There are a few ways you can acquire the honey she requests. Releasing a fairy will yield Fairy Powder. Take 2 Cooking Honey with you so you can use it on the second quest. You can repeat the “Mysterious Companion” quest. The Fairy Laila you have in the regular servers can also be used in Season Servers. These wings contain the spirit of Prim Laila. A new companion has fluttered into the world of Black Desert Online, the Fairy, Laila. For characters created after November 2018, you must have completed the current Main Quest for Calpheon, of which the final quest is Looking for Adventurers. A new companion has fluttered into the world of Black Desert Online, the Fairy, Laila. She speaks with a prim tone. When feeding your Laila, if you have multiples of the same item, you can check the Use Continuously option to have her consume all of those items at the same time. These wings contain the spirit of Prim Laila. 4. ♦ Mysterious Companion - Queen Theiah wants you to meet the fairy who will be your companion. In BDO, fairies are a great addition to your character progression. It is indicated by a subtle orange glow. Laila’s Scattered Petals. Talk to the tree and You get Sealed Fairy Wings. You can use the Theiah's Orb item to change the skill of your Fairy. You will need Laila’s Petals and there are two ways to get it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Alternatively, you can make it via alchemy by making the Special Honey Jar first. Use the Sealed Fairy Wings to get your first fairy companion! These Crevices can be seen from quite far away, however, they may take time to render on some PC’s. Fairies with brilliant wings can learn up to 4 skills. In order to level your Fairy, you must feed it weapons and armor, or use one of two special types of tea. First method is to get it via grinding/fishing/gathering which has a very low chance. Take the Sweet Honey Jar and put in the Unstable Crevice (right next to the tree). She has a myriad of abilities that will help in your adventures, however, you must first prove yourself a friend to the fairies to gain her trust and loyalty. EVENT: You can obtain Laila’s Petals from Fairy Queen Theiah if you give her 10 [Event] Lost Fairy Bag (You can get them every hour of playtime, max 5 a day). Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine can be purchased from the Pearl Shop at 150 pearls for 1, or 1,500 pearls for 11. How to get New Fairy Companion? Additionally, Unstable Crevices are much easier to spot during the night. Fruit can be farmed, gathered by hand or with workers, or purchased from the Central Market. 3. You could also have your workers gather it from the Alejandro Farm node. Black Desert Online – Warrior Awakening Build Guide. Top Quality Honey can be purchased from the Central Market, or created by grinding Wild Beehive with Processing. Fairy Laila comes to the world of Black Desert Online with a new Black Desert update. The first of these is to purchase it from the Central Market. ♦ Fairy Queen Theiah - Accept this quest from the Black Spirit, then travel to the Kamasylve Temple, located in Mediah, north of Soldier’s Grave and east of Heidel. The number of Theiah's Orb needed to change a certain skill depends on the number of skills your Fairy has learned. Then process (L) > Grinding the Wild Beehive for a chance of obatining Top-Quality Cooking Honey Speak with her to complete the quest. Essence of Liquor can be crafted with a Cooking Utensil. Sugar can be purchased from a Cooking Merchant such as innkeepers in towns. You can only exchange 1 Special Honey Jar, however, the exchange will give you a fairy at random. Top-Quality Cooking Honey x2 – obtained by shooting and looting Wild Beehives south of Velia. Sweet Honey, a Source of Power. Fairies can be leveled to unlock more skills, however, each tier has a different max level. Additionally, you can craft or purchase a Special Honey Jar and place it at an Unstable Crevice. Interact with the crevice and place the jar, then return to Theiah to turn in the quest. * The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes. 1. Additionally, if an item you wish to consume will grant more EXP than Laila needs to reach her maximum level, you will receive a warning, and prompt to verify that you still wish to feed it to her. The item Fairy Queen's Might is needed for Rebirth. Turn in 2 petals to receive additional Sealed Wings. Fairies with radiant wings can learn up to 5 skills. A Fairy with 4 skills learned will require 4 Theiah's Orb to have the undesired skill changed. - Please Unsummon your Fairy first to try Sprouting. But BDO is very different from traditional MMORPGs. This is the first of a series of quests. After you have completed the quest Mysterious Companion, Theiah will offer you [Repeat] Mysterious Companion. She was brought together by the Queen Fairy from Laila's Petals, which are scattered all over the world. Additionally, for characters created before November 2018, you must have completed the Black Spirit Quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting. on Black Desert Online – How to get Fairy Companion (Guide), Black Desert Online – Beginner Guide 2020/2021, Black Desert Online – Warrior Awakening Build Guide, Black Desert Online – Musa Combo Guide / 2018, ESO – GUIDE: How to get a Ring of the Pale Order. Purified Water can be crafted via Processing. - The more you use, the higher the chance for success, but the items will be consumed and cannot be recovered. The higher the tier and/or level, the more Fairy Powder you will receive. It’s the right NPC – Ceilyn (Kamasylve Temple), Elder Scrolls Online Midyear Mayhem is a PvP event that takes place during the summer, on Cyrodiil, Imperial City and Battlegrounds. You can reset the Persona and Growth of a Fairy by performing Rebirth. These blue grade items can be collected in several different ways. The fairy will learn one skill every 10 levels, and all fairies (all tiers) come with the Luck +1 buff.”. Upon Rebirth, all obtained skills and levels, except the gift skill, will be reset. Full-Bodied Exotic Herbal Wine is a rare proc from crafting Exotic Herbal Wine, or it can be purchased from the Central Market. She speaks with a prim tone. Laila’s Scattered Petals. This part will be the worst quest for getting the fairy as this quest is fairly tedious. As with all other Fairy Wings, in order to summon and register your new fairy, you will need to visit the Young Kamasylve tree, at the Kamasylve Temple. In order to summon your new fairy with the Fairy Wings, you must be near the Young Kamasylve tree. This guide has been prepared for new players who want […]. The two types of tea you can feed to Laila are Sweet Honey Wine and Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine. 2. Once you have opened the item, you will be prompted to name your fairy, and a fairy wing icon will appear on the top left corner of the screen, near your mount and house icons. She speaks with a prim tone. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, images, copyrighted work, logos etc referenced herein belong to their respective owners/companies. The last way is to use a matchlock to shoot down beehives in the nearby territory of Balenos. Mysterious Companion. They grant you added skills and bonuses, among those a guaranteed +1 to your luck stat which is very useful.

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