mould² (noun): tiny green, blue, or white fungi that can grow on or in certain foods - How much mould should a blue cheese have? mould¹ (also "mold" US spelling) (noun): a container that gives a solidifying liquid its final shape - They must use rectangular moulds to make their hard cheeses. List of Bulbs. Cream is used both in cooking and as a topping on desserts, but if it's stirred very quickly or "whipped" it gets even thicker and can be used in cakes and pastries as well. paneer ki qism Beyond Nutrition. Cream can also be thickened by adding chemicals, and this type of cream is called double cream, heavy cream or whipping cream. khoyaa: Butter Milk: چاچھ. Soured milk products between 0,5% to 3,5% fat. Most of the milk we drink these days is cow's milk. Like all milk, if cow's milk is left to stand it separates into a low-fat drink called skimmed milk and a top layer of thick, high-fat cream. Try these curated collections. Milk is also used to make ice-cream, Italian gelato and yoghurt, a dairy product that's made by adding a special bacteria to milk that makes it firmer and gives it a sour taste. A 300 ml glass of full cream milk contains 10 g of fat, of which 6.3 g is saturated fat , … chhaachh: Cheddar Cheese: ولایتی پنیر. 7 Secrets for ESL Learners - FREE download. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Drink Names Vocabulary Words List with Urdu Meanings Names of common drinks learn Useful List of... We have brought yet another 30 daily used words with their Urdu meanings and their usage in... Download PDF for Dairy Products in Urdu Hindi, Drink Names Vocabulary Words List with Urdu Meanings, 30 Daily Use English Words with Sentences with PDF. They were raised for meat and skins as well as for milk¹. Harder and stronger-tasting cheeses like Cheddar and Cheshire can be used as both cooking and table cheeses, as can many blue cheeses like Gorgonzola and Stilton that have a blue mould² inside that gives them a special flavour. gelato (noun): Italian-style ice cream - I'd never tried gelato before I went to Italy. Milk Means More. If female animals were producing milk to feed their young, people could also drink it if they milked² the animals. Pure by Nature. Dahi: Cottage cheese: پنیر. Semi-hard cheeses with a mild taste include Gouda, Edam and many Swiss cheeses in which holes called "eyes" are found. Butter is used in cooking and also as a spread, but many people now use a butter-like substance made from vegetable oils or animal fats called margarine instead. yoghurt or yogurt (noun): a soft dairy food made by fermenting milk - My kids love those little containers of yoghurt with bits of fruit in them. paneer: Whey: دہی کا پانی. table cheese (noun): any cheese that's meant to be served at table rather than used in cooking - Of all their table cheeses, the Jarlsberg is best. This is a list of dairy products.A dairy product is food produced from the milk of mammals.A production plant for the processing of milk is called a dairy or a dairy factory. Great for Your Health. cheese (noun): a soft or hard food made from milk curds that's used in cooking or eaten on crackers, bread, etc. Milk can also be dried to make powdered milk that's used to make chocolate and a processed food for babies called infant formula. 593,083 milk products stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. dahee ka paani: Butter: مکھن. The hardest cheeses like Parmesan are usually grated and sprinkled over other foods like spaghetti sauce to make them even tastier. In general, the processing technology described for cow milk can be successfully applied to milk obtained from other species. milk² (verb): to get milk from a cow or other animal, either by hand or with a milking machine - We milk our cows every morning and evening. Click here to learn about Vegetables vocabulary. Cream can also be thickened by adding chemicals, and this type of cream is called … List of Beans and Legumes. List of Blood Pressure Medications. processed cheese (noun): cheese made in a factory with many added chemicals - Why did you get processed cheese instead of real cheese? Pleasure is the Path to Joy. of 5,931. milk and cheese dummy boxes pasta dough eggs milk cheese cooking with egg paper milk bottle dough kneading cheese milk hand with dough fresh milk products. milk¹ (noun): 1. a natural liquid food that female mammals produce for their young 2. cow's milk - Do you have milk in your coffee? List of Cat Foods. List of Baby Products. Pure by Nature See Things Differently. Doodh: Yogurt: دہی. If cream is whipped for a long time, it gradually turns into butter. Search for "milk products" in these categories. Protein Power Can Be Found In Dairy! If they're also pressed, a harder cheese is made. Dairy Products Vocabulary in Urdu Hindi learn important English words about eatables in daily life English speaking with their Urdu and Hindi meanings these words describe some drinkable and eatable things we use in our life. Companies that make infant formula spend huge amounts of money marketing it as a healthy alternative to natural mother's milk, but most doctors say mother's milk is much healthier because it contains important elements that infant formula lacks. gurr: Whole Dried Milk: ماوا /کھویا. List of Cheese and Dairy Products. List of Bagua Exercises, DVD’s and CD’s. cream cheese (noun): a soft smooth white cheese with a very mild taste - We could have some crackers and cream cheese. Milk: دودھ. All three products are actually made from soured milk and are used for breakfasts, fast snacks, baking, desserts, dressings and NOT for coffee. These cheeses are often made in wheel-shaped moulds¹, and this is why they're usually sold in wedge-shaped pieces. Most of the milk we drink these days is cow's milk. butter (noun): a solid, pale yellow dairy food made by churning cream - Oh no! In the early 1800s the average dairy cow produced less than 1,500 litres of milk annually. blue cheese (noun): cheese containing blue mould, such as Stilton and Danish Blue - What's that blue cheese on the cheese platter? Another word for milk. In many countries the best-selling cheeses are processed cheese and cream cheeses that are made in factories and have chemicals added that change their colour and taste. Milk Your Diet. infant formula or baby formula (noun): a processed baby food made with powdered milk - Is natural mother's milk better for babies than infant formula? ghee: Molasses: گڑ. powdered milk (noun): a powder made from dried milk - Carrying powdered milk is better because it's lighter than milk. Milk. They're cheap to make, but most cheese lovers say they're tasteless and never eat them.

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