Another subject of that depends on the amount of polyphenols is the variety of olive trees. What are the benefits of picual olive oil? We have five varieties: Picual, Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Frantoio and Manzanillo; They cover all tastes and uses in the kitchen. All Rights Reserved, I have read and accept the Privacy Policy, Within the varieties of extra virgin olive oil, there are different types, such as arbequina, hojiblanca or, Picual extra virgin olive oil has an acid concentration that does not exceed 1%. It has a strong fruity flavor and has an intense green color, unlike other oils that look like liquid gold. Polyphenols are a group of chemical compounds in most of vegetables. Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is High In Polyphenols The high polyphenol content of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is dependent on three factors. In general, the more green, the better. As it is an oil that takes a long time to break down at high temperatures, it allows to carry out several frying cycles. There are also indications of the antitumoral properties of polyphenols. Discover the important benefits of picual olive oil, one of the most widespread and recognized in the world. Here we tell you everything you need to know. ¿Es bueno el aceite de oliva para la cara? This type of soft olive oil loses all the main essence of the oil, its aroma, its flavor, its solidity, its texture ... For this reason, although extra virgin olive oil usually has a higher cost, in the long run it is more beneficial for our health and food will not know us in the same way if we use refined oils. We all agree that extra virgin olive oil is one of the most beneficial olive oils for our body, but what types of extra virgin olive oil are there? ▷ Propiedades y beneficios del aceite de oliva Picual, Beneficios de utilizar el aceite de oliva para la piel, Best olive oil for cooking: Tips for frying olive oil, Para qué es bueno el aceite de oliva con ajo. Many Picual groves are primarily harvested when ripe or overripe to maximize oil content, and thus produce oil with poor taste qualities. Picual oil is considered perfect for any type of preserves, and at a domestic level, we can use it, As we said at the beginning of this post, consuming, When the season is approaching when the heat arrives, and we want to consume more. - It favors the intestinal regularity since it acts as a lubricant of the mucosa of the intestine. Cuatro recetas para hacer alioli con aceite de oliva. The sentence that  EU allows to be written in the labels of olive oils with high levels of polyphenols is: "The polyphenols of the olive oil contribute to the protection of the blood lipids against oxidative damage”. Only 2 emails per year, Carretera de Puente Genil a Badolatosa, Km 7Puente Genil, Córdoba. The final result is an olive oil, apparently similar to extra virgin olive oil, but which does not have all of its property because of the obtaining method that has been carried out previously. The fat composition of Picual oil has been obtained from the following sources: 1 and 2. Picual extra virgin olive oil has an acid concentration that does not exceed 1%. Grown primarily in Spain – and increasingly in other places around the world, like California and Portugal – the Picual produces a whopping 30% of the world’s olive oil. These are just some of the benefits offered by picual virgin olive oil. Third, the virgin olive oil must have a certain bitter taste, leaving a slight pungency in the throat. What is the difference between a refined, virgin and extra virgin olive oil? Research has shown that the benefits of … This type of olive oil can be used for fried foods, to dress salads, for cheeses, for meats ... Like the other types of oil, picual olive oil can be taken raw accompanied by toast or a tomato with salt. If so, get in touch with us, at Olivadelsur we are specialists in extra virgin olive oil in any of its types, so we can advise you according to your palate with respect to oil. If so, Para qué sirve el aceite de oliva con sal. Fourth, it is important to know the year of harvest. Sign up and get a 15% discount on the price of olive oil on your first order online.

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