The merging of primary care and psychiatric care is an innovative strategy. Lego, S., & Caverly, S. (1995). (p. 232). Paper presented at the 5th International Congress on Mental Health Nursing, Manchester, England. Our society has an increased awareness of the mental health crisis and stigmas that are attached to them. Assistant Professor The psychiatric NP can do therapy and be able to screen for diabetes or hypertension in his depressed client and to rule out somatic delusions or pain associated with tendinitis in her schizophrenic client. Smoyak (1993) said "Cross training in psychiatric nursing is here to stay; stop fighting it and get on with it." Dr. Kathryn Puskar received her Nursing Diploma from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Johnstown, PA. Dr. Puskar holds a bachelor's degree in Nursing from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, a master's degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, and a masters degree in Public Health and a doctoral in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. Soon they start to talk about whatever it is that is creating the anxiety and make further appointments to see me, just to continue with the counseling." The psychiatric NP is not a new concept; what is new is the educational programs to train such a person in the United States. In addition, emphasis is placed on psychoeducation for these patients and their families to promote mental health and prevent subsequent mental disorders. Primary health care in the CMHC: A role for the nurse practitioner. (1985). What have we gleaned from the literature? Vanderbilt University School of Nursing developed a Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner (BHNP) with a similar focus of integrating primary care with mental health care in the community so the new BHNP can function in traditional psychiatric settings as well as primary care clinics, long-term centers or schools. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 4(2), 108-113. Keltner, N.L., & Folks, D.G. The following scenario illustrates the current "job scene" in psychiatric nursing. Journal of Professional Nursing, 9(6), 313-326. Clinical experiences are designed so that students provide comprehensive management to psychiatric clients, including both physical and psychiatric care. Mental Health-Psychiatric Nursing, Charlottesville, VA. Vousden , N.K., Drago, L., & Hadley, T. (1990). But for a psychiatric nurse practitioner, caring for those who have emotional or personality disorders is no different than treating patients with any other physical illness.. Personal communication, April 15, 1996. Specifically, health promotion, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and physical diagnosis are seen as foundational to the Psych NP program. University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing (1995). Substance Use Disorders and Related Concerns, The 200th Birthday of Florence Nightingale, Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Progress and Opportunities, Translational Research: From Knowledge to Practice, (Unpublished brochure, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing), (McConnell, Inderbitzin, and Pollard ,1992), American Association of Colleges of Nursing. In her editorial in Archives in Psychiatric Nursing in December 1995, Krauss emphasized that in managing costs and care, psychiatric nursing must make mental health systems humane. Their comprehension of treatment regimes may be inadequate and contribute to non-compliance. She was one of the first psychiatric nurses to receive a master's degree in psychiatric nursing and a master's degree in primary care. The purpose of this paper is threefold: 1) to describe a PNP program and the PNP role; 2) to discuss the rationale underlying the necessity of the PNP role; and 3) to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this role. The Society on Education & Research In Psychiatric Nursing (SERPN) Conference has addressed the issue of psychiatric nurse practitioner at its November 1995 National meeting in which several graduate programs presented their version of a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Psychiatric nursing leaders offered the following views about psychiatric CNSs seeking a second master's degree in Adult Primary Health Care. He/she has a blend of interpersonal theory, with a heavy emphasis on the short-term approaches; is grounded in the latest neurobiology and psychopharmacology, and is knowledgeable of the short-term family models of care. (p. 726). 1, No. (1991). New AACN Report Documents Scope of Nurse Practitioner Education Nationwide. Psychiatric patients frequently suffer from thought disorders or depression and subsequently have impaired information processing or concentration. The psychiatric NP is an exemplar of flexibility. Psychiatric nursing faculty worked with primary care faculty but courses were offered separately. Email Address: Primary mental health: A model for psychiatric mental health nursing. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 9(5), 2321-232. PPCNP students begin their plan of study in core courses on physical diagnosis, health promotion, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and management of acute, episodic, and chronic health problems. Jack of all trades and master of one. He/she is prepared to work in the ever changing health care system. She raised the issue about designing managed care systems and the many stakeholders. PMHNPs may also provide physical and psychosocial assessments, emergency psychiatric care and treatment effectiveness evaluations. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 4(2), 108-113. The future of the clinical nurse specialist in the USA. Paper presented at the 5th International Congress on Mental Health Nursing, Manchester, England. This paper proposes that the most efficacious role both professionally and socially is the PNP. Fenton, M.V., & Brykczynski, K.A. Brooks, A., & Valentine, N. (1993, September 22), McConnell, S., Inderbitzin, L., Pollard, W. (1992), University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing (1995), University of Virginia School of Nursing (1995), Viva La Difference! Lastly, few mental health workers in out-patient settings perform physical exams as part of routine evaluation. To summarize advantages, the psychiatric NP can function in a variety of settings particularly outpatient behavioral managed care centers where short-term therapy is the model. Ten years ago, Martin recommended a future direction in psychiatric nursing of an educational curriculum rich in psychiatric mental health nursing content and advanced clinical nursing content. (Unpublished brochure, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing). Editorial. They focus their work on helping patients with mental-health … (Vousden, 1985, p. 46). (1995). Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 32(4), 48. Nurses interested in this career path should be aware that m… Kathryn R. Puskar, RN, DrPH, CS, FAAN. Psychiatric nurses are certainly in a position to demonstrate that flexibility if we choose to do so." Journal of Professional Nursing, 1(1), 48-53. Archives In Psychiatric Nursing,1(6), 309-310. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 1(5), 154-163. In conclusion, implications about the usefulness of the PNP role in the era of health care reform are presented. Health care workers may withdraw from the psychiatric patient because of their inexperience and lack of knowledge of psychiatric symptomatology, reiterating the practicality of the role of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. She suggested that the profession "must design systems that improve access to care, better coordinate care, integrate principles of care, efficiency and cost, and measure quality through outcomes and evaluation." McLean Psychiatric Hospital in Massachusetts now requires that psychiatric nurses take a physical diagnosis course and a basic general pharmacy course according to Nancy Valentine, Administrator at McLean Hospital (Brooks & Valentine, 1993). They suggested that the chronically mentally ill's use of general health services is limited because of internal and external factors. American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

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