Correct me if I'm wrong, but Razer isn't using Cherry keys, but instead their own version, at least on the newer models. Razer Pro|Type. Hey Everyone, wanted to do a brief review of the pro click and pro type. Razer Pro Type Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Wish list Ergonomic hardware meets luxury design with cushioned keys, soft-touch coating, and tactile switches for a low-sound profile. PowerBookG4. I don’t need to customize the keys through software or anything like that, out of the box is probably fine for my needs. Just always keep in mind that Razer products are typically designed with Windows in mind and Mac is an afterthought. There's also the key type to consider, if you do care. Specifically the pro type. The Razer Pro Type is excellent for gaming. I would like to use this board but is it compatible with Mac? Pensata più per l'ufficio che per il gaming, Razer Pro Type è una tastiera meccanica bella, robusta e con soluzioni tecniche all'avanguardia: peccato per quella compatibilità con Mac che salta - su Recensione Razer Pro TypeFONTE: I planned to buy Mac soon for my daily use and the Razer Pro Type and Razer Pro Click really attract my attention. jerryshengo , Jan 17, 2015 So there’s no question that the Pro Type is an excellent keyboard with a lot […] Joined Jan 8, 2005 Messages 6,188 Reaction score 254 Points 83 Location New Jersey Your Mac's Specs Mac Pro 8x3.0ghz 12gb ram 8800GT , MBP 2.16 2GB Ram 17 inch. Every key is programmable, but sadly, there aren't any dedicated macro keys for MMO games. It's well-built, and it has backlighting for those who like to play in the dark. as a grown up gamer I've geen wanting to move away from black and RGB. I’ve been using Razer for more than 5 years. Apr 8, 2007 #2 ehh, I don't like the ipod integration with it. I think its a good thing Razer is doing something else than the gamer aesthetic. The Razer Orange switches are easy to actuate, and their short pre-travel distance provides incredible responsiveness. Razer pro type with Mac? Whenever I have to write a longer paper for school, I will pull my BW Chroma off of my PC and plug it into my MacBook Pro so I can type faster, and I have noticed that support is not as good, although it still works. However, if there’s no further information about Synapse 3 release for Mac in the near future (at least few months after I bought Mac), I’ll just leave Razer for good.. I mainly bought these peripherals because of the aesthetics. Razer Pro Type – Wireless… Razer Pro Type: Wireless… Two minute review The Razer Pro Type is a wireless keyboard targeted at the business and home office consumer made by one of the world’s most popular makers of computer peripherals.

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