Sign up here. lack of jobs. Term. answer. Derived from the Latin word for “countryside.” question. Religions defined as monotheistic or polytheistic (worshiping one or more gods) and ethnic or universalizing (people must be born into or can be converted to the religion). AP Human Geography Vocabulary Flashcards/ Frayer Model Directions: Much of the information that you will need to know to do well on the AP Human Geography exam boils down to vocabulary. 9th Grade. Culture. Sign up here. Pilgrimage. Includes examples. Save. Q. cheap, good farmland. autonomous religion: Definition. Create your own flash cards! The top left is the sacred Mosque of Mecca. The process of creating flashcards helps you to learn and retain the information. Buddhism . The top right is what is know as THE PROPHETS MOSQUE IN AL-MADINA. 22. Tags: Question 5 . remaining cards. answer choices . Polytheism, the belief in many gods. a shortage of food. Description. There are architectural differences in religious structures around the world. Level. Geography. 6 Vocab. Cultural traits such as dress modes, dwellings, traditions, and institutions of usually small, traditional communities. Description . Solstice: An astronomical event that happens twice each year. 30 seconds . A follower of a polytheistic religion in ancient times. question. Popular Culture. … SURVEY . Culture. Cards Return to Set Details. Subject. 11/14/2010. Created. Total Cards. Click here to study/print these flashcards. Search » All » Geography » AP Human Geography » Chapter 6 APHumanGeo Don't know. A sect of religious beliefs concerning the origin of the universe. Created . Tags: Question 6 . Q. Geography. The knowledge, attitudes, and habitual behavior shared and transmitted by the members of a society. Learn more about polytheism, including such religions as Hinduism. Polytheism characterizes virtually all religions other than Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which share a common tradition of monotheism, the belief in one god. Given this, it is a good idea to make flashcards that cover the material that you will need to know for the exam. A journey or migration made for religious purposes to a place considered sacred. 30 seconds . answer. Which of the following would be a pull factor, or something that pulls someone to a new place? question. Folk Culture. AP Human Geography Comparing Religions: Judaism and Christianity ; Hinduism and Mormonism ; Buddhism and Islam ; Confucianism and Zoroastrianism ; Sacred Places; Islam . Additional Geography Flashcards . AP Human Geography: Religion Vocab. Know. Cosmogony. Create your own flash cards! SURVEY . answer. Level. Hierarchial Religion. Monotheistic Religion. Undergraduate 1. Religion. AP Human Geography Rubenstein's Ch. Total Cards. Click here to study/print these flashcards. lack of freedom. 03/25/2012. 9. Polytheistic Religion. Subject. Definition; Universalizing Religion: A religion that attempts to appeal to all the people, not just those living in a particular location. Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor. Additional Geography Flashcards . Symbol. 22 key terms in the APHG study of religion, culled from Rubenstein and Fouberg textbooks. This place is known as Maha Bodhi. Cards Return to Set Details. AP Human Geography Unit 3: Cultural Geography: ALL VOCABULARY (CNT13) Flashcard. The bottom picture is known as AL-AQSA MOSQUE IN AL-QUDS.

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