Opening the elegant dark-grey tweed case, the microphone is presented as an identical replica of the original; with the old Z48 mount, 7-pin cable, and multi-pin PSU. This gorgeous microphone, in its tube & transformer-driven glory, has a certain flattering quality that the cheaper TLM version simply cannot match. Instead, this comparison is based on my experience in the industry and my knowledge of real-world recording scenarios. Regardless of placement, distance, and amplifier settings, the TLM67 comparatively lacked the nuanced luster found in its transformer-driven counterpart. I even went as far as purchasing the TLM67 to see what it sounded like (however, I didnt have a U67 to compare it to). And how so compared to a u87 or 67. Our pair of 67’s have been subjected to a wild variety of male vocal tones over the last twelve months; from drill rap to thrash metal, pop, folk, musical theatre, and everything in between! So we began tracking voice with it thru and API pre>1176>LA2A. Neumann’s U67, the tube microphone that defined the sound of the 60’s, reissued in spectacular fashion in 2018. As with the U67, the TLM variant features the same bright K67 capsule, with a similar compensation circuit that is deliberately designed to offset the higher frequencies and saturate in a similar way to its older relative. Gear Acquisition Syndrome: Confessions Of A Compulsive Gear Head, How To Make A Mix Sound Wider (9 Practical Stereo Width Tips), Reverb Cheat Sheet (A Complete How-To Guide), Mixing Low End (8 Tips For Bigger, Bolder Bass), Dynamic vs Condenser Mics (Breakdown Of The Differences), Neumann TLM 102 vs TLM 103 (Comparison + Differences), Rode PSA1 Review (Best Microphone Boom Arm Ever Made? I even went as far as purchasing the TLM67 to see what it sounded like (however, I didnt have a U67 to compare it to). For the record, if I already didnt own a U87ai and vintage U87, I would have kept it for sure. ⁠ Lacking the “cloudiness” introduced by the tube/transformer combination, the TLM microphone allowed the upper-mid frequencies of the voice to breathe, resulting in a more articulate vocal performance. it seriously is. I insisted on the U47, but he was dead set on the 67. Replacing the traditional tube power supply and transformer-driven output stage with a no-nonsense FET circuit, the Neumann TLM67 delivers the convenience of modern phantom-powered condenser technology without the “coldness” that is commonly associated with transformer-less microphones. The question is, how do these microphones compare to each other? All rights reserved. Review this product Prices & More Info Tools . Maybe the large ones are easier to make. Would you say Tlm 67 has a specialty to it, the way it captures vocals? Which Do You Prefer? The TLM 67 feels slightly processed in comparison – the lack of tube/transformer “warmth” becomes apparent when recording instruments without an abundance of low-frequency energy. The small advantages gained by using high-end equipment pays considerable dividends in the long term. Neumann TLM 67 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. Actually I use mostly SDCs. I didn't even read any answer here. The fast transient response (typical of the FET configuration) and linear low-frequencies allowed the acoustic guitar to find space in the mix without fighting with the lower-midrange of the drum, bass, piano and vocal components. if you want to know please dont listen to shootouts and hearsay on this forum. Equipped with three switchable polar patterns (omni, cardioid, and figure-8), a low-cut filter and pad – well-ahead of its time – the U67 quickly found itself in the hands of the world’s production elite. Neumann’s innovation led to the development of the large-diaphragm K67 capsule. everything else is complete nonsense. I believe most Rod Stewart recent American soundbook albums are tracking with Neumann U67+Tubetech compression. It’s the most versatile mic.” – Al Schmitt. Copyright © 2018-2020. Tropical studio vibes with @paradisestudiosuk and, Evening sessions with @iampaulkalkbrenner , Only the most high-tier spaces at @larrabeestudios, Beautiful studio space. The cost and prestige associated with the U67 is entirely justified. It uses the same K67 capsule and features a special circuit design that closely reproduces the valve or tube sound characteristics of the U67. Marketing has done a lot to perpetuate the myth, and the fact that so many "classic" mics have large diapragms doesn't help. Het K67 membraam uit de U67 zit ook in de TLM 67 zodat de warme klank van de U67 ook in de TLM 67 te vinden is. I've never used a real U67 so can't compare, but we didn't get it to 'compare' to an original anyways. It wasnt a negative asthetic sound that it has and it actually sounded kind of cool but honestly I didnt think it was convincing