Common Names: (Fat Lighter, Lighter Wood, Rich Lighter, Pine Knot, Lighter Knot, Heart Pine or Lighter’d) Fatwood Distribution: Southeastern United States, though also widely grown on plantations Color/Appearance: Heartwood is reddish brown; sapwood is yellowish white. Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris). Side Tables. Hard, heavy, strong, and durable, its yellowish-orange heartwood (which prompts the common title "yellow pine") has been used for everything from building beams and bridge girders to flooring, ship masts, spars, and railway ties. Longleaf Pine is a slow growing wood in the Southeastern United States, which is solid for woodworking but very limited in supply. In addition to providing pulp wood from thinning, a well-managed longleaf stand can produce excellent quality utility poles starting at age 30 – 35. ... Reclaimed Heart Pine Office. Pipe Leg Table. Value from Wood Products: Longleaf is known for producing great quality lumber that has strength, durability and appearance. Janka Hardness: 870 lb f Density: 3.42 lb/b.f. Longleaf. Pub Table. The Tree: Family Pinus palustris The tree can grow as much as 100 feet in height taking 100-150 years to come to full size and needs 50-70 years of growth just to produce seeds, but then can live 300 years or more. Shortleaf pines are distinguished from their longleaf cousins by their needles, bark, and cones. Today, America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI) is taking strides to restore the species. Farmhouse Table X-Style. The collaborative effort between public and private sector partners has set a 15-year goal of increasing longleaf acreage from 3.4 million to 8.0 million acres by 2025. Pipe Organ Sofa Table. Similar to the longleaf variety, these southern pines are an important species in the timber industry. Farmhouse Table Basic. Longleaf pine is an evergreen conifer that got its common name for having the longest leaves of the eastern pine species. Longleaf pine once grew in the coastal plain from southeastern Virginia into southern Florida and west into eastern Texas, as well as in the low mountains of Alabama. Kitchen Island. Longleaf pine ecosystems reached a depleted state. The restoration push. Reclaimed Heart Pine Office. The shortleaf pine is a type of yellow pine tree similar to the longleaf pine, only with shorter needle leaves. Longleaf Pine Wood. It's longleaf pine's wood, though, that attracted loggers' attention. Gallery; Pew Bench. prev / next. Farmhouse Table. Mature trees stand 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30 meters) tall. The needlelike leaves, which come in bundles of three, can grow up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) long. Coffe Table. Pet Feeders.

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