While the flashes we see as a result of a lightning strike travel at the speed … Blue Jets can travel up to 30 miles straight up. Ball Lightning may be quiet or they can actually produce a crackling or hissing sound. Lightning bolts prefer to take the path that an aircraft or rocket previously took. In this form, the electrical discharge jumps out into air and disappears. A professor in Japan found that lightning strikes can double the size and amount of mushrooms in the wild. Volcanoes can generate large amounts of lightning. About 50 to 100 CG lightning strikes the Earth’s surface every second. – Source. All Rights Reserved, 9 Famous People Who Were Killed By Lightning, 25 Interesting Facts About Typhoon, Hurricanes and Cyclones. A Forked Lightning is a type of lightning that can be a CG lightning, a CC lightning or a CA lightning. – Source, 4. Such a discharge can take place in... 2. [wc_box color=”success” text_align=”left” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=””]. A man named Walter Summerford was struck by lightning 3 times in his life. A Positive Giant definitely comes from a cloud but actually originates from the top anvil of and strikes the Earth. 10. 26. Lightning serves an important role in the nitrogen cycle by oxidizing diatomic nitrogen in the air into nitrates, which are deposited by rain and can fertilize the growth of plants and other organisms. – Source, 16. In 2010, King of Kings, a 62-foot Jesus statue built by a megachurch was struck by lightning and subsequently burned. © 2020 | Facts Legend | A Unit of Akṣa Ventures. Imagine 15 million volts of electricity hitting a tree branch. 2. This violent discharge of current produces a bright light which moves or travels up along the leader. A lightning bolt is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. 27. Please share your ideas on how to make this website better. The record holder for most survived lightning strikes, at 7, was struck while operating a truck, inside a ranger station, on two separate occasions after running/driving away from the storm, and immediately after the seventh strike he had to fight off a trout-stealing bear with a tree branch. 8. 30. This move aims to create a separate website that is not related to studies and provides only interesting stuff! It is this upward moving light that we see and think of it as light traveling in downward direction but the reality is that it travels in upward direction. Green Elves are usually visible from space and the first one ever recorded was in 1992 by NASA using a low-light video camera of a space shuttle. 26 When the stepped leader is close enough to the ground (around 300 feet above the ground), similar stepped leaders are initiated from ground which move up to meet the descending ones. There is something known as cloud-to-air (CA) lightning. There is a type of lightning which is known as Positive Giant. These rashes are known as Lichtenberg figures and usually depict the path of the electrical discharge traveling through skin. The updraft was so powerful that one pilot was sucked up to 19,000 feet and killed by a lightning strike. 11. It shocked her and killed a dinner guest. 1) There are three main forms of lightning: cloud to ground, cloud to cloud and intra-cloud lightning. – Source, 2. 1. Because of the strong cross winds, the successive return strokes are blown slightly to the side of the previous stroke and thereby causing a ribbon effect. Green Elves or plain Elves usually span over an area of 300 miles and appear like an expanding disc. Even if it was a statue of His son the Church was asking for it with that monstrosity. 31. In 2007, the First Mount Olive Free Will Baptist Church purchased a $150,000 Bentley, neglected to pay their $12,000 water bill, and defaulted on their $1.5 million mortgages. They are usually associated with powerful CG lightning beneath. It can be an intra-cloud or IC lightning where electrostatic discharge takes place between different electrically charged zones of a single cloud. What Youtube channel has the best content to get lost in for hours on end? The speed of lightning. A lightning bolt is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. 1-5 Facts. 29. – Source, 11. A man named Walter Summerford was struck by lightning 3 times in his life. These are called sprites (air spirits), after their elusiveness, and are actually clusters of balls of plasma. John Aaron, a NASA flight controller, not only saved Apollo 12 after it was struck by lightning, but also saved the Apollo 13 crew by developing a unique power-up sequence to allow a safe reentry. – Source, 23. 12. Copyright © 2020. 6. Odds of being attacked by a Candiru (penis invading fish) are “about the same as being struck by lightning while simultaneously being eaten by a shark.” – Source, 6. Another type of electrostatic discharge is known as cloud-to-cloud or CC lightning. 40 Interesting Lightning Facts 1. A lightning bolt has a temperature of roughly 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which around 5 times hotter than Sun‘s surface. Lightning can cause red, jellyfish-shaped flashes as big as 48 by 48 km to appear above thunderclouds. A thunder will not travel as far as lightning. Only to endure a 9-day walk to the nearest civilization. 7. When the descending and the ascending leaders meet, a high current is discharged violently which travels down to the ground. Avil Crawler is yet another name used for describing Spider Lightning. The illumination of stepped leader is very dim and is not visible to eyes. – Source, 19. 40. Lightning often strikes the same place repeatedly, especially if it’s a tall, pointy, isolated object. A lightning strike can be seen from a distance of over 100 miles however, the visibility depends on several factors like air clarity, height of the bolt and even the elevation of the viewer. Full Report. There is something known as Ball Lightning. During lightning, the surrounding air is immediately heated up to the temperature of 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Players of the opponent Basanga team were left untouched. He decided to research this based on how consistently the myth of this phenomenon was found throughout the world. The maximum distance a thunder can travel is 12 miles in a quiet environmental setting. A tree hit by a lightning strike can explode. Lightning strikes can explode a tree. Here are 25 kickass and interesting lightning facts. – Source, 17. Even we didn’t know until we decided to dig out some of these crazy stuff. In a busy city setting, a thunder can be heard at a distance of a maximum of 5 kilometers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. WOW just what I was searching for. It can be an intra-cloud or IC lightning where electrostatic discharge takes place between different electrically... 3. The … – Source. I think the website is ok. This is because, thunder is actually the sound created by lightning. Contrary to its unique beauty, this particular force of nature is just as deadly as any other we have learned so far. This sudden rise in temperature cause the air to expand very rapidly, sending out a shock wave in the surrounding area leading to a thunder. – Source, 3. Number 6 – Well the Bible does claim that God isn’t a fan of the worshipping of idols. Thank you, your site helped me to write some sentences for my Spanish students. These positively charged particles on the other hand have a tendency to concentrating around anything sticking up. – Source, 5. – Source. 5. 1. 39. They can be stationary or they can actually travel fast or slow. 36. They shoot upward from the top of a thunderstorm and extend upward forming narrow cones and then gradually dissipating. It feels odd that you didn’t say what sport the 11 man team were playing rather than just saying they were a team. James Otis, a patriot of the American Revolution, told his sister that he hoped when he died he went out like a flash of lightning. Came here by searching for meta_keyword|. The Empire State Building is hit an average of 23 times a year. Lightning without a thunder is impossible. We use cookies to improve user experience and serve interest-based ads through our advertisement partner. Other than that, its a decent website if you need some quick and easy lightning facts.

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