We thank the team at Monoprice for giving us this opportunity. It just passes whatever analog signal your DAC is outputting. Even if the volume is up. It wouldn't be a pass through if it was intended to do anything besides pass a signal, like a wire. The amp’s front panel is Spartan, like most headphone amps. Plenty of power. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout, Monolith by Monoprice THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amplifier featuring THX AAA 887 Technology. I would say no. The one you linked has a DAC built into it, as this one does not. This is one of the sleekest and best looking chassis I’ve ever seen. High gain also raises the amps noise floor. Another reviewer on YouTube opined that the SNR is so low that the difference between balanced and unbalanced is not audible. Read our, Features dual AK4493 32-bit DACs and dual THX AAA-788 amplifer modules, An overabundance of features and inputs for the price, Will effortlessly drive just about any headphone, Excellent sound and performance for the price, Dirac Sensaround is not a compelling feature, Lacks the transparency, detail, and delicacy you'll find in even finer headphone amps, Brushed-metal enclosure easily picks up fingerprint smudges. Rest assured that this amp will easily power the Sennheiser HD800s headphones. If they can come close to or tie the measured performance of the ESS9038pro based Matrix XSabre Pro MQA DAC than I would buy that combo for my computer desk. That’s not the case here. There are only XLR and RCA inputs. Makes my HD6XX sound wonderful combined with my SMSL Sanskrit 10th Mk II DAC. 12 Ohms is the minimum impedance for full range usage. Let’s face it, while headphones are great and convenient, they still can’t compare to the experience of a free-standing two channel audio system. Browse 83 questions will it have the 887 number on the front like i saw on a reviewers picture? Given that experience, there is likely no need to unplug ordinary headphones when powering the unit on or off. Is this amp good enough to power the HD800s headphones? Are the full specification out yet since they are not on this page? Monoprice's Desktop Headphone Amplifier delivers high performance, rich features, and high value for the demanding audio enthusiast. You can only passthrough the RCA signal, but you would still need a proper preamp for active speakers. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. The Monolith’s specs are eye-catching. Then carefully play music and slowly turn up volume. That said, I do wish there was a mute button on the front panel, for those times you need to instantly pause the music. "Fully" is open to interpretation. I am using balanced cables as well. I tested the Monolith Desktop Headphone Amplifier primarily via USB connected to a Mac with my Roon Nucleus server. Once you set your menu options, you’ll rarely need to go back. It's it's so transparent that I could clearly tell the difference between different DACs. Yes, this amplifier has more than enough power for an HD800S, or pretty much almost any headphone, with very, very few exceptions. Monoprice treats its Monolith balanced headphone amplifier like a premium audiophile product. To shut down stop music then turn down volume unplug headphones then turn off amp. If you do, the Monolith automatically mutes the XLR output. The Enter button switches the unit’s generous input options. Like, when you plug in headphones speakers are muted automatically? A simple question that I shouldn’t have to ask, what are the specs? As far as I'm concerned, it's fully balanced. My DAC is single ended only. The Monoprice Monolith™ THX Amplifier is a mid-fi priced THX certified DAC/Amp combo featuring dual AK4493 and up to 2W of power. The 789 does not include dirac. You can’t go wrong with this headphone amp. © 2001-2020 Monoprice, Inc. All rights reserved. Not for me, I don't hear any sound. It will take up about half the space on a typical audio shelf, but will be just as happy sitting on a desk. This amp had ample power, gripping firmly any headphone I threw at it. This amp rocks. When engaged, Dirac Sensaround promises to make your headphones sound more like traditional speakers. It was easy for me to make out the unique character of each headphone through the Monolith. Switch up: After a few hours without audio, the unit will turn off to conserve power. The sound was consistently well balanced, tending toward the warm side of neutral, which will appeal to many. The pass through RCA outputs only function with signals from the RCA inputs. From orchestral, to jazz, to whatever genre I subjected it to, the Monolith left me shaking my head in disbelief that I was getting this level of performance and a feature set this complete for $500. Alexis Cole’s Dazzling Blue, recorded by Chesky Records, is superbly produced and the Monolith did a fine job rendering the textures of Ms.Cole’s vocals. Any idea what the resistance of the headphones you are using? The company makes one of the best room-correction software packages available today. Not that $500 is cheap, of course, but Monolith once again delivers a high-performance product that delivers a tremendous amount of bang for the buck.

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