of. The laser power used in the single track formation experiment varied from35Wto95Wwitha5Wincrement(13levelsintotal). 5. The Journal of Materials Processing Technology covers the processing techniques used in manufacturing components from metals and other materials. Element Al C Co Cr Cb+Ta Fe Mn Mo Ni P S Si Ti wt% 0.1 0.01 0.1 21.6 3.89 4.1 0.23 8.54 Bal. Skip to Journal menu Skip to Issue articles. Content may be subject to copyright. 0.015 0.015 0.28 0.2 Fig. 32.01; Pratt & Whitney; Robert Goetz. A. Reilly et al. Objective of study It is evident form these previous investigations that effective strain is an important parameter in determining whether or not a void will close. C. Li et al. The total weld cycle time includes the nominal plunge, dwell, and retraction times. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology xxx (2010) xxx–xxx 3 Fig. ... Download PDF. Authors: Douglas R. Barker. The journal aims to publish full research papers of original, significant and rigorous work and so to contribute to increased production efficiency and improved component performance. Journal. Pirling / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 214 (2014) 1372–1378 1373 iron. Excess substrate dilution and asymmetric track bonding caused by high laser power density; (b) substrate-deposit boundary showing formation of additional TiAl phase. Fig. determined using AISI 316L stainless steel thin foil (100 m) and an Nd:YAG pulsed laser with different pulse energies (Ep). Read the latest articles of Journal of Materials Processing Technology at ScienceDirect.com, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 225 (2015) 473–484 475 Table 2 Lap shear strength and failure energies of joints produced with the different tool and material combinations, for welds produced with the optimised conditions in each case. Ventrella et al. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 211 (2011) 1136–1145 1139 Fig. McBrien et al. (a) Satellited powder track produced with 800W and 4gmin−1. Top view of welded specimen with 1.5J pulse energy (a), an external shape of tensile shear test (b) and specimen prepared for the tensile shear test (c). Public Full-text 1. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 239 (2017) 230–239 233 Fig. 1. 1.2. Li et al. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 243 (2017) 269–281 properties. V.A. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 243 (2017) 269–281 271 Table 1 Chemical composition of Inconel 625 powders. select article Modeling of ductile damage evolution in roll forming of U-channel sections. Venkat Seetharaman. Scanned internal voids and 3D-modeling for FE analysis. 2. Article preview. (c) Drezet, Th. containment and are described below, and the opportunity of using an EM leading edge dam for width control identified. Such measurements allow for sophisticated model validation. 6. Author content. December 1996; DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-7121-0_2. Y.S. SLM experiment setup. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 243 (2017) 123–130 the tool–chip interface was limited due to the need to maintain the structural integrity of the insert; therefore, direct measure-ment of the interface temperatures was not possible. J.C. Heigel et al. Content uploaded by Zhong Chen. This has been done for AA6063 extrusion billets cast at different speeds and measured at two different diffractometers. Materials Processing Technology. Carvalho et al. Cross section of twin roll caster showing area of solidification. All content in this area was uploaded by Zhong Chen on Sep 09, 2015. / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 224 (2015) 60–72 61 Fig. ZhangandAttar(2016)andBeeseandCarroll(2016) summarized that process parameters such as power intensity, scan speed, layer thickness, and scan strategy, play an essen-tial role in determining the microstructure and properties for Titanium alloys. 5. Lee et al. Gasper et al.

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