entityType: 'product' sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=99813&isPDP=true', But anyone with the slightest technical bent will have no problem getting familiar with these models. This is important to keep in mind when observing astronomical objects which require high resolution for best viewing, such as planets and double stars. }, {"clickFunction":"function() {$(\'#_widget1044785793015\').widgetClass().scrollNext(\'#_widget1044785793015\');}","widgetClass":"ButtonWidget"}, {"snapClosest":true,"bindings":{"bind0":{"fn":"function(event, pageNum) { PagedDataSetFilmstripLoaderWidget.loadPage(\'#relatedCommunityItemsvideo\', Math.floor(pageNum)); }","type":"scrollend","element":"#_widget1044785793015_trigger"}},"unitSize":200,"widgetClass":"SnapToScrollerWidget","scrollSpeed":500,"scrollAmount":600,"afterScroll":"","animateScroll":"true","beforeScroll":"","direction":"horizontal"}, {"emptyItemViewer":"
","imageThreshold":3,"pages":2,"dataModel":{"imageWidth":160,"cacheEntitiesInRequest":true,"isCommunityRelated":"true","entityId":"116530","entityTypeId":"4","relationTypeId":"20","dataProviderWidget":"com.fry.ocpsdk.widget.catalog.dataproviders.RelatedEntitiesDataProviderWidget","imageHeight":160,"itemViewerWidget":"com.fry.starter.widget.viewers.ItemViewerWithQuickLookWidget","isPDP":"true","direction":"horizontal"},"pageSize":4,"widgetClass":"PagedDataSetFilmstripLoaderWidget","loadThreshold":1,"direction":"horizontal"}, {"clickFunction":"function() {$(\'#_widget1044785793045\').widgetClass().scrollPrevious(\'#_widget1044785793045\');}","widgetClass":"ButtonWidget"}, { SKU: ORI-10269 . Both primary and secondary mirrors boast enhanced reflectivity (94%) aluminum coatings to optimize contrast with a protective silicon dioxide (quartz) overcoat. I want to see galaxies, nebulas & star clusters, More robust telescopes to see deeper into space, Features of the 6-inch F/4 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector, How To Use Orion Moon Filters and Variable Polarizing Filter, How To Collimate an Orion Reflector Telescope, Choosing a Telescope for Astronomy - The long version, Short Tube vs Long Tube- What's the Difference, Orion 8" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope, Baader MPCC Mark III Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector, Orion Magnificent Mini AutoGuider Package, Orion Superwide 2" Prime Focus Adapter for Canon EOS Cameras, Orion 2" Zero-Profile Prime Focus Camera Adapter, Orion Superwide 2" Prime Focus Adapter for Nikon Cameras, 158-193mm ID Orion PinPoint Telescope Focusing Mask, telescope and astrophotography accessories, Fast 6"-aperture reflector lets you take short exposures with bright, high-resolution results, Precise 2" dual-speed (10:1) linear-bearing Crayford focuser lies 7" back in the optical tube to block stray light and boost contrast, Orion-exclusive steel reinforcement plate under focuser eliminates flexure with heavy imaging gear attached, Compact 22.5" length and light 12.7 lb. The theoretical resolving power of a telescope can be calculated with the following formula: Resolving power (in arc seconds) = 4.56 divided by aperture of telescope (in inches). }, { }, { What's more, this compact imaging specialist is conveniently lightweight at just 12.7 lbs., so it doesn't require a huge mount to support it. They typically take a bit longer to learn and need some set-up or adjustments. For telescopes, the optical diameter (also known as aperture) is the size of a telescope's main light-collecting lens or primary mirror, measured in millimeters or inches. entityType: 'product' entityType: 'product' Versatile 6" reflector telescope and sturdy equatorial (EQ) mount and tripod excels at all-around night-sky performance. Typically in-stock items will ship first and backordered items will follow as soon as they are available. }, { entityType: 'product' Fast 6" f/4 Newtonian optics for wide-field imaging with DSLRs and a wide range of CCD and CMOS astronomy cameras Fully and rigorously tested on site for cosmetics, mechanical operation, and optical performance by a master optician to ensure excellent overall telescope operation and customer satisfaction (an Agena exclusive service) Pair of hinged tube rings, 2 inch extension tube, 8 x 50 finder, dust cover, Steel reinforcing plate under focuser, Oversize secondary mirror for fully illum. As with any fast Newtonian reflector telescope, an optional coma corrector is recommended to eliminate inherent coma for optimized imaging performance. width: 90, We offer binoculars for every viewing interest, including astronomical binoculars, compact binoculars, waterproof binoculars, birding binoculars, and sport and hunting binoculars. width: 160, sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=100119&isPDP=true', }, { layers: '40009' sourceSelector:'' entityId: 117154, Larger EQ mounts that utilize very precise tracking and excellent stability are capable of longer exposure deep-sky photography. A pair of hinged, die-cast aluminum tube rings with felt lining are included, which each have flat bosses on the top and bottom featuring M6 threaded sockets for easy attachment of the included Vixen-style mounting bar and additional imaging accessories. layers: 'VID429' The astro-photographic capability of the telescope is based on the style, stability, and accuracy of the mount and tripod. Refractor telescopes refract, or "bend" incoming light to a focus by means of an objective lens. defaultImage: '', Both primary and diagonal mirrors are ground and polished under computer control for guaranteed diffraction limited performance, coated with 91% reflectivity aluminum, and overcoated with a protective layer of silicon dioxide (quartz) for long life.

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