is experiencing “problems of living” (Barker). This is concerning given the high prevalence of mental health issues in the general population and the disempowerment that often accompanies a change in health status. The Barkers suggest that caring takes diligence, time and effort combined with creativity and resourcefulness. It’s up to Sanjin to make those judgement calls. I asked him why he smiled all the time, and he said he loved what he did. Barker 2008, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The, Barker & Barkin 2011, ‘Promoting critical perspectives in, Happell, B., & Gaskin, C. J. What does meaningful participation look like in Citizen Science? Importantly, caring must occur by learning about yourself, countering stigma, being a leader and a role model, recognising that mental distress impacts on all aspects of life. “Being fascinated” provided the spark for her to take up mental health nursing which has resulted in her being versatile, enjoying herself and learning to deal with what is. Although nurses are implicated in psychiatric care, treatment and processes that valorize vigilance and surveillance to minimise risk, nurses like Christopher deftly work within psychiatry’s reductive gaze while attending to the unique lived experience of the person who Carrington hospital Auckland, photo by Te Ara. With the new nursing associate role as a route into nursing, the hope is that these numbers will rise again. Felton is passionate about mental health and through the accelerated Master of Nursing … “I love being hands on and getting in there and figuring it out,” he says. More recently I’ve had strategic roles in mental health including the NZ Mental Health Literacy Programme Reference Group and National service specifications for specialist mental health and addictions- Asian and Refugee services. What do the Citizen’s Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) mean for diasporic Indians? The Hive (Australian College of Nursing), 8(10-11). Empathy, compassion, teamwork and multitasking is also important. But he couldn’t be happier. What’s important about these stories is that they show how central passionate people are to entry to the profession. This attempt to cultivate an ethical disposition and maintain hope and trust in themselves and in their clients requires that mental health nurses address their own psychological wellbeing amidst an environment of “moral distress” (Barker 2011, Barkin 2011). According to national data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for registered nurses is expected to increase 16 percent by 2024, which is faster than the national average for all other occupations. I hope that more early career nurses, like Meg, choose the career path so many of us mental health nurses have embraced, through engaging with high quality theory and having positive clinical experiences. We need to role model, especially for children, that it’s OK to talk about how we are feeling and to place equal value on our mental and physical health. These stories have a common vision of mental health nursing practice as both art and science. More than 5,000 RPNs work in Western Canada right now and the need is growing. As a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital, he sees up to seven patients for one to two hours each. She found herself in an environment where she saw mental health nursing being valued and came to consider it as a career option. Mental health nursing has a colourful and somewhat contentious history. The re-branding to mental health nursing and focus on recovery provides opportunities to respond more creatively and therapeutically to the person experiencing mental ill health. The issue focuses on mental health, both on the importance of nurses looking after their own mental health and profiling the work of mental health nurses. Conversations on Tangata Whenua and Asian solidarity, Women of Colour ‘in’ academia: Political creativity and (im)possibilities of solidarity, An interview with nurse and multi-disciplinary researcher Dr Ruth De Souza. The options for psychiatric nursing grads doesn’t stop at nursing. “I get that person pointed in the right direction,” says Sanjin. Here is where future mental health nurses have their seeds of interest sown, The caring part is important too; although caring is a human activity, what makes the care that mental health nurses give different is that it happens in the context of competing demands, with people who might have been forsaken by others or difficult to care for (Barker 2008). Sanjin has worked in the field for almost five years. New South Wales: Mosby, Elsevier Australia. Why did Sanjin decide to become a psychiatric nurse? I have been actively involved in the development of the New Zealand mental health workforce through leading and developing all seven of the courses making up the National Certificate in Mental Health Support Work (Treaty of Waitangi, Relationships, Communication/Code of rights, Demonstrating knowledge and theory, Challenging incidents/Legal implications, Community and lifestyle planning, Concepts of health, Integrating knowledge) and co-ordinating the Graduate Certificates in Forensic Mental health; Child and Adolescent Mental health and Dual Diagnosis. And that’s what I wanted.”. The ability to think independently is too, as most of the time you’re the one making the decisions. In R. Elder, K. Evans & D. Nizette (Eds. Passion and knowledge: The craft of being a mental health nurse. Her enthusiasm and passion offer great hope that we are already reversing these barriers. The job options for psychiatric nurses are extensive. in 2014. Psychiatric Nursing students create outreach project that wins United Nations Association in Canada award, This Geology instructor moonlights as a volcano explorer, Framing education with experience gave this Dispensing Opticianry grad a head start in her career. The Nursing & Midwifery Council shows that the number of registered mental health nurses has decreased over the past 5 years, from 91,325 in March 2014 to 88,241 in March 2018.

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