Semi-sweet chocolate has a similar toxicity. Neither of these products is solid chocolate, so the amount of chocolate ingested is much less and therefore less toxic. The effects of chocolate on a pet depends on a few factors: how big the pet is, how much they ate, and how dark the chocolate is. Both dogs managed to eat about 3.5 ounces of chocolate. That’s 8 ounces of candy, some of which is milk chocolate. It cost her a couple hundred bucks, but since he ate the whole box it was pretty likely he would have had problems. Milk chocolate includes M&M’s, Hershey’s, Mars, Kit Kat, Dove, Cadbury, Toblerone, Kinder, Ferrero Rocher and Galaxy. Here’s the math: 8 x 58 mg divided by 40 (smaller dog’s weight) is just, Gwaltney-Brant, Sharon M., DVM, PhD, DABVT, DABT. + Click to see the sources for this article. If you have questions or concerns, call your vet, who is best equipped to ensure the health and well-being of your pet. She used her incisors, exactly as a surgeon would, to take apart the package from the narrowest side. I came home to find that a foil wrapper of Ferrero Rocher chocolate I came home to find that a foil wrapper of Ferrero Rocher chocolate was in the floor. You know how much chocolate is toxic for dogs — so does she have to worry? Lucky, 3 and he is a My dog ate 6 Ferrero Rocher chocolate JA: I'll do all I can to help. If your dog ingests an amount CLOSE to 20 mg or more of toxic ingredient per pound of dog, you need to call the vet right away. Well immediately afterward my family inistsed she stay out and she was put out for an hour or two against my wishes. Then, she was smart enough to take one out. This is equivalent to a large or king-sized candy bar. Please help im worried sick The pet may still get an upset stomach or diarrhea, but you won’t have to worry about bringing them to the emergency hospital. The darker the chocolate, the higher the concentration of Not at all. See, Candy, my dog just ate a ferrero rocher. “Those rotten ——-! The Expert will know if your dog will be able to digest that. Hi, my 1-year old Jack Russell (6.5 kg) just snatched a piece of Ferrero Rocher from the shelf and ate it, foil, wrapper, and all. What happens if my dog eats Ferrero Rocher? As a veterinarian, I get the most calls — by far — during the year-end holiday season (and Easter and Halloween) about chocolate ingestion by pets. He has seven months and weighs 6.39341 lbs. You guys are pros now. My 6 yr old chocolate labrador snook into my brothers room on christmas day , s There 3 boxes containig 12 in each box all wrapped up in foil and paper. My dog eats all of them ! The female dog, Rosie, really liked the white chocolate pieces and ate those exclusively. Treatment consisted of making him throw up what was in his stomach then tubing some charcoal into his stomach to absorb anything that might have been missed. You ate one of my Ferrero Rocher!" Joined: Dec 19, 2010 Messages: 22 Likes Received: 0. I wouldn't worry about a single Hershey's … Peterson, Michael E., DVM, and Patricia A. Talcott, MS, DVM, PhD, DABVT. How worried should I be? Even if it was 8 ounces of pure milk chocolate, not counting the cherries and syrup, we’re not even close to a toxic ingestion. She did not destroy the three chocolates in the package, all in one bite. 2 Balls weigh approximately 26g … You have to know how to convert the chocolate into its toxic form. She can relax, because 11.6 is not close to 20. My dog ate two ferrero rochers (milk chocolate). Why? It won’t hurt your dog. i was in the toilet and i put the ferrero rocher on the table and when i came back he ate everything including the wrapper i am very worry now i am scared that he … White chocolate: All but impossible for a dog to overdose on. Shes been vometing, dihareea, drinking loads of water and panting heavily. If you’re mathematically inclined, you can follow the table below and get a good idea of the level of chocolate toxicity. Depending on the type of chocolate, it can cause various clinical signs from vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, increased heart rates to possibly death. I ask her to tell me what her dogs weigh, and what is the total number of ounces in the chocolate-covered cherries box. If dog ate chocolate then when can it's side effects like seizures & tremors can be seen as Bruno has eaten 1 Ferrero Rocher by mistake & i am worried.

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