It is one applied physicists and engineers and other students would learn from. He sees the whole subject, by now, in a different light that he cannot conceive what is really troubling the pupil; he sees a dozen other difficulties which ought to be troubling him but aren’t.”, and the second one is loosely paraphrased from Donald Knuth. Feynman’s IQ was only 125. Drop me your contact please. Can we become Facebook friends? Talent is similar, but even more ominous, because there isn’t even a quantifiable notion like the IQ for intelligence. Download books for free. I’m hooked to this day. With my posts, I’m not trying to be on top of things. But with Feynman’s help, I finally understood why people care about mathematics and physics. 4 reviews. How did this change happen? The idea of the paper is really simple. I thought I had already hit a ‘ceiling’ in learning physics after struggling through my undergrad classes. I am from Hong Kong. A lot. I’m on chapter 4 and I haven’t been able to put it down! over = means. I recently finished my PhD in theoretical particle physics and I’m currently working full-time on several new textbooks. Them mentality is always powerful. This was what I was craving all the time. However, a few weeks ago I discovered this little paper and it got me thinking. Only in that way can we continue to advance from one generation to the next. Yes, you’re right! Jakob Schwichtenberg. Is this meaningful? In some sense, one of the biggest benefits I have over other people in physics is that I’m certainly not the smartest guy! Thanks. A Counterexample. We are all inspired by Feynman in some way I guess. The problem is that later when you discuss perturbation expansions in interacting fields, some of the equations don’t seem to be correct. Finally someone says things out loud that were always in my brain! Of course not. Similar problems crop up in section 6.3 in discussing Yukawa interactions, where equating coefficients of powers of g in eqn 6.41 leads to phi_0 = 0 and in eqn 6.54 would lead to psi_0 = 0, rather than giving the free field in each case. I was bored most of the time and only invested the minimal amount of time which was necessary to pass the exams. However, there were few books that had such a big impact on me as this little book by Feynman. Rather I try to get to the bottom of things. In physics, you are trying to understand what makes nature tick at the most fundamental level. I truly enjoy your writing style and approach. I’m a second year engineering student in Denmark and one of my courses has your book, “No-Nonsense Electrodynamics” from 2018 second on the recommended reading list. During this time I visited frequently flea markets with my parents. Louis J Schwichtenberg. Again, in eqn 6.32, equating coefficients of powers of lambda would lead us to conclude that phi_0 = 0, since there is no term on the RHS with lambda^0. Why is this important?” I didn’t get satisfactory answers and was rewarded with bad oral grades. For example, in eqn 6.28, if lambda=0 (no interaction), this equation says that the field phi is just 0, rather than the free field phi_0. Paul Schwichtenberg. Thanks for your book. Jakob Schwichtenberg. It starts by introducing, in a completely self-contained way, all mathematical tools needed to use symmetry ideas in physics. To this day I’m convinced that everyone can understand any topic if he is sufficiently curious about it and reads an explanation that speaks a language he understands. On the one hand, they are convenient to excuse why you aren’t able to do certain things. In addition, all those things that didn’t make sense to me suddenly did. Moreover, I’m by no means an expert in the subjects I’m writing about and I believe this is another huge advantage. Thanks! In addition, I learned from Maltz and Gladwell that the only things that matter are your self-image and motivation. Your explanation, derivations and logic helped me fill even more knowledge gaps, link ideas that seemed irrelevant and allowed me to appreciate the beauty of nature even with such limited background knowledge. So I have to break down complex ideas into smaller chunks to understand it myself. Previous page. Could You please explain for me the math. “What can we do with this? You can contact Jay Schwichtenberg by phone, email or visit the website. I wrote a textbook which is in some sense the book I wished had existed when I started my journey in physics. I love making sense of something difficult, breaking it down into understandable pieces, and then teaching it to others. Thanks again. c. 1862 - Jul 19, 1922 . No-Nonsense Quantum Field Theory: A Student-Friendly Introduction - Kindle edition by Schwichtenberg, Jakob. c. 1909 - Unknown . The main idea behind my projects is perfectly summarized by the following quote by Edwin Jaynes. Thanks for reporting this issue. Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £25. Developmental trajectories in early childhood, at risk development, developmental disabilities (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder), sleep health, social-emotional development The idea of the paper is really simple. cool that you have already written such a book while still being a student, both thumbs up ;-)! I never did my Ph.D. discertation in Control Systems Engineering due to personal life issues, but have pursued my passion for teaching at a community college. Your two essays “How is a Lie Algebra able to describe a Group?” and “What’s so special about the adjoint representation of a Lie group?” helped clear up some of my conceptual gaps left by other internet resources and actually allowed me to start using group theory explicitly in my linear algebra and quantum mechanics homework. “Well, I simply have no talent for mathematics.”.

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