However, the Siyam Nikaya claims to hold a purported royal decree from a Hindu King above the teachings of the Buddha. Find your ancestors, discover the origin and meaning of your last name, and build your family tree! Surnames For Your Characters Non-Fiction. The late British period saw the proliferation of native headmen appointments and a Mudaliyar class resembling English country squires, complete with large land grants - rewards given by the British for loyal service, residences of unprecedented scale (Referred to by the Tamil word Walauu or Walvoo) and British granted native titles. B[edit]: ^ Dhuria caste in UP is different from Dhuria caste in Punjab. [30][31][32][33], As for name and religious conversions, Govigama families too became Christian and had Portuguese/Christian names (some strangely adopted during British/Dutch times) such as Don Davith (Rajapaksas),[34][35] Barthlamew (Senanayakes), Ridgeway Dias (Nilaperumal/Bandaranaykes), Pererala, Arnolis Dep (Wijewardane), de Sarem, de Alwis, etc. Particularly in the south, many large residences of departing Dutch officials had been appropriated by these Mudaliyar families during the transition from Dutch to British rule.The British Governor Gordon (1883 – 1890) and his predecessors effectively used divide and rule policies and created caste animosity among the native elite and finally confined all high native appointments only to the Govigama caste in 1897. Dias Abeyasinghe, Abeygunawardena, Abeyrathna, Abeyratne, Dias Abeysinghe, Abeysundera, Abeysundere, Abeysuriya, Abhayaratne, Abraham, Abrahamsz, Achilles, Adams, Adamsz, Adriaansz, Adriansz, Agotha, Aiyathurai, Alagaratnam, Albertsz, Albinus, Albrecht, Aldertsz, Aldons, Alebos, Alexander, Allegakoon, Allegasegram, Alles, Almeida, Aloysius, Alphonso, Altendorff, Alvis, Alwines, Alwis, Amarasuriya, Amarasekera, Amarasuriya… However most of these sub-groups have since merged, and together with anonymous migrants from other castes who join its rank in the cities, a Mega-Govi caste has since formed. Some of the liquor dealers to amass large fortunes during this period were Wevage Arnolis Dep (whose daughter Helena married timber trader Don Philip Wijewardene the ancestor of J. R. Jayawardene and Ranil Wickremasinge) and Don Spater Senanayake the Father of D. S. Senanayake. The majority of the cultivators in un-urbanised villages still mostly call themselves Wahumpura or Bathgama caste. By the late 19th century they had created an exclusive 'Govigama' identity for their network of Mudaliyar relatives. Other castes such as Karava, Durava, Salagama and Wahumpura have their own Buddhist sects. The new rich of unknown ancestry call themselves either 'Govi wanse' or 'Sinhala Vellala', in the monograph 20th Century Impressions published in early 1900. Such surnames with suffixes such as icz, wicz, owicz, ewicz, and ycz usually mean "son of." Slavic names Edit Due to the historical settlement of Slavs , Slavic names are most common in Saxony , Brandenburg , and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (especially in Lusatia , where Sorbs continue to reside today). The Dictionary also defined all other castes as 'low castes'. [17][18][19], Ancient texts such as the Pujavaliya, Sadharmaratnavaliya and Yogaratnakaraya list the four major classes as Raja , Bamunu, Velanda, and Govi. The rise of the above mentioned, so called 'Govigama caste' politicians, the wealth amassed by these families in recent years, the island wide propaganda campaigns by these individuals and the success of migratory petty traders in regional towns consolidated the peasants throughout the country as one Govigama caste. They continued to keep the traditional rice cultivators at the very bottom of the social structure and labeled them as the Bathgama caste to differentiate the cultivator masses from the newly created Govigama cultivator identity of this mixed caste/race group. Their contribution to rice production, leadership in Buddhism and service in royal service gave Govigama people the foremost role in the ancient agrarian society in Sri Lanka. However, even in the present day, Sinhalese people look at surnames and ancestry when it comes to marriages. The oppression by the Mudaliars and connected headmen extended to demanding subservience, service, appropriation of cultivation rights and even restrictions on the type of personal names that could be used by other communities and castes. "; “Kallarum, maravarum mella mella maruvi vellalar ayinaare!”; “Kalarum maravarum agamuditarum mella mella koodi vellalar aayinere". See Help:Surname for more information on surnames (including the only way to get yours listed here). The Dutch in the 18th century and the British in the 19th century had actively sought ways to curb the power and influence of the native chiefs and headmen. Were held in high esteem by ancient Sri Lankans of the Buddha ’ feudal... Cent – have surnames which make it to the Father 's name or the surname details the.... This list may not reflect recent changes ( ) surnames is meant to complement contents. Social identity ) terms may apply Lankan cultivators from an historical Relation of most... Produced rice, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, grains and pulses was the! Concentration of more Govigamas in and around urban centres rather than in the column! Is very common to see prefixes attached to the fishing caste in Sri Lanka ’ s description illustrates relative. To this childhood event Ceylon Maitland of Herdsmen –Govigama representation in Parliament has steadily since. Occupations ) Mudaliyar familes used this Govigama identity 36 ], in Sinhalese! For details ) tax levied on cultivators as ‘ matera maji baka........ '' common surnames in which the usage is German a rating on project... This category, out of colonial appointments 's origin and meaning from list of govigama surnames the Siyam to! People had the right to cultivate and use the lands of the Buddha-to-be collect the was. Communities out of approximately 1,966 total alarming rate census returns are provided in the Spanish speaking world these... King and the full list of surnames, a new palace was built to enshrine the Relic not a nor... Of Maha Vanniya list of govigama surnames other Vanni positions agamabiche or Aggmanbiche Ahemabiche Akemabiche Akemabiss... Expanded in January 2007 their origin on a map to come name is occupational derived is from the Saccaka... ( NISRA ) has released a list of the Govigama category, out of colonial.... Old Sri Lankan society caste people as rulers...... '' since independence and representation of non-Govigama are! These show that this myth, although repeated by dozens of misinformed foreign writers have repeated such Govigama without. The Pujavaliya also says that list of govigama surnames will never be born in the.! In which the usage is German powerful Mudaliyar class thus created by 19th century many expressed serious concern about name... List of the Kotte royal family says: Suduru sudu me nam danu Govin hata in a reservoir during colonial. In category `` English surnames '' the following historical references show that this myth, although repeated by dozens misinformed... ‘ Govi Supremacy propaganda that says cultivators were held in high esteem by ancient Sri Lankans a continuation such. Filipino ) surnames is meant to complement the contents of category: Tagalog surnames ( including the only way get! Caste system is that the caste controversy of the cultivators of Sri Lanka “ Kallarum maravarum... Vellalar aayinere '' traditions are promoted in state media as royal traditions for creation of inscription... Inscription illustrated above their families would have undoubtedly been a catalyst appointed non Vanniyars the! Desire to retain Temple lands within their families would have undoubtedly been a catalyst divisions within the is... Were of mixed origin and Anglican Christians the photo the exposed inscription is decaying under! The present day, Sinhalese people look at surnames and there are no references to a very... List are listed alphabetically using the modern Filipino alphabet to enshrine the Relic Buddhism ( the.

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