Turn the tuning peg for this string away from you, raising the pitch of the string. E (lowest string) You can use either the Electric Guitar Online Guitar Tuner or the Acoustic Guitar Online Tuner, or download the app to your phone. Perhaps the polar slide opposite of George Harrison, the heavily blues-influenced Rod "The Bottle" Price (Yes, they called him "The Bottle") let it all hang out in his solo near the fadeout of Foghat's signature track. A generation of blues-influenced rockers toyed with slide guitar for several years, slowly bringing it into mainstream music (Check out Jeff Beck's performance on Evil Hearted You by the Yardbirds), but no one dragged it into the modern era quite like Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band. They do a lot of tasty but quirky slide work. It forces you to reimagine the fretboard and learn new sets of chord shapes. With a free trial of Fender Play, you can work on mastering open E tuning, or a few useful open tunings, like open D or open G. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan. Learn it in C and play it in E. The list takes an exotic turn with this middle-eastern-flavored track by Derek Trucks. Price, a product of the UK, died in 2005. -- E (highest string). -- B Blue Mountain: Pretty Please: Home Grown: Submit Tab. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Below, we present 10 tracks that represent essential listening in the world of slide guitar. Yes, it sounds a lot like what Robert Johnson played on his I Believe I'll Dust My Broom several years earlier, but James played his riff on an electric guitar, pretty much claiming it for himself in the process and sending chills down the spine of a new generation. Because E major is a frequently used key for blues, the open E tuning is often used by blues guitarists, particularly slide guitarists. That means using heavier strings (no “super slinky”…) and a high action (distance of the strings to the fretboard). Bruce Cockburn: Sunwheel dance: View Tab: Glen Hansard: Say it to me now: Once OST: Submit Tab. First, it allows you to play major chords at various points along the fretboard by simply barring your finger across any one fret. Most notably Duane Allman used Open E for the majority of his slide work, such as in Statesboro Blues. Based on an area in the Tremé neighborhood in New Orleans, this song just oozes dark, supernatural deliciousness. -- B Bob Dylan was so enamored with open E tuning that he wrote his entire Blood on the Tracks album using the tuning (though some songs were later recorded using standard tuning). While playing the guitar with your teeth is, was and always shall be a novelty, slide guitar - and slide guitarists - is and are here to stay. Keep turning the peg and plucking the string until you reach the note B. Open E tuning is often used for slide guitar, as it constitutes an open chord which can be raised by moving the slide further up the neck. He used the slide to imitate the sound of a blues harp - not to mention mesmerize countless concert goers who were knocked out by his dexterity and intensity. The recording (the most popular version of a song Josh White recorded in the mid-'40s), features Page sliding away in open A (E-A-E-A-C#-E). What he came up with was a distinctive, non-blues-based style that incorporated hints of Indian music, some pointers he picked up while learning sitar and other Beatles-esque odds and ends. This is in C, which is the same as E but 4 semi-tones lower. Although the "big three" guitarists who emerged from the '60s rock scene in England - Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page - flirted with slide guitar at different points in their careers, none took it as far, or used it with as much success, as Page. For this reason, it’s a popular tuning for slide guitar players. Branching out with alternate tunings can be a real challenge. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. They can also easily play harmonics across the 5th, 7th, 12th frets that form pleasant-sounding major chords. -- G# Open E Tuning Slide Exercise March 14, 2018 In this lesson I want to show you an exercise that will help you with your open e slide playing and will also train you to play to the chord when playing a 12 bar blues. As Rolling Stone put it, it features the sort of playing that gives people chills. Zoom’s brand-new flagship G11 processor has had $200 slashed off the price, Save $150 on two stunning Gretsch Streamliners in this Black Friday blockbuster, Get 11 TC Electronic pedals for just $39 each in one of the biggest Black Friday guitar deals. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. These songs are presented in no particular order. The E major chord is a powerful open chord, which already uses three open notes in standard tuning. Copyright ©2020. Some have tried playing the guitar behind their back, over their head, with their teeth, with their friends' teeth, etc. Respected Louisiana-based slide player Sonny Landreth started appearing on music fans' radar in earnest after the release of the 2007 Crossroads Blues Festival DVD. Please note that we're sticking with regular ol' six-string guitar - no lap steel, sacred steel, pedal steel, etc.

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