The breeding season for spotted eagle owls had begun and this was his offering to me. I have a passion for self-development and of course everything related to our natural ecosystems. He even adopted another adult male Spotted Eagle Owl that was severely injured, feeding him faithfully for almost a year. A couple of millions of years’ instinct suddenly kicked in and he “killed” the already dead mouse with a twist of the neck, towering with spread wings over his prey. Together, he and Uiltjie reared 12 orphaned owlets. Just as I was getting out of my truck to open the gate, I saw Uiltjie crawling towards me. Maybe, just maybe, he would live, but the chance of him flying and hunting again was basically less than zero. It became a regular sight to see him strutting into the house with a mouse or a rat dangling from his beak, looking for the nearest “victim” to coax into accepting his offering. Since his recovery, Uiltjie has adopted and successfully raised 39 Spotted Eagle Owlet orphans, as well as his own four babies and even took it upon his shoulders to take them on hunting trips, once they were ready to fledge, teaching them how to hunt for their natural food and how to survive in the wild. The owl now returned regularly every evening, timid at first, but getting more and more at ease with our presence as the days went by. But Uiltjie was a fighter. At first he wasn’t too happy with the dogs and cats that accompanied us on our walks, but he grew to tolerate them, as long as they didn’t get too close to him. But, like all Spotted Eagle Owls do, once he’d taught them how to fend for themselves, he chased them out of his territory to make way for the next batch of orphans. Uiltjie and Woody will now take a well deserved rest and get ready for the next breeding season which will begin in July/August 2018. Uiltjie, however, cared for the owl, which we’d named Pathetic; every night he brought him a couple of rodents and, when food was difficult to come by, he would even take some of the steak that I gave him and feed that to the poor injured owl. He crept into, and touched the hearts of thousands of people all around the world, showing them that animals are caring sentient beings and that humans and animals can work and live together to make earth a better place for all. Spotted eagle-owls have a carnivorous diet and feed on small mammals, birds, insects, frogs, and reptiles. However, he was clearly seriously injured as his right leg was dangling uselessly and I could see that he was in a lot of pain. It wasn’t very long before he flew down and very cautiously approached the piece of chicken, eventually grabbing hold of it in his huge talons and then gracefully soaring away with it in the dark to go and eat it where nobody could see him. Insects constitute a large portion of their diet even though they do prey on small mammals, reptiles, and other birds. They have prominent ear tufts and the upper body is dusky brown with lower parts off white with brown bars. But, the night after that, he showed up and sat hooting mournfully on one of the telephone poles. A week went by, then two and then three, but Uiltjie didn’t come back. Has been known to feed on carrion. At the time of writing this, Uiltjie and Woody's two owlets, as well as the four orphans, have already become completely independent and has left the farm to begin their own life somewhere else. Most people won’t understand it, but a magnificent bird like Uiltjie was never meant to be a “pet” but to hunt freely in the wild, mate with a female owl, have chicks, hunt to feed them and even die fighting to raise and protect his “real owl” family. It was, however, not long before he couldn't resist pouncing on this moving, bobbing mouse and he plummeted down from the tree and caught it with his big sharp talons. I know he actually deserves a more exotic name, but that’s what I called him and that’s what he answers to, so I’m afraid we’re stuck with it. I found him in the corner of the garden, sitting beside another owl.

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