Other memes and such go he This is held back somewhat by the skill's long cooldown, but the 40 second duration and her talent that boosts the SP generation of every operator on the map more than makes up for this. As an AoE Medic, Ptilopsis heals up to three Operators within her range of adjusted 3x3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front that is improved to adjusted 3x4 tiles at Elite 1 simultaneously with lower ATK and DP cost than single-target/ST Medics.. Ptilopsis' skills improve the efficiency of her healing: Firewatch, however, is more utility-based, having a larger range and the ability to drop bombs on enemy pathing. Position Tags Archetype Trait Can heal allies by using the skill. Arknights: First Skin Reruns For Global! Fans will have to settle for appreciating her prowess as a 6* Close Range Sniper, and it’s worth appreciating: Schwarz might be one of the more powerful dedicated boss-killer units in Arknights. Availability TR-4, Headhunting, Recruitment (CN 芬) (CV Ryoko Shiraishi)(Illustrator 下野宏銘) Charge α The boss-killing begins with Schwarz’s first Talent, Armor Penetration Arrow. Perfumer’s main selling point is her ability to heal all allies.Her weak points are that she has a low Attack stat. Our Arknights Tier List rates each of the units currently obtainable so you know which banners to pull! Availability Headhunting, Recruitment (CN 临光) (CV Ayane Sakura)(Illustrator 竜崎いち) First Aid Range First Aid Mode Range First Aid Mode multiplies Nearl's attack interval by 2.3, increasing her attack interval from 1.2 to … Manticore can hit all enemies in her attack range and either slow or stun them, making her very useful for swarm maps, however, she is very fragile and can’t survive direct hits. Ptilopsis is a 5★ AoE (Area-of-Effect) Medic who specializes in Support. Talent – Lavender – When deployed, heal all allies for 3% of Perfumer’s Attack every second Perfumer In-Depth. Arknights, with its extremely diverse cast, is bound to have a few nicknames cooked up by fans to refer to their favorite operators and other game aspects, usually in reference to a Casting Gag or similarities to another media.. Do note that, however, this list only contains alternative epithets used by the playerbase to refer to certain characters.

Nightingale is another AoE Medic but grants shields as well as heals. Position Tags Archetype Trait Blocks 2 enemies. Ptilopsis: 520 with S2 active This is the highest *single target* dps of any healer, on an aoe healer. Unreliable Narrator : She narrates her own medical report, and much like Ptilopsis, she says 'minor infection, nothing to worry about' when 15 percent of her cells has been assimilated. Vitality Restoration - Wide Range trades off healing power and the strength of her buff in exchange for healing everyone within range, and lasting 7 seconds. Since heals are based off of Attack stat, it is a bit awkward. ... Ptilopsis is another AOE healer, ... is a murder machine, able to dole out damage rapidly.


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