She limply stood. She was too angry. Amelia nodded, and turned to the rest of the crew below. "I think you're faking this. Retrieve supplies and food only.". "You remember vampires but you don't remember your own name?". . The clouds were heavy with impending rain, and The Belligerent was tacking. Vraska nodded at her crew to leave her alone, and pulled a stool directly in front of the mind mage. "They were breaking their Blood Fast," he said. Jace had spent eight days aboard the ship and was having a difficult time acting as a guest on The Belligerent. The mind mage had proven himself absurdly useful. . "Your name sounds like it has a different linguistic root than mine. He hadn't said a word since he arrived. While initially it had been difficult to convince strangers to join the crew of an unknown captain, Vraska proved herself with fair payments, a truly phenomenal knowledge of sailing technique, and an unparalleled protectiveness of those she saw as her own. "Depart for your voyage. Upon close examination, Vraska was struck by how much he had changed since she last saw him. Vraska remained seated in her chair, but now sat in a grove of bamboo taller than the masts of her ship. The navigator pursed his lips. Clumsiness like that couldn't be faked. Her spells lifted the breeze as well as the sails, and knots would tighten at her touch. Jace froze. Vraska picked up his spoon and threw it at his chest. Their light eyes peered from underneath golden helms, and their teeth flashed in the light of the sun. The end is worth the means, Vraska told herself, her mind still categorizing the lump sum of techniques and terms the dragon had impressed into her brain. She lowered her gaze to the ground for a moment, avoiding the eyes of her crew as the last of her magic receded, then she looked to Jace. Vraska hung in the back, as impressed as she was perturbed. "What is the first thing you remember, Jace?". He was golden, vast and sinuous, with an unreadable expression and a strange calmness to his presence. or she could avoid draining the ship's coffers and steal from the conquistadors instead. The whole business felt like a trap, so she put on her flats in the event she had to make an escape. She made a series of subtle gestures, and the volume of the ship's busywork began to fade into silence. on September 20, 2017, Bio She held up an emerald hand. "He didn't know, Amelia.". Vraska tossed him a second telescope. . "Battle stations! The entire process took about fifteen minutes. "You really don't remember anything, do you?" Jace's irritation evaporated into happy surprise. "I'd tell you not to leave, but the point is a bit moot. Vraska looked at him with an are-you-kidding-me glance. The gorgon smiled. But Vraska thought back to her life of contract after contract, death after death, playing a role assigned for her with no opportunity to escape. The dragon lowered his head. Your story deserves to be told, Jace said. Jace had rediscovered the illusion-casting talents he possessed, but none of the truly frightening ones. That gentle warmth urged him to unravel the mystery of the thaumatic compass as quickly as possible. He looked to the weathervane, nodding to himself. Alison Luhrs is a game designer for Magic: The Gathering. "Let's find out," he said with a playful look. She fell to her hands and knees and landed in the thin layer of water that covered this plane. "You will need this," he said, holding his claw up again. Vraska narrowed her eyes. The quartermaster's command echoed across the length of the ship as each of her crew repeated the order. "I was in trouble, and you saved me. Sir." The area around her darkened into shadow. The crew didn't need to know why. Vraska stepped through a rip of night in the midday air and planeswalked home. she relayed. She held a hand over the letters and immediately knew where she was meant to go and what she had to do when she arrived. But this case was different . No one from Ravnica knew where she was, and no Planeswalker should have been able to find her. She narrowed her eyes and assessed her options. The vampires were caught completely off guard. . Vraska was entirely uncertain what to do, so she did the one thing she knew that eased the sensation of helplessness. The crew cheered and set about adjusting the rigging to hasten their approach. Jace sat in his chair, eyes aglow, and began an illusory summary of his last forty days. The light of the fire reflected a faint blue haze over the words, and she realized the ink had been enchanted with some sort of information. Most of the crew was below decks, eating their meals and passing the time. The Immortal Sun was stolen from their monasteries, and so they ventured to the sea to reclaim it. She remembered the first run-in she had had with the vampires of the Legion of Dusk. Vraska watched as bamboo changed to pristine sand. Amelia, The Belligerent's quartermaster, was tall as a foremast and just as sturdy. She called to him from the quarterdeck and beckoned him up the small ladder to where she and the quartermaster stood. "Captain, the crew awaits your orders.". The Belligerent was now imperceptible to any outside its rails. Guilds vie for supremacy in Ravnica, creating a tenuous balance of power. Jace and Nahiri stood before her, breathing hard from ... Just on the edge of the Free City of Nimana, a man in dark gray robes walked through the pitch-black night toward the camps, drawing his collar close to guard against the breeze.

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