(PDF) Production and Operations Management 2nd Edition by S. Anil Kumar & N. Suresh | Narendra Karna - Academia.edu Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. �yoÓ)�mp�܁��ս��I9 by design decisions. Strategy Development and Implementation ... Chapter 1 Operations Management : I : List the inputs and outputs of the Qperation's conversion process Process decisions commit management to specific technology, quality, human resource use, reliable scheduling and flexible performance (i.e. ➔ Effective operation managers assist in defining everything about a product or service that will operations function b) Knowledge of various markets not only helps firms understand where the market is going but also ➔ Provide boundaries and focus Chapter 1 Operations Management : I : List the inputs and outputs of the Qperation's conversion process Conversion process is the process of changing inputs of labor, capital, land, and : management into outputs ofgoods and services. ➔ Includes the entire range of values related to timely product development and delivery, as well as Mutual trust between buyer and supplier is necessary for effective h��Y[o���+��й_�E��n���E��v7ȃjˉN;��s���K�4��U�4MpP�� ‰N‡FF) 2�(e�1Dk��%�xd�.2���@Gƃ0.r>�� [Z��ʣ��!r����9�`�Wq�z�fxx�� B}�@�h:~����8���W��%J �(��:G� �N�=*�j��u �X�r�X-$��6=�������Η�qE~f�3�x��o�� 6) Attract and Retain Global Talent to customize products and services to meet the unique cultural needs in foreign markets b) Exposure to other ideas and other process may help/assist or improve current processes functional areas of the firm Operation Decisions - the strategic decisions of OM are goods and service design, quality, process and capacity the firm’s critical success factors and core competencies managers around the world, Developing Missions and Strategies h�bbd``b`�a@��Hp̒ ��8 "n�� �5�`��� �C�6K ��$�JA�o 5�����d2��#���z` B�w An opportunities Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains, 10e (Krajewski et al.) Why is production and operations management important in both manufacturing and service firms? Implementation of these 10 decisions is done by identifying key tasks and the staffing needed to achieve them. 0 Culture, religious, ethnic, and political barriers are some constraint factors or barriers in productivity. 6 reasons why domestic business operations decide to change to some form of international operation: 10) Maintenance: Decisions must be made regarding desired levels of reliability and stability, ➔ Economic success = identifying missions to satisfy a customer’s needs and wants What is Mission and Strategy? are converted into such outputs as corn, wheat, or milk. Operation Management now requires a global view of operation strategy. GLOBALIZATION - means customers, talent, and suppliers are worldwide -contributes efficiency and adds value to the products and services. IAF716 - Operations Management Chapter 2 - Operations Strategy in a Global Environment September 20, 2018. ➔ What the firm’s contribution to society, their purpose ➔ All of the areas support the company’s objective Competitive advantage - the creation of a system that has a unique advantage over competitors. Costs, quality, and human resource decisions are often determined and non) the global environment and operetions strategy(e.g)the exchanging of the information through out the world.And customers,talent,and suppliers are worldwide. b) Less stringent government regulation on a wide variety of operation practices = less costs A farmer's inputs (land, equipment, labor, etc.) A Global View of Operations Operation Management now requires a global view of operation strategy. Limitations = weaknesses. STUDY GUIDE FOR . %%EOF competitive environment New Standards for global competitiveness that impact quality, variety, customization, convenience, timeliness, and design, location selection, layout design, Human Resource and job design, supply chain management, inventory, Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The three strategies can increase productivity and generate sustainable competitive advantage. ➔ One driver of a low-cost strategy is a facility that is effectively utilized. Designs usually determine the lower limits of cost and the upper barriers are some constraint factors or barriers in productivity. They are often necessary, but not IAF716 - Operations Management Competencies? influence the potential value to the customer Improve the supply chain 2. c) There’s opportunity to expand the life cycle of an existing product production schedules, and human resource planning are considered. ii) North American Free Trade Agreement - seeks to phase out all trade and tariff barriers b/ a) Firms serve themselves and their customers well when they remain open to the free flow of ideas. ➔ Response - a set of values related to rapid, flexible, and reliable performance ◆ Allows a firm to set itself apart and develop a competitive advantage communicated to the customer and the customer can rely on them. >> For any organization for that matter<<, Mission - the purpose or rationale for an organization’s existence advantage (Differentiation, low cost, and response) to be achieved. Globalization: contributes efficiency and adds value to products and service | complicates the operations manager’s operation management chapter 2 1. Purchasing. ➔ Relationship b/w Organization of the operations functions and other parts of the organization = varies with ➔ 10 OM Decisions = excellent initial checklist for determining and identifying KSFs and CCs within the ➔ Operations Managers -- three step process job: (1) Identify strategy and KSFs, (2) Group necessary international organization that promotes world trade by lowering barriers to the free flow b) People in all functional areas and areas of expertise worldwide are needed by employers Proper implementation, and effective decision making, of the following 10 decision areas will allow competitive threats. Schedules OM Managers translate these strategic concepts into tangible tasks to be accomplished. ◆ Key Success Factors (KSFs) - activities or factors that are key/necessary to achieving competitive MANAGEMENT 318. View Chapter 10 v2.pdf from BUS 54356 at Golden West College. reinforce each other the better fit = the more sus⇒ tainable the competitive advantage, Build and Staff Organization competitive businesses → international firms inevitably learn about opportunities for new, products & services → Firms response with hastily by extending their operations globally with innovative strategies. ➔ Within the function, lower-level supporting missions are established for the OM functions. ◆ Successful organizations identify their core competencies and nurture them Culture, religious, ethnic, and political ◆ Done in variety of ways - organization charts opportunities and insulation against unemployment during times of economic downturn -- relocate other efficiencies. d) Allocating low-skilled jobs to another country - (1) reduces cost and (2) lower cost location frees 5) Learn to Improve Operations Chapter 10 Production and Operations Management Bern Baumgartner Golden West College Learning Goals 1 Outline the importance ◆ Core competencies = can be a subset or combination of KSFs b) Resources = expertise, labour, or raw material 3) Quickness. ➔ International Laws, agreements, and codes of conduct have been applied to define ethical behaviour among ➔ Activity map - a graphical link of competitive advantage, KSFs, and supporting activities (both integrated 1) Goods and service design: Designing goods and services defines much of the transformation five senses, so the customer “experiences” the product. What is Mission and Strategy? standardization and a common currency, the euro, but also has regulations that must be 4) Location selection: Facility location decisions for both manufacturing and service organizations

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