Twin Snakes replaced some of the antiquated systems, introduced significant graphical improvements and added additional … A ResetEra user named Potterson made the original claim, though the news has gotten additional traction through the RedGamingTech YouTube channel. There's story there most people would like to see but probably can't deal with the gameplay (I couldn't get into it anyway). This would soften the Zenimax punch in the guts from the other day. Remake as in changing the gameplay? @Orpheus79V, I’ll take remasters of the older games if they are done well. There was no voice audio reused from the original Metal Gear Solid to the delight of many fans. Bluepoint did a great gamecube remake. Konami gets a cut of the profit, but is not involved in development. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in particular is the most complex 8-bit game that was created, a masterpiece in 1990 but deserves a remake treatment the most because it’s so outdated now. Speaking of MGS3 remaster. Jonathan has written about a wide variety of topics, from game reviews to internal training documents. While Bluepoint has worked with Microsoft in the past (bringing Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 as well as Titanfall for Xbox 360), the studio has undoubtedly enjoyed a long relationship with Sony. EDIT: shame on me, didn't notice the rumour tag. I heard a rumour from my stuffed bear that Sega and Sony are going to do a remake of Finny the fish, He’s very accurate, he tells me I’m an idiot all the time and that is 100% true. A part of my soul left my body that day. Let's see what happens. For starters, we know that Sony has been flashing its cash to third party publishers in order to lock down exclusive PS5 deals — Final Fantasy XVI is a perfect example of this. Hopefully it has turn based battles, ghosts, and extra dimensional plot twists! A bad game is a bad game. Jonathan LoChiatto is a writer, gamer, and podcaster based in Massachusetts, USA. One of the most significant additions Twin Snakes brought over the original was introducing the tranquilizer gun, now a staple in Metal Gear Solid games. They have an excellent engine and the series has aged so much it could really benefit from being remade. Resurrect old IPs and develop new teams working on it! Still, according to their source — a source that apparently has a 100 per cent track record up to this point — this supposed Metal Gear Solid revival is a full remake, not just some kind of port or remaster. Well as has been said you’ll see all those ‘exclusives’ from Sony on PC just like from the Xbox, so the only true platform to get is a PC and play everything.. @ShogunRok true, rising was a gem technically and gameplay wise. Sourcing articles is more professional courtesy than it is a rule that everyone needs to follow. Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Remake in Development, Says God of War 2021 Leaker. Microsoft can have Bethesda lol. Characters like Mei Ling and Naomi would drop their forced accents and speak as any American-born and raised person would, regardless of heritage. It still wasn't on Saturn or N64 and that's all most people were focusing on. I won't get excited just yet, Jim Sterling will be doing an F-Konami video soon then, That is awesome news. Not sure I trust Konami to do anything quality anymore, but I'm interested. Amazing if true... please bring back David Hayter though - the guy is a legend. Can Sony just buy Konami please, they have been doing nothing with their IPs, AT THE VERY LEAST give them a contract and split on it. This was the only move for Konami to make given how MG:Survive went. 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I really hope this is the rumor that turns out to be true. @DeepSpace5D Nothing can save MGS4. No. That would be amazing. Not just for the games division, but Konami's gambling and appliance division could fit right in with Sony's bigger business strategies. Please? It's always been about out doing other consoles rather than PC since so many console gamers (not me) ignore PC. We heard rumors back in September about a potential remake of Hideo Kojima’s legendary PS1-era stealth title, Metal Gear Solid, and now, additional tidbits are beginning to come out about a next-gen revisit to Shadow Moses Island.. @kyleforrester87 depends if it is a remake, or a reimagining. That would be awesome but..... what if it's just ports? Hosted by 44 Bytes. These are the sort of games I buy PlayStation's for not some BORING PC like games that Microsoft buy. This better reflected Hideo Kojima's desire for an interactive experience rather than a video game. The source also states that Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and 4 are all being re-released, but it sounds like they're set to be remasters rather than full remakes. GTA1 was out on PC first but was only on PS1, not Saturn or N64.

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