The edible whole seeds are known to have health promoting properties; hence, it was assumed that these seeds can serve as raw materials for functional foods contributing its peppery, tangy flavor, and aroma. Data compiled from: Diwakar et al. For the compensation of these components, garden cress extract or powder can be added. To date our community has made over 100 million downloads. Powder of garden cress seeds with sugar can also be used to cure diarrhea, indigestion and dysentery. [14]. Atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, ulcerative colitis, and cancer were caused by the deficiency of n-3 PUFA. The functional properties of garden cress seed stimulate us to review its different valuable properties and the fortified products developed by incorporating garden cress seeds. As garden cress also acts as thickening agent, the combination of both juices and extract may lead to the formation of health promoting beverages having good textural, sensory attributes, and nutritional properties. Higher protein and lipid contents indicate that GCS have high food energy. It has been considered as an important medicinal plant since the Vedic era. The oil content of dried cress seed is 22.7% and the primary fatty acids found in cress oil are oleic (C18:1; 30.6%), linolenic (C18:3; 29.3%), palmitic (C16:0; 9.4%), linoleic (C18:2; 7.6%), erucic (C22:1; 3.0%), stearic (C18:0; 2.8%), and arachidic (C20:0; 2.3%) acids [4, 11]. It also protects oil from oxidation and causing rancidity. Specific gravity of garden cress seeds (0.91) resembles with the specific gravity value of milk. Garden cress seeds incorporated atta besan laddoo was analysed for its biochemical composition. Chemical properties help in determining the stability of the GCSO and the developed blended products. Built by scientists, for scientists. Palmitic acid is the most abundant saturated fatty acid, in the amounts of 10.3 ± 0.12 g/100 g in GCS. As it is a good source of folic acid, it helps in synthesis of different nonessential amino acids. [4] and Zia-Ul-Haq et al. It can interact with other substances to detoxify harmful agents and is essential for the production of cysteine and taurine. The IV of the oil is affected due to the presence of many long chain unsaturated components like olefinic, including carotenoids and squalenes [26]. Biscuits stored at 30–40% RH/38–40°C had 1 month shelf-life, whereas at 90% RH/38°C and 65% RH/27°C, they lasted after 4 and 5 months, respectively. Emmenagogues are herbs, which have the ability to provoke menstruation. This type of drink helps to prevent nutrient deficiency and promotes lean muscle developments in persons doing regular exercise. Seeds of GC are prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners for the treatment of bronchial asthmatic patients. The edible whole seed is known to have health promoting properties hence, it was assumed that these seeds can serve as raw material for functional foods, sharing its peppery, tangy flavor and aroma. We are a community of more than 103,000 authors and editors from 3,291 institutions spanning 160 countries, including Nobel Prize winners and some of the world’s most-cited researchers. Values within the same row with different alphabetical superscripts are significantly different at P < 0.05. Similarly, palmitoleic acid is the least abundant unsaturated fatty acid, with values 0.70 ± 0.30 g/100 g in GCS. It is an important factor for the evaluation of nutritional status of fruits and seeds of plants and crops, and it dictates further studies on components, which seem more interesting [15]. At the same time, it should appeal to the senses of the consumers by having pleasant organoleptic qualities. Thus, the higher carotenoid content might be responsible for a high IV in solvent-extracted GCSO. Whole garden cress seed flour incorporated product was acceptable as standard. Place the container or tray in a sunny indoor location, such as on a window sill. The solvent-extracted oil contained a significantly higher amount of total carotenoids than the cold-pressed oil. This study revealed that the effects of guar, GCS, and guar-L. sativum seed gum in order to substitute gluten in composite rice-wheat flour recipes. The extensibility value dough increased with increasing hydrocolloid concentrations from 0.3 to 0.6%, and then decreased at the level of 1%. The GCS are galactogogue, bitter, thermogenic, depurative, rubefacient, aphrodisiac, ophthalmic, antiscorbutic, antihistaminic, diuretic, and act as tonic. Aspartic and glutamic acids are present in significant amount in this oilseed. Garden-cress seeds are used as a medicine in Ayurvedic System of Medicine. Research Full Length Research Paper Genetic divergence analysis of garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) Temesgen Bedassa 1,2, Mebeaselassie Andargie 2 * and Million Eshete 3 1 Department of Biology, Madawalabu University, P.O. The content of FFA of GCSO (Table 2) is in limit with the specifications of vegetable oils (1–7% of oleic acid). It is also necessary for the production of niacin and is used by the body to make neurotransmitter and serotonin [18]. Therefore, it is essential that the food prepared in such a way meets the requirement of these consumers. Fatty acid composition (Table 1) reveals high content of linolenic acid (32.18%) and oleic acid (30.5%) in the garden cress seed oil (GCSO). The seeds posses good Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) and 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity with IC50 176.18 µg/ml. The physicochemical properties of GCSO as summarized in Table 2 establish the potential of garden cress for the development of novel products with several functional properties. It was concluded that GCS gum can be a novel and useful gluten substitute for composite bread baking purposes. Garden cress (Lepidium sativum) belongs to family Cruciferae and is grown in India, North America and parts of Europe. It is advisable to have vitamin C half an hour after consumption of these seeds as it enhances iron absorption. have evaluated the effect of hydrocolloid of GCS and guar gum in improving dough rheology and quality parameters in composite rice-wheat bread [39].

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