If there’s anyone who deserves to be loved and cherished in this world, it is your dear friend. I have seen such beautiful and perfect and I’m excited beyond my imagination to see how good two could be together. I love you more every day! Exploring is delightful to look forward to and back upon, but it is not comfortable at the time, unless it be of such an easy nature as not to deserve the name. I want us to be great models of love to every couple out there. With you, I don’t have to pretend. When I began to think that I wasn’t made to love and then someone like you drops into my life. 20. I have seen the way the corner of your eyes light up when you’re together. It takes a person with love and joy to win hearts. I’m forever grateful to God. I love you. You are my irreplaceable. There are never goodbyes for people who truly love each other. One understands absolutely nothing and it’s charming. 34. Never forget it is rooted in you. It may not make sense at the beginning. You’ll be doing a lot in contributing to the success of another person’s marriage with these wishes, prayers, and quotes about happy couples. I love you and will give all I can to keep you happy. We’ll be the authors and the characters. The unique every moment of soul's revival and its sun to shine...”, “Delight is indeed born in the heart. I don’t need a slim fit or an allowance for this perfect dress of marriage that fits so well on me. When I look at other couples, I understand better where to pick up from. You’re my super strength and I find rest in being with you. Delightful Quotes. How delightful it would be to love if one loved always! When the going gets tough, the tough they say should get going. I want to see those eyes glow with brightness always. We just have to keep finding each other, and with nothing to hide, we’ll be stronger and better. Love keeps you looking young. We might never be able to find the perfect person, rather, we could make the person we love the perfect one for us. The one who makes you feel contempt for your self isn’t worth your love. I pray that you find fulfillment in being together. – George De Scuderi. “Instead of being presented with stereotypes by age, sex, color, class, or religion, children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome and some are delightful.”, “The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.”, “Some details in life may look insignificant but appear to be vital leitmotifs in a person's life. 14. My love for you burns more than that, it’s like a burning bush that keeps on ravaging every vegetation that poses to question our love.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'matchlessdaily_com-banner-1','ezslot_28',110,'0','0'])); 12. You really can no longer stop me from loving you. There are places you go and you never want to return because of the beauty and awe you found there. 8. 104. Everything makes so much sense with you by my side. It’s sweet to love, and more to be part of the ones to tell the story.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'matchlessdaily_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_14',119,'0','0'])); 60. See yourselves as being meant for each other and see how well it goes. and crushing defeat. 133. I love the way you do all that you do. Giving each other your trust and loyalty no matter how difficult it feels shows that you’re ready to make a bed of roses for your relationship.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'matchlessdaily_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_23',111,'0','0'])); 16. You don’t need the whole world to approve what you do dear. Nevertheless, quantum physics is now one of the most powerful and well-tested pieces of science on the books. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What are you waiting for? The magic of words from the silly to the sublime Weena “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”–Willy Wonka. Your queen is ready dear, let’s rule together. 42. It’s great loving you. Because what you don’t have, I have and what I don’t have, you have. 68. You’re a gift to my dear! 82. and remarkably generous. That is love! You amaze me and keep me in awe with the affection you show me. My king, I love you and will give you the center of my heart. What you find inside is made into what you want by how much love you can offer and receive. 81. - Thomas Jefferson. There’s no secret in love. Dear, I’ll like to say, relationships are not meant for strong people. 70. So, let’s see how to make it happen by going through the quotes about happy couples as you make your pick from some funny happy couple quotes and some marriage quotes sayings. 6.7K likes. There is nothing to hide when you love yourselves so much. I believe we are made for each other because I see the beauty of this in your dreamy eyes. I love you dearly my soul mate! 1. 69. You are someone I can’t do without dear. Life may not be sweet at all times, but love makes you see good in life and helps you press into the experience of it. Love takes two to make it work. I define this as true love. There’s no questioning of how much we have affected each other. He smiled. It’s a gift to love, own it dear and enjoy life with it alongside your soulmate. When you win hearts, you don’t fight alone.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'matchlessdaily_com-portrait-2','ezslot_20',115,'0','0'])); 36. Loving you hasn’t been easy, it has come with different tests and trials. After making his groundbreaking discoveries in quantum physics, Werner Heisenberg recalled, "I repeated to myself again and again the question: Can nature possibly be so absurd as it seemed to us in these atomic experiments?" 120. Therefore, I know you would never lie to me. I could stare at you all-day-long, you have captured my heart so much.

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