Michigan law divides the concept of custody into 2 parts: physical custody, meaning who the child lives with, and legal custody, meaning who makes decisions that affect the child's welfare. However, it helps to start by understanding what the different types of custody in Michigan are. Welcome to the fastest and easiest way to find out about child custody law in Michigan. | Dec 2, 2019 | Child Custody, Family Law. On behalf of The Smith Law Offices, P.C. Prepare for Child Custody Mediation in Michigan. In mediation, a family law expert helps parents communicate and resolve disputes in order to reach a settlement agreement.. Automatic 50/50 custody in Michigan. Family court judges in Michigan will always take preference to parents creating their own parenting plan. Also known as the Shared Parenting Bill, if passed into law, it would make 50/50 joint custody automatic between parents in Michigan. Parenting Plans and Child Custody in Michigan. Lawmakers base 50/50 child custody bill on research that conflicts with the bill ... She also taught in Michigan and Southern West Virginia. If there is a legal father (see paternity establishment ) and custody is disputed, or if parents are divorcing, either parent can file a complaint requesting custody with the circuit court in the county where they live . For some parents, 50/50 custody appears to be the best way to compromise on custody, but is it really fair to their children? Kent County, Michigan Child Custody Guide What Michigan Residents Need To Know About How to Get Custody of a Child. A custody order is granted as part of a divorce case (if you are married) or a custody case (if you are not married or if you don’t want a divorce). Many counties require parents litigating custody to attempt mediation, unless the case involves domestic violence.. Everything said in mediation remains confidential (except when child abuse is suspected). In 2017, FOX17 News reported on the heated debates sparked by House Bill 4691. Even if the parents are in agreement on how they want to handle the custody of their child or children, they will still need to have the agreement approved by the court system in order for it to become an enforceable act. Custody and parenting time are important decisions that affect where your children live and how often they see each parent. A custodial parent is a parent who has the child living with him or her and has primary care, custody and responsibility for the child. If you have primary physical and legal custody, you might be said to have "full custody" or "sole custody," although neither of these exact phrases is used in Michigan law. Here are the different types of custody and what they mean for parents and children involved in custody cases. Read this article to learn more about how custody and parenting time decisions are made. How to approach your child custody question depends on your personal circumstances. In situations where both parents get along and can work together well, it can be a viable option. Decide whether a 50/50 schedule is right for you, or if your family would be better off with a 60/40 schedule, a 70/30 schedule, or even an 80/20 schedule.

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