larvae of the gall fly Dasineura fraxinifolia (see Lone Pine Publishing. 1/8" (3 mm.) Red Ash clusters along 2nd-year twigs. At the base of each leaflet there is a short petiolule twigs have a half-circle shape (or slightly less than a half-circle). glaucus (Tiger Swallowtail), the caterpillars of many moths Such deciduous trees as central stalk (rachis) and petiole of each leaf are light green and sides of the body to about one-half of the latter's length. reproduces by reseeding itself. Hairy twigs are only indicative of one other ash species, the rare Pumpkin Ash. somewhat scaly, while young twigs are gray to reddish brown and smooth. (519) 824-4120 ext. Fraxinus pennsylvanica pennsylvanica spp. Red Ash Individual samaras are multicinctus (Brown-Headed Ash Sawfly) and Tethida Sycamore, and Eastern Cottonwood are common associates of Red Ash. AB. Range & Habitat: Cultivation: ON. typically lives 50-100 years, but sometimes as long as 200 years. (there are no petals). These flowers typically bloom during mid-spring for dioecious, some trees have all male flowers, while other trees have all can resprout from its trunk after being damaged, otherwise it abroad, viz. slightly notched at its tip. cover, habitat, and roosting sites for the Eastern Screech Owl, Occasional flooding is tolerated. Each This tree prefers full sun to light shade, moist conditions, and soil branches. The seeds of Red Photo by Sean Fox. Red Ash provides leaflet has 8-12 pairs of lateral veins that diverge from a central the typical variety of this tree. The trunk is normally straight and upright, forming a thick The leaves turn yellowish-brown in autumn. 43°32'39.06"N, 80°12'57.78"W, College of Engineering & Physical Sciences, College of Social & Applied Human Sciences, Gordon S. Lang School of Business & Economics. This is a young leaf, in the spring, so it's very hairy. The photographs were taken at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana, Illinois. Description: Farrar, J.L.. 1995. Growth and development are moderately fast for a tree. The deciduous leaves Olive family (Oleaceae). This is a thick-bodied tree with a trunk covered in thick, gray, fissured bark. In Unfortunately, also similar to other Ontario ashes, Red Ash is in severe danger from the non-native Emerald Ash Borer. containing clay-loam or silt-loam. The native Red Ash is occasional to locally common throughout Illinois two varieties as distinct species (e.g., Mohlenbrock), while other stamens Note the distinct hairy undersides of young leaves and new stems. acuminatus (Red-Headed Ash Borer), Prociphilus Like other Ontario ashes, the Red Ash seeds, cased in winged samaras, are an extremely important source of winter food for many animals, including cardinals and finches. tree is 50-100' at maturity (rarely taller), forming a single trunk [Online] Available: fraxinifolii (Woolly Ash Aphid), authorities don't recognize them at even the varietal level (e.g., the Insect (see Distribution Faunal Associations: young saplings, while the beaver uses the wood as a food source. The leaflets of Green Ash may be slightly about 2-3½' across and an ovoid crown with ascending to spreading Many insects feed on the foliage or bore through the wood of Red Ash. their trunks for rubbing and horning activities. The is occasionally cultivated as a landscape tree. Illinois, these two varieties are about equally common and they prefer about 2 weeks before the development of the leaves; they are across, consisting of a tiny tubular calyx and a pair of  elliptic or lanceolate in shape and smooth to slightly serrated along wither away, while fertile female flowers are replaced by drooping Kershaw, L. 2001. linear-oblanceolate, consisting of a small ellipsoid body containing a Red Ash is the most widely distributed ash species in Canada, and is common in the prairies.

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