The technician said LG has problems with compressors and I would just be replacing in a few months. Each time, they charge me around $500 labor to fix it. Is the appliance in direct sunlight, or is it near … EVER. In my case it is the result of water splashing over the edge of the ice tray as it fills. If the drain is frozen, we recommend thawing the ice. Among the most common LG refrigerator problems is that of exploding bulbs inside the fridge. Supposed to be a bad compressor, but won’t depend on a dependable refrigerator. It may also take up unnecessary space. Now today the heating element that was replaced is not working properly and ice and frost is building up in my freezer. Be sure to inspect the water filter for cracks, and if you find any, replace the system. BTW:Both technicians who came pulled the unit out from the wall without re-leveling it. They should last longer than 3 or 4 years. Now I have an expensive paper weight. Bought our $3000 French Door LG from Costco 9 months ago. If the defrost heater is defective and the ice formed on the coil is not melting, the ice eventually builds up to the point that it blocks airflow. Those wears usually occur as a result of excess heat. I wish there was an attorney out there that would take on a Class Action Lawsuit against LG. No Cold Air. When frost fully accumulates on the insides of a freezer, and it reaches a 1 ½ inch thickness, you’ll need to defrost. Also had to run the AC to keep the kitchen cool. Problems like obstruction in the path of flow to dispenser, ice maker problems, sensors not working, strange sounds while refrigerator is on (other than sounds that occur while ice is getting saddled at the back side) etc. DO NOT BUY!! They told me warranty is from the purchased day not the delivered day. I’ll keep until warranty is up then junk it if it ever needs another repair. moony73, if the refrigerator portion still isn't cooling properly, LG is providing warranty labor coverage up to 5 yrs., from the date of purchase, for sealed system issues on refrigerators.If you still need a repair, please call our Customer Interactive Center at 800-243-0000 where any agent will provide you with 5 year coverage for parts and labor on the sealed system. to see if it gets cold again. it would have cost me $400 t0 get it fix. On the other hand, if your gasket is worn out, you’ll need to consider a replacement. JUNK CAN NOT DEPEND ON LG PRODUCTS OR SEARS SERVICE FOR REPAIR! Solution: Check the power of other appliances; Plug the power plug in the outlet properly; Problem: There is poor refrigeration or freezing. The seal might not be available, or it might be torn. It still wasnt cooling. Maybe Kim Jung Un could loan out his unemployed Nork Nuke engineers to help solve these problems and get the peninsula back in the green again. May 2, 2020 at 11:13 pm LG modelFXS24623S Open left door and it trips the circuit … Thank goodness for extended warrantee. Lastly, customer service is terrible! Get an idea on how often you should clean. BUY. Has anyone else had this problem. The unit still trips, checked the cooling fan that is running ok If one sets the temperature to the lowest level, be sure that the electricity bill will go up no matter what happens. HELP please, I have Victoza (diabetic medicine) that needs to be refrigerated. Check for any cracks in the housing, and if you find any, then be sure to replace them. Print; Email; Copy Link; Share * Required question. In an LG refrigerator, the start relay is a very important part of the cooling system. You need to ensure that the water doesn’t evaporate. I refuse to agree to this as the unit is new and is under warranty. We'll even show you how to diagnose each cause so you can figure out what's wrong, and we'll tell you the replacement part you'll need so you can fix your LG refrigerator yourself. Just received my LG refrige, it’s been two days and the ice maker seems to have a water drip that is causing the ice not to pass through the dispenser due to the ice sticking together. What to do when your LG fridge stops cooling, but the light's still on? This problem occurs when the condenser coil of the fridge is dirty. Evaporator fans bring in air through the cooling coils, while circulating it to the different compartments of the fridge/freezer. Finally in February they came and replaced the compressor. To check this, you may have to remove the rear access panel which is at the back of the refrigerator . Now my control board is acting up and I cannot turn off the icemaker dispenser without locking the control panel. As the coil becomes dirty, the … You’ll need to occasionally clean the gasket. Another problem reported is LG refrigerator is noisy or loud, this happens when one of the doors are opened, either the evaporator or condenser fan motor or fan blade be at fault. And they often look like large radiator coils behind (or underneath) your refrigerator’s structure. I have a LG side by side fridge freezer. Email, 10 possible causes and potential solutions, 7 possible causes and potential solutions, 8 possible causes and potential solutions, 6 possible causes and potential solutions, 5 possible causes and potential solutions. LG will specify the limit for each shelf or rack and if you put weight above that threshold it can’t tolerate and breaks down. LG phone reps are from the Philippines and speak pretty good English. As a worst-case scenario, heat might build up, thus ruining your refrigerator’s wiring.

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