Contact our team About Medical Solutions Workforce Solutions Visit our website to learn more about our workforce solutions and find the right travel nurses and allied health professionals. It is recommended to have vaccination for Hepatitis A and typhoid. Could this be side effects?”, “I am suffering from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms. Healthcare Strike Staffing We offer strike nursing jobs to experienced nurses who … Other ways to connect: Phone: 1.866.633.3548 Fax: 1.866.688.5929 Email: What questions should I be asking my consultant please?”, Director of underwriting and claims strategy, Guardian FS. “My NHS GP wait was over 3 weeks. Wondering if I should take some medication preventatively? The consultant has said to take medication. FlexMedical Solutions offers a unique range of services that are designed to help you, our client, bring your investment to life. It isn’t itchy. Medical Solutions UK Limited. CIVCO Medical Solutions Phone: +1 319-248-6757 / 1-800-445-6741 Email: Looking for CIVCO Radiotherapy? It says I have an underactive thyroid. She has no temp and eating. Paul, Toby, James and Xavier are on hand to answer your queries (no matter how small). “, “My child has a rash on her torso and arms and legs, I have attached some images, her temp is normal please can you advise how to help?”, “My 11 week(12 weeks tomorrow) old daughter has caught a cold and is pretty miserable, is there anything I can give her to help relieve it?”, “My gums really ache, there is a swelling on the gum where my wisdom tooth would have been. What will help?”, ” I suddenly started feeling very weak today with lots of coughing (slight blood), intense sweating, feeling dizzy and heart racing. Start building your personalised health platform today. Paul, Toby, James and Xavier are on hand to answer your queries (no matter how small). I’ve been bitten by a dog on the hand. Do you know what this could be?”, ” I had surgery on my foot last week. What would you suggest?”, “Is it safe to have rabies jabs in Myanmar? Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Could this be a bite or an allergic reaction? I have been feeling the effects of anxiety more, can I up my dose?”, ” I am in New Zealand and I have run out of escitalopram (10mg). Can this be done in one visit?”, “My son and I are travelling to Nigeria. Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms. A multidisciplinary support team formed of experienced GPs, Clinical Pharmacists, Mental Health Practitioners and MSK Practitioners. Bracknell. It is now itchy, i have sent images. Not all products are available for sale in all countries. I’m down 3 pills, can I take citalopram (20mg)?”, “I suffer with heart palpitations, related to my anxiety. We tested it on our side, we gave feedback and the implementation was instant. What does this mean?”, “I’m experiencing recurring mouth ulcers for some time, recently got blood tests (results attached). Please see image attached. I’d like a second opinion, I have attached images.”, “Hi, I’m having skipped heartbeats. It’s common to sometimes feel overwhelmed by the challenges that life presents, whether it’s at work, or in our home and personal relationships. What do you think? +44 (0)345 222 3725 or email us directly. Medical Solutions has been awarded Best Virtual and Remote Healthcare Provision in the 2020 Health Insurance & Protection Awards. According to the NHS, there are more than 200 musculoskeletal conditions which affect 1 in 4 of the adult population (many being young and of working age), which is around 9.6 million adults and 12,000 children in the UK. Fresh and relevant content. CIVCO product availability and compatibility may vary by market. Our office is in Bracknell, Berkshire, 50 minutes away by train from London and only 30 minutes from Heathrow. I called the Medical Solutions GP and was told to go to A&E immediately. Groaning and crying out, please can you advise?”, “I’m suffering with gum ache, there is a swelling on the gum where my wisdom tooth would have been. Easthampstead Road. When you get here, it takes 10 minutes to walk from the train station to our office, the perfect amount of time for us to make you a cup of tea. What do you recommend?”, “My daughter’s eye is bloodshot, watery and has conjestion in the corners of her eye. You can also call us with your business inquiry at Brand loyalty and brand engagement is strengthened through service integration and seamless branding to your company, Data analytics and marketing support make measuring value and communication to policyholders easier, services are designed to support and prevent long-term conditions developing, supporting healthier customers, Employees are diagnosed and treated faster and with 24/7 access, are able to have consultations at home or at work and can avoid taking time off, Our service is provided as a ‘whole of workforce’ solution, “Sandwich generation” employees benefit from using the service for themselves and their loved ones, and avoid sitting in waiting rooms with their dependents, services are designed to support and prevent long-term conditions developing, helping to reduce risk of absence. Can I have this done in one visit?”, “Hi my little 11 month old boy has had a cold the last week , the last 2 days he has had an upset stomach, what do you advise?”, “22 month old has spots on his hands, feet and mouth, I’m presuming this is hand, foot and mouth disease? However there is now some blood on the dressing, wondering it this ok or do I need to get it changed?”, “Previously had inflammation in my eye, I was treated in hospital with eye drops and completely cleared up.

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