Out of all of the knives I own, my Opinel No.9 gets the most use, simply because it's the perfect knife for me. Carbon steel is probably one of the most reliable and durable steel types to have on a knife. August 6, 2016 By Woodcarver Leave a Comment. Blisters don’t form from handle construction, instead they are caused by how it conforms to your hand. The # 6 is also great, it locks, and is fine as a smaller, finer carry knife. I started with a number 8,decided it was too small for my hand so got a nine stainless. Opinel has been making the same pocket knives with very few changes since 1890. It works as a twisting mechanism that tightens the hold onto the blade and locks it into place in order to keep it in position when it is engaged. Super light around the neck. I have the 8 and 7 and they seem, like office knives, I can see how the 9 is the ultimate in form function in a [working] knife. This process is very simple and it is to avoid any rust that carbon material might endure.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'bestwoodcarvingtools_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_12',125,'0','0'])); The easiest way to add patina to your blade is it soak it in a mild acid, such as vinegar, for an hour or so. I remove the opinel logo then engrave the hell out of it for a custom design. XC90 carbon steel is a performer of it’s kind, reliable, simple, and effective. Thanks for this video. The No.09 Carbon Steel Folding knife is great for larger tasks. That being said, rust is known to happen to this material when left in a moist environment, but by forcing a patina it will reduce the risk of rust. As an amazon associate, Best Wood Carving Tools may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Added pressure to Virobloc to keep it from slipping. Required fields are marked *. Flashlight holsters would be a good carry option if you don't want to make a sheath but case makes cross draw sheath. Product graveren? newsletter | http://eepurl.com/bsv3Rv Best Strop & Compound For A Mirror Polish Edge, The Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood (Trees, Woodworking, Woodcarving), How To Remove Stain From Wood Without Sanding, Ideas For Christmas Wood Burning Patterns, Best Lathe Chisels & Gouges for Woodturning. Weight of the Opinel No 8. Was really debating what size to get. Your email address will not be published. 8 and No. I have found that the #8 is a bit large in the pocket and it is really easy to maintain that convex edge, i have had no issues with the logo it seems to have been stamped in pretty deep. I have had too many slip ups to count and made it a habit to take the extra step to ensure my own safety. This was for my own safety, not in anyway trying to imply the locking mechanism doesn’t work because it is a reliable system. There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for a Hiking knife. However, the simplicity of the version reviewed here is its primary appeal. The pointed tailored butt, fishtail, can sometimes dig into your palm based on those two factors. Tailor it to your hand so that you can be comfortable cutting with it. Better to be safe than sorry.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestwoodcarvingtools_com-leader-2','ezslot_14',119,'0','0'])); A carving glove is always smart to have as a resource also. Opinel No 8 review; Patina on Opinel knives; How to use an Alcohol Stove; Bread on hiking trips; Alcohol stove Windscreens; Mora Carbon vs Stainless; Gear reviews. Check it out for more information. The #8 seems to be the most common, and fits in the pocket very well. Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by sungame, Jun 19, 2012. Ja, ik wil het laten graveren Graveren in ... Schrijf een review. The opinel no 9 is made with a beechwood handle with a tapered end, popularly known as a fishtail end, that creates a comfortable support edge for your hand. This is an amazing value. I dont know if you ever figured it out and this is late. For hikers this is the most important part of any knife, how much is it going to weigh me down? Te felicito Kirk, me encantan tus videos, y comparto contigo la utilidad de mi Victorinox Fieldmaster. I personally took the edge off the corners on the spine near the handle to allow me to choke up on the blade without blisters. Fortunately, the Opinel No 9 review shows it DOES include the stainless steel Virobloc to keep from hazardous accidents. The Opinel knives are very popular in many countries. Having big hands or knife gripping can have its limitations with this handle style. I ran a no 6 for ages and she never failed me. I did put a thumb stud, that I bought on eBay, ony # 8, and it now opens easily, one hand. Can the upper corner of the blade that abuts on the locking ring be filed to make the blade more in line with the handle axis? Patina will wear off over time, more quickly if you use the knife often, so be sure to do this again and take care of it. The Opinel No 9 Review. Owl Creek Handmade – http://owlcreekhandmade.etsy.com, stony’s Photography Amazon | https://www.BlackOwlOutdoors.com/amazonstore/ A knife this affordable doesn’t have its reputation for no reason. 9 | Folding Bushcraft Knife | Field Review, Japanese Chef Knife Review (Cutting Techniques For Chinese Cooking), The Bestech/Isham Reticulan: The Full Nick Shabazz Review, https://www.BlackOwlOutdoors.com/amazonstore/, http://www.Instagram.com/BlackOwlOutdoors. There are vids on YouTube demonstrating. Overall, a very impressive knife for any age. 9 Carbon. Joined: Jan 9, 2012 Messages: 3,211 Likes Received: 7,306. Most knives get used for food prep, and that's what I use this Opinel for the most, but also for utility and EDC. Acute transition, unnatural contour, and needless design are the root of chafing that develop blisters. Opinel No 6 Knife (10 out of a 10) The Opinel No 6 has been a long time favorite knife of mine and I honestly cannot believe it’s taken me this long to put a review up of it. The spine is supposed to be the thickest part of the blade. It opens up to 8.25″ and closes to 4 5/8″, perfect size to slide into your pocket but long enough to remember it’s there. 9 is a highly utilitarian, customizable knife that is perfect for the camper, hiker, hunter, backwoods cook, and farmer alike. Sundays – Tuesdays & sometimes Thursdays. I use my #8 as a bushcraft kitchen knife. © This completely depends on what YOU want to use it for because the reason I use it can be different from your intentions with it. i love opinel and morakniv, One of the best knives money can buy…. is one of the top selling knives produced by this company. I use a 2€ Ganzo universal Sheet for all my folders, it's cordura i think, very durable, good quality and small to carry, and cheap of course…. Great knives and we love them. But opinels make great neck carry knives. Typically, steel type is more of a preference depending on what you’ll be using the knife for, but hands down I pick carbon steel every time.

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