Best solution. This is a reaction between a strong acid and a strong base: HNO3 + KOH -> KNO3 + H2O or, in terms of ions: H(+) + K(+) + NO3(-) + OH(-) -> K(+) + NO3(-) + H2O As in most reactions of this type, the products are a salt (potassium nitrate) and water. What are the spectator ions in the reaction between KOH (aq) and HNO3 (aq? Answers. Convert mmoles KOH to mmoles HNO3 using the coefficients in the balanced equation. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Aqueous solutions of HNO3, KOH, CH3COOH , and CH3COONa of identical concentrations are provided. KOH etching of silicon nitride was not observed in the study. KOH(aq) + HNO 3 (aq) = H 2 O + KNO 3 (aq) Reaction type: double replacement. This is a neutralisation reaction between the potassium hydroxide and the nitric acid. ... HNO3:CH3COOH). 1 0. I then took those liters and multiplied by .45M and divided by 1 liter to get .0128 moles KOH. 5 years ago KOH (aq) + HNO3 (aq) --> KNO3 (aq) +H2O (l) Potassium nitrate and water will be formed. If silicon nitride is being used as a mask for silicon etching, potential etching of the silicon nitride need not be taken into consideration. KOH - base (OH- group) reacts with. KOH consists of K+ and OH- ions. HNO3 consists of H+ and NO3- ions. The pair(s) of solutions which form a … However, the silicon nitride etch rate is under 1 nanometer per hour if it etches at all. The process used to write a balanced equation is called stoichiometry. formation of salt KNO3 and water. Then M = mmoles/mL and solve for mL = mmoles/M = 30.015/0.100 = 300.15 mL. Let me explain further: The reactants are KOH and HNO3. KOH … There are ten answers to this question. At a low KOH concentration, OH ions are in low concentration, whereas the numbers of H2O molecules are low at high KOH concentration. That is done as mmoles HNO3 = mmoles KOH x (1 mole HNO3/1 mole KOH) = 30.015 x (1/1) = 30.015 mmoles HNO3. Let’s learn what are the spectator ions in the reaction between KOH (aq) and HNO3 (aq. Round to the correct number of sig figures. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! My solution: HNO3 + KOH = H20 + KNO3 (KNO3 is the neutral salt The Attempt at a Solution the stoich is 1:1:1:1, so I took the 28.55 mL of KOH and converted to L which came out to be .02855 liters of KOH. Good uck in thailand or chemistry, which ever. Anonymous. HNO3 is the chemical formula representing nitric acid, KOH is the formula representing potassium hydroxide, H2O is the formula for water and KNO3 is the formula for potassium nitrate. The third one (KOH + HNO3 → KNO3 + H2O ). Source(s): second year biochemisty. HNO3 - nitric acid, donates the H+.

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