Moreover, as John Bunyan reminds us, a river is free to everybody to drink. Would you not? Friend, can you do this by faith, trusting for pardon to the blood of God’s dear Son? O LORD, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed.   Jesus said that he was a fountain of water and that whoever would drink from his fountain would never thirst. Do you think that I would come and take a seat in this place, or in any other place of worship, and occupy it merely because it was respectable to do so, if I had no care for it? It is impossible that the bleeding Lamb should cease to be pitiful to poor bleeding hearts. how would our fruit be more rich, and fat, and mellow I How would our service to God be improved and perfected if we had more of this fruit-producing water! I am sure you would. It is not, “Sir, sell me this water,”1 but, “Sir, give me this water.” Confess that it is a gift. Dip it into the overflowing stream and drink. As the sun is just as bright for all its shining, and the ocean still full notwithstanding all the clouds exhaled from it, so Jesus is as abundant as ever in pardoning mercy and saving power. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (verses 13–14). Without Jesus, we can’t live for very long, but with Jesus we can have everlasting life. Kansas City, Missouri 64118, © 2017 The Spurgeon Center and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. And so, all the rivers of grace in us shall flow into the sea, whence they came, the bottomless, shoreless sea of everlasting love, because that is the eternal source and fountain of them all. a. Dear Jesus, help us to remember that just as our bodies cannot live without water, our spirit cannot live without You, the water of life. Jesus is the water of life. Turn it into a prayer, and let the prayer be the text, “Give me this water!”. 12. In the fifth place, this water has the property, like earthly water, of being fire-quenching. Wherever the water of life falls, it makes a new spring, which begins to bubble up directly. It is very hard work to play the part of a Christian if you have not a spring within you. There is room at his table. Thou miglit’st curse me, but the rather Man’s blood is composed of mostly water… 2. If thou wishest for Christ, he wishes for thee. You will hate that old self of yours, and it will be your daily desire to kill him. What a blessing it is when the living water makes a spring within the Christian! Man seeks no more than to get to the stream to wash when he is defiled. Jesus is the only source of this living water, Putting your complete trust in Jesus to save you and take the reigns of your life. There never was one refused who said, “Give me this water,” and you shall not be the first. Ay, pray for them. Dear Jesus, help us to remember that just as our bodies cannot live without water, our spirit cannot live without You, the water of life. BUT Jesus offers them better water – living healing water, HIM! 4. Believest thou this? Our sin is of such a crimson dye, naturally, that it might incarminate the Atlantic before it should be washed away, but this water of life can do it; it takes away the stain of blasphemy and lust; it removes the pollution of theft and murder.   I wish that my soul were made to overflow with it! For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water will flow out from within.” (1). I only hope that some one here may say, “I wish I were washed in it! The grace of God is like water in no less than eight senses. At first the woman raised questions: the sceptical part of her nature took its turn, and cavilled, and carped, and argued. Now, they might easily have taken the little stream under the road, and up again in a pipe; but, I suppose, when the spout was made, it was not known to those who made it that water will rise as high as its source. Adamant, millstone, ay, the nether millstone, northern iron and steel, have been melted when laid asoke in this fount. Mark the purple streams, and say, Oh, mighty grace of God that can put out the flames of sin! Are the engines of grace casting their floods upon thy soul? Your relatives? 2. There was the wheat just wanting plumping out, and the- rain came to fill it, and to make the ears full. Friend, will you never feel for yourself? Take care, too, that you make it a personal prayer — “Lord, give it me” Never mind your neighbours just now. you will never understand. O ambitious man, thou that runnest after something, and thou canst not tell what it is that can gratify thine immortal spirit, turn to the cross, for at the foot of it there springs a sacred fount of soul-satisfying delight, and if thou wilt but stoop and drink, thine ambition shall be over, and thou shalt want no more. Tell me what it is T Friend, if you are in this condition, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is just the thing for you, for in it the Lord not only tells you what you want, but he presents it to you. Right on the edge of our graves sometimes we are, and yet we sport and laugh as though we had a lease of life! To begin, then, I am TO TRY TO EXCITE YOUR DESIRE BY A DESCRIPTION OP THE WATER SPOKEN OF IN THE TEXT. O sinner, the very flames of hell are put out by this grace of God; I mean so far as the saved soul is concerned: for the soul that is washed in this fountain, there is no hell in which God can punish it. You want grace as a man, not for your body, but for your soul, and it is imperative that you should have it, or else your soul will first be in pain here, and at death the pangs of remorse will seize it, and afterwards an everlasting thirst, an unsatisfied want, will be the second death to you. “Thou hast satisfied my mouth with good things; so that my youth is renewed as the eagle’s.” Believers in Jesus carry the pearl of content in their bosoms. Base is the man who even in his religion is the serf of tyrant fashion. As soon as it. Faith is the silver cup. 28. Such is the grace of God to the soul of man. He. You may have walked till you are very footsore — you sit down to bathe your feet, and if you have found a mere pool, you will stir the bottom of it, and it will soon be very filthy; but when it is a running spring, you can sit and wash, and wash, and wash again, and if you do stir the sand at the bottom, the earth is all gone in a moment, because the water still comes bubbling up fresh and fresh, and therefore it is always clean. This Sermon is based on Jesus' Miracle of turning Water in to Wine in John 2:1-11. Mark you, brethren, it is harder to preach without this spring than it is to hear without it, because if you have not a spring in you, you may go foraging this dead man’s books, and that other dead man’s stores, to find a subject, but you will soon run dry; but if God the Holy Ghost is a spring within you, you may remain full of precious truth, and pour it out so long as God shall give you utterance, and you shall not run dry. Site by Mere. 1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience, Jesus is on a journey from Judea to Galilee, Jesus is weary and stops a a well sends his Disciples to buy food, Jesus initiated the conversation asking for, wells are the only place to get, and lugged back home, travelers have a collapsible leather bucket and rope, she was amazed that Male Jew was asking anything V 9, she is full of old prejudice / probably met Peter and the rest on the trail, like Mary bringing spices , gardener, Jesus says “Mary”, Until God opens up your eyes to Jesus, and your need of a Savior. Many rivers rise in a park or private grounds, but the river itself is public. A message about how Jesus is everything we need to live in today’s world. He had endeavoured to catch her attention by using a metaphor to her work and her position. Amen. All manner of sin shall be forgiven unto that man who comes to the cross and trusts in Jesus. II. You have got away from raising difficulties. Thou shalt never have it otherwise. 1. I say, there are all likelihoods that you shall have the blessing if you will but pray earnestly, “Lord, give me this water nay, more, there is a certainty of it. The Water of Life I wish my thirst were satisfied with it!

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