Below are various health benefits of maca root powder; 1. Maca powder is also a good vegan source of iron, with just one 5g teaspoon providing almost 10% of the RDA for men and women over 50 years old, and 5% RDA for women aged 19-50 years old. However, male fertility is a complex subject. ", Journal of Ethnopharmacology: "Is the hype around the reproductive health claims of maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) Being a cruciferous vegetable, maca powder may be problematic for those with a thyroid problem or on thyroid medication, as it contains substances known as goitrogens which may interfere with normal thyroid function and therefore should be avoided. Some manufacturers add sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, to their products. It contributes certain minerals including potassium and calcium, as well as some B vitamins including B3 (niacin). Maca root powder packs a nutritional punch, but there aren’t many reliable studies proving many of the benefits that have been associated with it—at least, not yet. The maca grown in locations other than Peru could have different properties. Another claim about maca powder is that it increases energy and stamina. Consumers should look for products tested by a third-party agency. Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook. The study relied on self-reporting, and both the placebo group and the group using maca showed some improvement. Erectile dysfunction can have several causes. Maca powder benefits. ", Maturitas: "The use of maca (Lepidium meyenii) to improve semen quality: A systematic review. There is very limited research on maca at the moment, but those studies that have been done include a very small trial in 2015 that was carried out on 29 Chinese women who were postmenopausal. The alleged health benefits of maca powder for women include better energy levels, increased libido, and menopause relief. Consumers should consider these issues when deciding whether to use maca powder.Â, Maca powder has these potential health benefits: Â. Maca root has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. The results with maca were better than those with placebo. Over a period of 12 weeks the women took 3.3g of maca a day, compared to a placebo group, and at the end of the trial it was concluded that maca appeared to reduce both blood pressure and depression. In one study, maca extract improved mild erectile dysfunction. Also, increased demand for maca has led to its cultivation in other countries. Now that we know what maca is, let’s move onto the array of benefits you can expect to reap by occasionally adding it to your nutritional routine. ", Mayo Clinic: "Do natural aphrodisiacs actually work? A qualified nutritionist (MBANT), Kerry Torrens is a contributing author to a number of nutritional and cookery publications including BBC Good Food magazine. Also, manufacturing methods can affect the content. Still, the risk is real—especially for older adults who are likely to take multiple medications.Â, Andrologia: "Subjective effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) extract on well-being and sexual performances in patients with mild erectile dysfunction: a randomised, double-blind clinical trial. Copper is needed to help trigger the release of iron to form haemoglobin which carries oxygen around the body, as well as being involved in the production of both red and white blood cells. This amount of maca would also provide around 400% of your RDA of copper which may cause liver and kidney damage if used over a prolonged period and is therefore not advised. Improves Sexual Desire. Herb-drug interactions are rarer than once thought. The maca plant grows in harsh conditions in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This has been further supported by another in-vitro study in 2017, which found an extract from maca leaves to have potentially neuroprotective benefits. 100g of maca powder provides almost 200% of your RDA for iron in men and women over the age of 50 years old, which could cause some stomach pain and constipation.

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