as a fertilizer because of its low availability of phosphorus and transport cost. That means it does not mix with water, and it is not available to plants. So let’s assume your soil is deficient and you decide to add some rock phosphate to fix the problem. Our soils hold K like crazy so we put minimal amounts of that on….but that P and Ca!!!! The very high-grade ore blends with medium-grade ore for direct sale. The term ‘Rock Phosphate’ may be a poor choice for the product given many of the new products on the market–but it has been called this for a long time. Use of A.niger as bio-inoculant could be a sustainable approach to improve soil P availability, promote plant growth and alleviate adverse effect of salt stress. Yes, it is true! Rock phosphate, the primary raw material for fertilizer and phosphoric acid, occurs as high-grade ore (+30% P 2 O 5), medium-grade ore (20%–30% P 2 O 5), and low-grade ore (15%–20% P 2 O 5). Your use of the phrase “organic fertilizer” describes the chemical use of the phrase “organic,” which is separate from the horticultural use of “organic.” This latter use is tied to e.g. I agree fungi are able to access other forms of phosphate as per the reference, but this does not mean they can access rock phosphate. For one product I reviewed it was expected that it would take 100 years before the product was available to plants. This product will have almost no effect on soil structure or moisture holding properties. There are now many claims of magic happening from mineral deposits from ancient volcanoes or glacial deposits. Plants need very little iron and cobalt and soil usually has enough of these nutrients. The present investigation reveals the solubilization efficiency of tri-calcium phosphate (TCP), Udaipur rock phosphate (URP), aluminium phosphate (AP) and ferric phosphate (FP) by Aspergillus niger (ITCC 6719) and Trichoderma harzianum (ITCC 6721) as function of carbon concentrations. The nutrients are then made available to plants at a steady and even rate throughout the growing season. plz sir can you tell me how i improve quantity of phosphorus from 10 to 18 when i abstract from rock to pur phosphorus. The Wikipedia reference does not even mention rock phosphate. I didn’t see any yield increase on the hay, but the cows ate a lot more of it and were happier doing so. (Materials such as compost and manure produce acids and facilitate chelation which help to convert rock phosphate into available phosphates) “Basic slag” is another Phosphorus source, a by-product of iron and steel production, but is unlikely to be available in most markets. The product does not contain any humus and adding a bit of minerals will not create humus. What about glacial rock dust? Barker outlines 4 conditions which must be met to succeed with rock phosphate or soft rock phosphate: • “The rock must be finely ground and mixed thoroughly with the soil” the comment ” Long-lasting: Good for the whole season ~ Slowly available nutrients ” is important. An organic, untreated Soft Rock Phosphate (0-3-0) with colloidal clay containing valuable trace minerals in addition to phosphorus. The actual composition varies depending on it’s source but it usually contains 16 to 20% P. Wikipedia defines organic fertilizers as “fertilizers derived from animal or vegetable matter”. Enjoying your comments! 3) Fig 1 seems to indicate that Udaipur rock phosphate added very little P, but again there is no control where no P was added so we can’t tell if the levels are above a control. Heavy liming made the phosphorus less available, but small amounts increased availability.

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