The fat-soluble statins include Lipitor and Zocor and the water-soluble include Pravachol and Crestor. Most have no issues, but some people report muscle pain and weakness while on the drug. My liver function (Bilirubin) moving off the recommended range. Statins do cause muscle pain in some people, though an exact reason isn’t clear. My advice, for what it's your eyes, nose and taste buds....drink it anyway This is the case with so many foods that get thrown away when they are perfectly fit to eat or drink (but don't say I said so ), Done the maths again.....there are 710 ml in a bottle....I drink 1floz a day(not 2 as previously said..looked at my glass again) that's the bottle lasts me 23 days.....and has done for the last year. If the bottle says “Coenzyme Q10” or “CoQ10,” it’s probably Ubiquinone–the less well-absorbed chemical form. I personally helped develop a powdered red bush beverage called Red Joe. Statins are a group of cholesterol-lowering medications. You can also do a lot of good by taking a high-quality B complex vitamin. B vitamins can help reverse statin-induced neuropathy. I was diagnosed with FH and commenced taking statins which I did until Nov 2012. SAMS can vary in frequency and severity. This may cause you to experience severe muscle pain, fatigue, and weakness. I suffered a heart attack and had a quad bypass in Sept 2009. New to this site and saw your post (could be my post) and wonder how long did it take for you to recover from the wonderful statin....and what CoQ10 did you take? That’s just one reason why you won’t hear about statin recovery from the mainstream government-industrial-medical complex. I do take Q10 I believe this is recommended for anyone on Warfarin. And CoQ10 is a byproduct of mevalonic acid. I still get severe pain and cramps in my muscles, whether that is still due to the residual effects of statins I don.t know....reading I have done suggests that after a time muscle damage can be permanent. Based on studies of actual muscle biopsies, muscles do not uniformly recover on their own. And I agree wholeheartedly that quality of life is most important and natural remedies where possible are best.....pharmaceuticals do sooo much harm and for the good of pharma investors (oops...back on my hobbyhorse). Thank you. My muscle pain gradually improved, although still have some aches now and again but quite rare. I suffered a heart attack and had a quad bypass in Sept 2009. Thanks for your reply. Pomegranate is also said to be good . Memory & muscle recovery time post Statin medication. I also experienced muscle problems, extreme pain in the large muscles. 1 best-selling drug of all time. I was diagnosed with FH and commenced taking statins which I did until Nov 2012. Of course, reading these studies can be overwhelming for anyone not in the medical field. Hi LW....I wonder if you've bought the same product that I get..?? Use a Naturopath or a nutritional physician not a GP, make sure you are taking CoQ10. And all with the same effect as yourself - after reading and researching I decided not to take them as the pain from muscle stiffness and memory problems was dreadful and I already suffered from spondylitis from which I receive private pain control injections-I decided a better quality of life is better than the distress of muscle stiffness and memory problems - which in some cases can become permanent - I use diet to try and keep my cholesterol down but it's hard it currently stands at 8, Read and article I. Ghe Wall Street journal on the financial gains for phizza and the medical world for prescribing these drugs along with the medication to treat the side effects, I drink pure pom juice have Lin seeds along with almonds and Brazil nuts which are natural products to combat cholesterol. I stopped taking statins just a year ago and have very gradually regained my brain!! Is there a “recovery program” for statin drugs? First and foremost, they need more coenzyme-Q10. hi EveC yes its got 3 balls and it was in the fridge section in tescos and on the the back it says once opened drink within 5 days,'re right....I looked at a new bottle in Morrisons. “Statin adverse effects: a review of the literature and evidence for a mitochondrial mechanism,” Am J Cardiovasc Drugs 2008;8(6):373-418. Muscle complaints have been documented to increase with increasing blood levels of the statin. Wouldn't statins... recently spent about a month taking Statin medication for my high cholesterol and at some point I... months ago, i realized that statins can cause muscle damage and memory loss ( what my Mom has )... shoulder and memory loss as \\\"old person diesease\\\".) Statin drugs are the best-selling drugs in the U.S. And Lipitor–nicknamed “turbo statin”–is the No. And Lipitor–nicknamed “turbo statin”–is the No. Shake Weight took my Statin muscle pains away. 1 best-selling drug of all time. I usually find that seeds pass through relatively unscathed, which is what they were 'naturally' designed to do. The pain just migrates from one part of the body to another. (And even for most doctors, apparently.). If you search statins and myopathy or neuropathy (in the Find it box) on this site you will find more discussions than you could ever get through on statins and muscle pain. It is not necessarily instant recovery.

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