This fresh indica strain is straight from the wonderful hands of the Diem Farms team. Bred by ONI, Papaya Punch is a cross between Purple Punch & Papaya. Oftentimes things are not either/or, but are a spectrum of many things. It’s hardly dangerous in the traditional sense. It is […] Papaya Punch is an indica strain created by crossing Purple Punch F and Papaya F. The batch we smoked tested at 29.57% THC, which is an absurd amount for freaking flower. THC: 29.4%. The strain is best known for its intoxicatingly sweet tropical fruit flavor and its unique aroma that brings sour and nuttier notes of cheese forward. Their Papaya is known for its' sweetness and bulk (yield). Papaya Punch: Background Papaya Punch is a 60/40 indica-dominant cross between Papaya and Purple Punch. With a fruity & cheesy aroma, this strain is sure to relax you after a long day. That is what Papaya Punch is all about, a spectrum of eclectic effects. A cross between Papaya & Purple Punch, this Indica strain is known for it’s high THC % and intense body high. This indica takes a ton of flavor and some serious power from its parents, Papaya and Purple Punch. Medical: Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Body Aches. This strain has a calming high perfect for winding down after a long day. Both strains are high yielders and heavy hitters, and Papaya Punch is no exception. Like every Purple Punch cross, this stuff has a great berry flavor along with some super relaxing qualities. Papaya Punch Hybrid. Papaya punch is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain crossed between (papaya x purple punch) that is known for producing a mental calmness, though many consumers also find that this strain makes them energetic and productive. Well, only dangerous if you need to use your notes for a review, anyway. This is one of those cases where one something cannot be easily categorized or put in a box. Effects: Happy, Relaxed. Papaya Punch is the product of crossing Papaya and Purple Punch. If you are looking for a strain to help relax your mind and body, this may be the strain for you. Papaya and Purple Punch form a tropical blend that makes us feel like we’re sippin on Pina Coladas in Terps & Caicos. Papaya Punch is an Indica-dominant strain that is a cross of Papaya and Purple Punch. Buy Papaya Punch strain with a whooping thc level of about 26%. That is simple and straightforward. Papaya Punch Cannabis Strain Information. The result is a Pineapple Coconut blast of aromas, perfect for relaxation time! What attracted me to it was it's 80% leaning to the indica side, heavy yield, and great pic's on Instagram. This stuff smells so good, but is so, so dangerous. Aroma: Fruity, Cheesy This strain is a hybrid with Oni's signature strain Papaya (NOT Nivana's Papaya) and Purple Punch, which is Larry OG X Granddaddy Purple.

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