The back and top of the male’s head is red. The shrill, high-pitched notes “shock” a tom into gobbling, so the hunter can determine the exact location of the bird, to set up for the hunt. The picture provides a good comparison of the Downy and Hairy and highlights the fact they Hairy Woodpeckers have a larger bill. • The Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) is Kentucky’s largest woodpecker. They excavate nest cavities in dead snags of otherwise living trees, or in the limbs or trunks of rotting trees, usually located just inside the forest edge. Red-headed woodpeckers rank as the most wide spread of the Melanerpes species, with a presence in almost every state from the Rocky Mountains and destinations east. That makes them great photography subjects. Males have a small red patch on the nape of the neck. © 9602 Males have a brown back with dark bars, a white breast with black spots, a red patch on the nape, and a black “mustache.”. Males have a red crown and nape. West Indian Woodpecker . These woodpeckers are easily identified by size, but birders should not… • The Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) is a 12-inch woodpecker found in uniform abundance across the state. In fact, birds move through Kentucky all year long. Physically, the name red-bellied can be a bit misleading because the stomach feathers have barely a hint of red to them. Downy Woodpecker. ladder on back, 2nd most common woodpecker in KY. Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker. Unfortunately the traditional eighth of the Kentucky woodpeckers, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker disappeared from the state over fifteen years ago. Downy Woodpeckers typically have small bills. This robin-sized woodpecker is found in a variety of habitats but seems to favor rural farmland with scattered woodlots, suburban yards, urban parks and riparian corridors. In the fall, the Downy Woodpecker is often found in the company of nuthatches, creepers and chickadees. They use their nesting cavities to store food, and escape the brunt of cold weather, in addition to raising young. Hello!?!?!? Their diet also consists of in season fruit, nuts and insects. The presence of red feathers on the back of the neck differentiates the Red-naped Sapsucker from the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Woodpecker popularity partially comes about because they enjoy living in and around residential areas. The red crested head and white stripes across the face makes it difficult to mistake the Pileated Woodpecker for any other species. Most common woodpecker in KY. Bluejay. Is anyone home? The imperial woodpecker (Campephilus imperialis) is a species of bird, a member of the woodpecker family Picidae. Most species seem to prefer semi-open terrain, rather than closed-canopy forests. Called the "bully" of the songbirds. Crow. Insects that hide from birds underneath tree bark or deep in the wood are tasty morsels for the woodpecker. It’s physical appearance translates into easy identification. Look (and listen) for Pileated Woodpeckers whacking at dead trees and fallen logs in search of their main prey, carpenter ants, leaving unique rectangular holes in the wood. In pre-settlement, the Red-Headed Woodpecker was likely present in great numbers in the native prairies and savannas of Central Kentucky. A year-round resident, the Red-Bellied Woodpecker, readily comes to feeders in the winter. They are not very wide spread or abundant in Kentucky. Downy Woodpecker. The genus Campephilus is essentially a tropical one, embracing 13 species, including the imperial woodpecker. RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER Will return to the same tree year after year 5. Males have a red crown and throat. It’s always a treat for a birder to see one in the larger cities such as Louisville. In instances where they breed and live in non-residential areas, they can be shy. The woodpecker’s plumage is generally not brightly colored, but they often have distinctive markings and patches of red around their heads. Their long tongues with barbed tips are used to probe crevices in tree bark to find insects and larvae.

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