Welcome to metalshapingzone.com This website is devoted to the traditional English skills in shaping metal and the promotion of craftsmanship amongst the old vehicle community. Cross-wheeling the metal is exactly as we described earlier, but with the piece turned 90 degrees. Metal Shaping Tips and Techniques User Name: Remember Me? The precision attainable for PM compared to other standard metal shaping techniques is shown in Fig. You should refrain from rotating the metal being shaped while between the wheels as they will mark up your work. We want to promote quality workmanship and teach people the skills they need to properly restore or modify their vehicle to a high standard. This is the essence of shaping with the English wheel. It is a five-day metal-shaping program (see sidebar). Metal Shaping Tools; Classes. 1-Day Observation Class; 2-Day Metal-Shaping Class; 4-Day Coachbuilding Class; 3-Day Finishing Class; 130 Hour Metal Shaping Class Offer; 240 Hour Class; English Wheels; T-Shirts; Metal Fabrication Videos; Premium Videos; Services; Articles. We are dedicated to encouraging craftsmanship and quality workmanship. Password: Register: All Albums: Event Calendar: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read : Today's Posts: Posts for Last 7 Days: ... Metal Shaping Tips and Techniques: Forum Tools: Views: 6 Announcement: Server move – 21st November 2020. The real trick to the English wheel is the skill of the operator, says Mike Mittler of Mittler Brothers Machine Tool. 7.13 (from Rübenach 54), defined as international tolerance (IT) grades. How to remove a dent (Part 1) Sheetmetal shaping with Wray

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