As always, check the solution to see whether it is reasonable. You have a solution if your plan has as many independent equations as there are unknowns. A 5.00 × 105-kg rocket is accelerating straight up. }{\text{2 m/s}}^{2}\right)+\left(9\text{. Step 1. Commercial airplanes are sometimes pushed out of the passenger loading area by a tractor. (b) What is the force in the hitch between the car and the trailer if 80% of the resisting forces are experienced by the boat and trailer? 11. (c) Find the tension in the rope between Superhero and Trusty Sidekick. 17. Translate your picture into a diagram(s) which gives only the essential information for a mathematical solution. Its engines produce 1.250 × 107 of thrust, and air resistance is 4.50 × 106 N. What is the rocket’s acceleration? Among the things to consider are the mass of the elevator and its load, the final velocity, and the time taken to reach that velocity. Construct a problem in which you calculate the acceleration of the toboggan and its load. This may be done either graphically or by using trigonometry. Do not solve equations numerically at this time. Is the answer reasonable? Draw these to scale on the same drawing used in part (b) or a similar picture. 9. (b) Find the tension in the rope above Superhero. The mass of the boat plus trailer is 700 kg. First of all, you must know and understand the principles of physics. The force exerted by the high-jumper is actually down on the ground, but F is up from the ground and makes him jump. Find the acceleration of the 49.00-kg sled and child system. This choice becomes easier with practice, eventually developing into an almost unconscious process. There are many ways to solve a physics problem. Note that the direction of the frictional force is unspecified; it will be in the opposite direction of the sum of F1 and F2. [latex]\sum F\text{=+}F-w=\text{ma}\\[/latex], so that [latex]F=\text{ma}+w=\text{ma}+\text{mg}=m\left(a+g\right)\\[/latex] . For example, when an incline is involved, a set of axes with one axis parallel to the incline and one perpendicular to it is most convenient. 3. Do the units make sense? Having a strategy to organize those skills can help you. As with so many other learning activities, it is useful to break a problem solving strategy into major and minor steps. (b) What is the force in the coupling between the 37th and 38th cars (this is the force each exerts on the other), assuming all cars have the same mass and that friction is evenly distributed among all of the cars and engines? Once the system of interest has been identified, it becomes possible to determine which forces are external and which are internal, a necessary step to employ Newton’s second law. Identify known and unknown quantities, and identify the system of interest. Then, refer back to this discussion. If you have the same number of equations and unknowns, indicate the order in which to solve the equations algebraically for the target variable. To solve problems involving Newton’s laws of motion, follow the procedure described: 1. 6. Newton’s third law may be used to identify whether forces are exerted between components of a system (internal) or between the system and something outside (external). This is the first time you really begin to look for quantitative relationships among the variables. The challenge for you will be to apply the approach in a variety of situations. When using conservation principles, draw "before", "transfer" (i.e., during), and "after" diagrams to show how the system changes. 627-636. As usual, it is first necessary to identify the physical principles involved. As seen in previous examples, the choice of axes can simplify the problem. Here, you must use your common sense about how the real world works as well as those aspects of the physical world you have learned in your physics class. As usual, it is first necessary to identify the physical principles involved. FT is no longer shown, because it is not a force acting on the system of interest; rather, FT acts on the outside world. Find equations from your toolbox containing these unknowns. Make sure units are consistent so that they will cancel properly. (b) Calculate the force exerted by the tractor on the airplane, assuming 2200 N of the friction is experienced by the airplane. For this situation, draw a free-body diagram and write the net force equation. A 1100-kg car pulls a boat on a trailer. [latex]F=\left(\text{70.0 kg}\right)\left[\left(\text{39}\text{. Will the tension be the same everywhere in the rope? This is done in Figure 1(d) for a particular situation. Some unknown quantities may cancel out and you won’t need to actually know their numerical value. Similarly, if the acceleration is nonzero in a particular direction, then the net force is described by the equation: . (a) An 1800-kg tractor exerts a force of 1.75 × 105 backward on the pavement, and the system experiences forces resisting motion that total 2400 N. If the acceleration is 0.150 m/s2, what is the mass of the airplane? If you are solving for force and end up with units of m/s, then you have made a mistake. In complex problems there may be more than one target variable or some intermediate variables you will calculate. In some complex problems it can be useful to calculate intermediate numerical results as a check on the reasonableness of your solution. Ask yourself, what specifically is being asked? Physics problem solving strategies and metacognitive skills: Force and motion topics. It is almost always convenient to make one axis parallel to the direction of motion, if this is known. }\text{250}\times {\text{10}}^{7}\text{N}-4.50\times {\text{10}}^{\text{6}}N-\left(5.00\times {\text{10}}^{5}\text{kg}\right)\left(9. (c) Find the direction and magnitude of some other pair of vectors that add to give Ftot. }{\text{80 m/s}}^{2}\right)\right]\\[/latex] [latex]=3.\text{43}\times {\text{10}}^{3}\text{N}\\[/latex]. Is the result reasonable and within your experience? The strategy we would like you to learn has five major steps: Focus the Problem, Physics Description, Plan a Solution, Execute the Plan, and Evaluate the Solution.

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