This started out small, troubleshooting a security group, or creating a vpc, and growing to designing multi-account, multi-region network services and connectivity. AWS released another 2 certifications after I became fully certified in 2016[1]. This was supplemented by the knowledge I recently gained studying for and taking the AWS SAA exam. First, I've worked in "traditional" networking before starting my AWS experience, and have passed the Cisco CCNP and CCDP exams. I had completed both and courses on this exam and did well in the practice exams provided by them. Previous Experience. For example, these articles on network connectivity: I thought this was a difficult test. I finally realized this is a no joke exam. This advice is crucial to pass the exam, so I will give some examples in this article on how I distilled study notes from tons of information, so you can follow alone. Unfortunately, it is not an easy exam which can be crammed in two days. And this is the only exam I prepared study notes like this, for all others, I just watched videos and read materials. This time I got 56%, slight better than last attempt. After failed attempt on 12/27/2017, I decided to put more effort into the preparation. I think "Domain 5.0: Design and implement for security and compliance" from the exam guide was my biggest challenge. Run with me if you enjoy it! But ever since started working on cloud, I always need to work on infrastructure and networking related projects so I decided to learn networking. Maybe one day, I will stop this certification run, but not now! Summary. I still recommend Linux Academy as a general training resource, since I'm a fan of their on-demand labs and wide range of content. Deloitte gives last week of the year as corporate holiday, and I decided to use it to prepare for this exam and clear it before new year. Looking back, I should have started taking notes earlier, which is critical technique in preparing for this exam since the scope of the exam is very broad and deep. If you have already been working with AWS networking, and wondering what it takes to be certified, this post should give you a pretty good idea. It is not great but once again, I became fully certified on AWS. AWS Advanced Networking is so hard. Passed AWS Networking exam last week, finally the Dragon was slayed. Last, AWS provides whitepapers and various documentation that can also be used as study material. I had finished 8 certifications before focusing on Advanced Networking, and comfortably passed all 8 attempts. Just when I was about to relax and have a break, AWS released another certification, which made the journey a never ending story. Note: the table of contents is not a complete list, it is just the part I want myself to pay more attention. I passed AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty on July 22nd, 2017[2]. Yes. AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Validate your technical skills and expertise with an industry-recognized credential and grow your career. The first time I took Advanced Networking - Specialty, I failed with a 60% score. I recently passed the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam and want to share my experiences with those of you working toward the certification. I watched this course many times but couldn't get it. First, I've worked in "traditional" networking before starting my AWS experience, and have passed the Cisco CCNP and CCDP exams. I gave some examples how to prepare the study notes and hope it is helpful for you. I didn't feel it particularly difficult to pass. I also knew that I had learnt a lot while preparing for it and it didn't matter whether I passed it or not. AWS expects you to know every solution to a scenario, the benefits and limits of each solution, and be able determine the best solution for the scenario. [1] The Pursuit of Happyness - My AWS Certification Journey.,, At re:Invent 2018, AWS announced the Transit Gateway, finally giving us a native solution, Ansible 2.5 just came out, and with it comes new network modules (and the. I only got 52% on this attempt. Can the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty exam be legitemately passed with only a few weeks of studying? The AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty is intended for individuals who perform complex networking tasks. The exam relies heavily on real life scenarios, so it is crucial to know all the topics inside out. The guide is written by seven AWS Solutions Architects, and I found the content very thorough. Although there is no shortcut, I will discuss my previous experience, study materials, and general impressions of the exam. There are 3 important study guides you should follow. This one was AWS cert number 6. It took a long time to pile up courage for a next go around. A study note to distill the important points from the rest of the contents is critical to pass the exam. skp574 2018-11-17 19:30:38 UTC #1. AWS Advanced Networking is the hardest of all. I like Ryan Kroonenburg's teaching style the most, the way he talks excites me so I can capture the information easily. For a long time, I didn't seem to be able to learn it, I was frustrated sometimes. [3] Mad Max: Fury Road into ☁️! Study is exhausting sometimes, but I enjoy doing it since I made many friends alone the journey, many people passed this exam before me and their success inspired me to keep running! PS. AWS Advanced Networking is the hardest of all. Unfortunately I wasn't as impressed, maybe because I was already familiar with the material, but there also weren't as many labs, and the quizes towards the end felt lazy with only a couple questions each. Below I have listed all of the study resources I … Regarding my timeline, I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam on 10/18/18, and then passed the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty exam twenty days later on 11/7/18. In September 2017, Jady Liu passed the exam and put a posting on LinkedIn. Besides reading all the related user guides, I also watched re:Invent videos on Networking and took notes on those important concepts. It is even harder for people not from networking background. I took this exam at the beginning of November ‘18. Crazy as crazy does, I became the #1 certified cloud practitioner[3] and people asked me how did I do it, it is the same way Forrest Gump ran across America, when I am tired, I sleep, when I am hungry, I eat. Many people with CCIE also failed at the first attempt. Early Stage of the Preparation. For me, passing the exam isn't just filling in the correct answer, its learning the AWS approach to solving problems, and all the available solutions. There is no shortcut, I went back to square one. Also want to let people know, it doesn't matter what background you come from, as long as you prepare with enough effort, you can pass this exam. Schedule an exam. But it is my last certification for AWS, so I made determination to pass it at any cost! If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, I would definitely purchase the official study guide. I am proud to have passed the AWS ANS exam, and I think it is worth pursuing if you work with AWS networking frequently. As I learn by reading different blogs, I hope some of the information posted here can be useful to you as well! It is not easy. Even with the experience described above, I did not immediately go and take the exam. It became generally accepted that this is the hardest exam among 8 AWS certifications. Unfortunately I can't go into more detail, as I don't want to risk violating the exam agreement. All other spare time, I study. I searched using keywords listed in "Detailed Thoughts" of the article and collected 140 slides of study notes, since there are so much topics covered in this exam, there are lots of contents to be memorized. I spent 2 days on Thanksgiving, 10 days on Christmas and New Year break and 3 days of entire Martin Luther King long weekend studying it. Please don't ask me to share this file since I may violate NDA for doing it. Jady mentioned you may need to watch Acloud guru many times. Hopefully this post was helpful, if you'd like to discuss AWS networking, come find me at re:Invent 2018! So in order to pass this exam on your first attempt, the following contents are very important. And the knowledge you learn while preparing for the exam, will help you greatly on your job. You need to deep dive into each subject. I did watch many times before fully understood the concepts of BGP and MED, also I watched re:Invent videos on Direct Connect and those videos helped me fully understand the routing, which is very important for passing the exam.

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