It features optical linear switches that deliver ultra fast response times when registering each key press. Instead, optical switches use a light beam to sense when the switch passes through it (actuates) which means quicker response rates than mechanical switches. Razer Huntsman Mini - Linear Optical Switch - US - Black60% Gaming Keyboard with Razer™ Optical SwitchRZ03-03390200-R3M1Linear Optical Switch (Red)Razer™ Optical Switches60% Form FactorDoubleshot PBT Keycaps With Side-Printed Secondary Functions Specification Sincerely look forward to Win-Win cooperation ! To help you out, check out some of our other articles: Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 The CHERRY MX Red is the first choice for beginners in the world of mechanical keyboards. This is because there isn't a leaf so there isn't any friction. The linear switching characteristic combined with the low spring resistance triggers directly. On the other hand, for those of us that would like to venture into the brave new world of Linear Optical Switches, Razer has introduced an extremely smooth linear switch with a 40g actuation force. Market-oriented and customer-oriented are what we have been being after. Linear Red Optical Switch Gaming Keyboard Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, All products come with good quality and perfect after-sales services. Typically there are three switch color options: Brown (tactile), Red (linear), and Blue (clicky). Personal Preference Is Key Just because clicky switches are most often recommended for the best typing experience, linear for fast paced gaming and tactile for general purpose use doesn’t mean those are the switch types you’ll favor in each scenario. The Flaretech switch is an optical switch, ... For the best analog experience, we’ve opted for the Flaretech Linear55 “Red” switches because its smooth linear feel without any tactile or audible feedback. E Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Red Switch - Linear & Quiet, Programmable RGB Backlit, Water Resistant, 104 Keys Anti-Ghosting for Mac PC, White 4.6 out of 5 … Gateron Optical switches feel a little like linear mechanical switches (no tactile bump) but a bit smoother. If every keyboard comes in most switch types, the question comes down to what size keyboard are you going to buy and for what price. The smooth-running CHERRY MX technology enables balanced writing and gaming sessions.

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