enough to keep and I sold it. Phenomenal music can be made on a budget. I told him that I had really only used the mic on electric guitars up to this point. Therefore I made a small comment about the TLM 170 not being really a LDC. Once compressed, the U67 had a noticeable edge over the TLM variant. We’ve been trying to get hold of one - who wouldn’t want to try out a brand new U67? With the technology available to us today, there’s no denying that claim. I would love to hear from a knowledgable mic manufacturer what differences exist between small, medium, and large diaphragm mics that can allow them to be lumped together based on that one feature. Lower, diaphragmatic alto voices and high-intensity pop sopranos naturally gravitated towards the depth and sheen of the U67, with an unmatched openness in the upper-mid frequency range of the voice. 4 out of 5, based on 1 Review. IMO, and take that for what it is worth, it wont have the U67 sound you are looking for (unless you never heard a real U67). That irritates me. Despite the valiant efforts of the TLM67, the U67 found its way to the top of most shootout scenarios. I don't know. The nuanced differences presented themselves further down the signal chain. I noticed a brilliant, silky top-end and unbelievably clear mids. ), 9 Best XLR Cables For Home Recording (2020), Slate Digital Release Brand New Free Plugin ‘’Fresh Air’’. Using identical components, including the renowned BV12 output transformer and EF86 pentode tube (wired as a triode in the U67), Neumann were are able to present a practically-identical copy of the original microphone. The often-flattering proximity effect of the U67 contributes greatly to the already warm, full-bodied sound of the microphone. In high SPL scenarios (brass instruments, guitar amplifiers), the Neumann TLM 67 has a preferential edge over its tube counterpart, and transients feel slightly more defined. Using a pre-emphasis/de-emphasis circuit not dissimilar to tape technology, the K67 capsule was designed with a large high-frequency boost – effectively masking the noise floor of the microphone’s tube power supply, whilst also providing a remarkably linear frequency response. Across the board, similar trends were experienced when recording other instrument groups. Introduced in the mid-’60s, Neumann’s U67 was designed as a successor of the legendary U47. Often I reject positive prejudices of colleagues towards LDCs, like sounding 'fuller' or giving more bass response, etc. A standard XLR connector is found as a substitute for the U67’s 7-pin cable. i have yet to hear a mic that can compete with a U67 as far as versatility, fidelity and vibe. It wasn't aimed at you or anyone else in particular. A gorgeous recreation meticulously reproduced to original specifications, the U67 provides engineers with a zero-compromise large-diaphragm microphone that is extraordinarily versatile and unmatched in sound quality. I was trying to come up with some metaphor to describe this comparison... We recently borrowed a TLM67 for a couple of days from our vendor and I have to say, it impressed me WAY more than I thought it would. GPB £1,900). Neumann U67 Collector's Edition Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone. EzDrummer 2 Vs Superior Drummer 3: Which Is Better? Aside from its striking pearl-grey finish, the TLM60’s dimensions and silhouette are identical to the U67. As a director of AKA Pro Audio and co-owner of A Sharp Recording Studio & Kiln Studios, Daniel has been involved in the development of numerous groundbreaking music projects and has published research in adaptive spatial electroacoustics and applied psychoacoustics as part of his Master of Architectural Science (Audio & Acoustics) degree from The University of Sydney, Australia. $ 6,995.00. I have had the TLM 67 for about a year and a half. However, the U67 possesses a richness and depth that very few other large-diaphragm microphones have achieved to-date (think U47, Telefunken ELAM251, and Sony C800G territory). Other Instruments (percussion, strings, brass, rooms etc). Dealing With Imposter Syndrome: Making It Or Faking It? Billed as a “contemporary development of the legendary U 67,” the TLM 67 is a dual-diaphragm, three-pattern, large-diaphragm microphone built on the K67 capsule made famous by Neumann’s U67. The following observations were made over a 12-month period whilst working at Kiln Studios in Sydney, Australia. You're right. Neumann’s U67, the tube microphone that defined the sound of the 60’s, reissued in spectacular fashion in 2018.A gorgeous recreation meticulously reproduced to original specifications, the U67 provides engineers with a zero-compromise large-diaphragm microphone that is extraordinarily versatile and unmatched in sound quality.

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