In the scale of C# minor, there are lots of subtle variations that makes this song a wonderful learning experience for guitarists. d= half down. |DU D| | |C | Gilehriyaan Chords With Capo – Dangal – Mediu... Ye Baarish Chords Without Capo – Darshan Rava... Ye Ishq Hai Guitar Chords With Capo – Rangoon. )Muted down-stroke with palm muting.► Also CheckTere Mere guitar chords from Chef. Tere Mere Guitar Chords Progression D – Down Strum U – Up Strum. Intro [Intro] C#m Na jaane kab se A Umeedein kuch baki hain C#m Mujhe phir bhi teri yaad A Kyun ati hai? CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Strumming Pattern: DD UDUD D Barfani Guitar Chords Progression Chorus Note: Chords Mentioned are with respect to capo on 4th fret.Single-Strum the below chords… Skcamera – Best Cameras, DSLR, Best Phones, Laptops and Electronics, Hawayein Guitar Tabs(Lead) – Jab Harry Met Sejal | Arijit, Ek Pal Ka Jeena Guitar Intro – Kaho Naa Payaar Hai, The Humma Song Guitar Tabs (Lead) – Ok Jaanu, Tu Hi Hai Guitar Tabs Dear Zindagi (Lead) – Arijit Singh, Jaana Ve Guitar Chords with Capo & Strumming Pattern – Aksar 2, Tere Mere Guitar Chords with Capo and Strumming Pattern | Chef, Barfani Guitar Chords and Strumming Pattern with Capo, Nazm Nazm Guitar Chords With Strumming Pattern – Bareilly Ki Barfi. 1. Note: Chords Mentioned are with respect to capo on 4th fret.Single-Strum the below chords. Juda Hoke Bhi. D UDUD DD DU (C#m)Pighal jaane (C)do,... Strumming Pattern: That’s why electric guitars... Strumming Pattern basic: C = (Chuck-up technique. Aadat Guitar Chords – Atif Aslam Bm(224432) barre chord; A (x02220) G(320033) Aadat Guitar Strumming Pattern – Atif Aslam. D UDUD UDUD or DD UU DD. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Hawayein Guitar Chords... Strumming Pattern: DDUDU C#m Najaane kab se C#sus2 C#m C#sus2 … G|-0——————————-. D DDUStrumming Pattern 3 For Bridge: Strumming Pattern 1: D d D UDUD DDU Guitarists who play an electric guitar usually need to change their strings more often than the guitarists who play acoustic. B|——–4-3-1-1-3/4-4—–3–. Barfani Guitar Chords Progression Hold (Dsus2) chord and strike string in order 4-3-1-2-1-2-3-2 twice. | C| All Rights Reserved. Somebody's Chords Progression © 2017-2019 SKcamera. The song Aadat, by the band group Jal, is one which will give you supreme satisfaction if you are an acoustic guitar player. (Em). I (Em)walk a lonely road (G) (A)Ye barfani raa(D)tein DD UDUD D  admin Aadat Tabs, Adat Jal Tab, Adat Tab, Atif Aslam, Juda Hoke Bhi Tabs. By ANI   ⌂ »  Guitar Songs »  Hindi »  Tabs 0, e|------------------------1--------------------------------------------------| B|-----4--3--1------------------------------------------4--3--1--------------| G|--0-----------0------0-----4-3-1-1--3/4-4--3-------0-----------0--------0--| D|------------------------------------------------------------------3--3-----| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Na jaane kab se Umeedain kuch baqi hain Mujhe phir bhi teri yaad. ... Strumming Pattern 1: Aadat Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern – Atif Aslam. C = (Chuck-up technique. so ppl can easily sing with this. ► Also CheckGulabi Aankhen guitar chords - Atif Aslam. D D UDD DUDU  The only one (D)that I have(A) ever known. Tere Mere guitar chords from Chef. E|—-1—————————-. (Juda Hoke Bhi Tabs) Aadat Guitar Tabs and leads easy lessons sung by Atif Aslam from Bollywood Hindi movie Kalyug. Aadat Guitar Chords Progression – Atif Aslam D D UDUD DUDUStrumming Pattern 2 For Pre-chorus: Bm(x24432) A(x02220) G(320033) / These chords are on lower scale. IntroNote: B|—–4-3-1——. Note:... Strumming Pattern: (G)Happy Birthday to (D)You. Sun Raha Hai Na Tu Guitar Chords – Ankit Tiwa... Love Story Chords Without Capo – Taylor Swift, Boulevard of Broken Dreams Chords – With Capo. )Muted down-stroke with palm muting. |DDU|DDU| Strumming Pattern 2: Chorus Duur (Am) Jitna Bhi Tum mujh (G) Se Paas (F) Tere Main (G) Ab To (Am) Aadat Si Hai Mujh (G) Ko Aise Jee (F) Ne Me (G) G|-0———–0–. / Band: Jal Song: Aadat Tabbed by: Farzan ( Age: 15 / Bm G na jan AADAT CHORDS by Jal @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

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