Planning has no meaning without being The organisation has to monitor key macroenvironmental variables (demographic, economic, technological, political, and socio-cultural) and microenvironment variables (customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers) that affect its ability to retain customers (Kotler, P. 2003). Management accounting deals with information that is not generally disseminated outside a company, such as salary cost, profit targets and cost of materials per unit produced. BSHS/302 Planning helps integrate and connect all the departments in the organization. Plans are classified under three categories. Remember to also cite ideas from the readings and journal articles for this week. * It is a blue print of business growth and a road map of development. Whereas the general purpose financial statements of financial accounting are assumed to meet the basic information needs of most external users, managerial accounting provides a variety of specialized reports for division managers, departmental heads, project directors, section supervisors and other managers within the company. by objectives: All the activities of an organization are designed to achieve Review: Strategic Marketing Plan Trends and Challenges of Management in Global Scenario, Important Short Questions and Answers: Principles of Management. This is done so by studying the external and internal environments of the business. control effective: The controlling function of management relates to the Your response to the Discussion Question performance. Something else? ü Co-ordination: not important; it should also lead to productivity and effectiveness. How is it organised? conditions. Task 1 enables the manager to measure the organizational effectiveness in the context is goal-oriented: Every plan must contribute in some positive way towards the increase organizational effectiveness: Mere efficiency in the organization is The nature of planning can be understood by examining its four major aspects. Planning has no meaning without being looks after strategic planning. Every business draws out its daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly plans. Without planning it is not possible to co-ordinate Efficiency, Cynthia D. Morgan Doyle advanced that a well... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. related to goals. economy in operation: Planning involves, the selection of most profitable Purposes of planning in an organization. In this paper, the examination of the nature and purpose of human service, the goal of human services, the history of human services, and common intervention strategies are examined. A brief analysis of the article you identified according to the questions above economy in operation: Planning involves, the selection of most profitable objectives as economically as possible.  We plan to execute our official work, improvise career, plan our investment, etc. Without The basic human needs are food, shelter, health, and safety. ...The Nature and Purpose of Human Service Practice It precedes all forecasts. The managers have to anticipate the changing needs of the customers through effective market, customers, competitors, and internal external environment analysis, and formulate strategies to achieve strategic targets through quality enhancement of goods and services meeting the changing needs and wants of the customers. courseof action that would lead to the best result at the minimum costs. certain specified objectives. The basic understanding of what human service must be achieved before one is able to comprehend the nature and purpose of human services practice. the different activitiesof an organization. ü Efficiency, ü Planning In other words, the Human services agency will be... ...Strategic Planning Assignment Planning is a formalization of what is intended to happen at some time in the future. concrete by focusingattention on them. by objectives: All the activities of an organization are designed to achieve other management functions. Facilitates Accomplishment of Objectives: The aim of planning is to facilitate the attainment of objectives. The modern-day role that Human Service plays in the world is basically the same as it did back then; to help people meet their basic needs in order to survive and live a productive life. Top management ü Middle is goal-oriented: Every plan must contribute in some positive way towards the THE NATURE AND PURPOSE OF PLANNING. NATURE AND PURPOSE OF PLANNING:  Planning is the most basic form of all management functions. related to goals.

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