Any ideas on what the best option is? If the finish on the instrument is oil – as mine is – and not laquer, the sound should really have opened out on an early 90s instrument, especially if the woods have been worked eitehr by playing or at least being close to a sound source for as much as possible. The 1992 s6+cw electro with cutaway is the best guitar ive ever had ..i play celtic tunes in various tunings and ive been unable to reproduce these tunes on any other guitar..tomorrow i’m buying another one..ive been searching for one in N.Ireland for 10 years..they’re rare now as people realise the quality of the way they were made then,withs Baggs pick-up and beautiful Parquetry to reinforce the erosion at the sound-box..its a pity cedar erodes like that,but i wish they’d have kept making one hasnt been hardly played so i’m looking forward to 20 years plus out of that one too..Please that model in all its perfection..i’d buy a third tomorrow..they hold their tuning so well,and i would have 3 on stage with me for every set i play, Jimmy, it’s probably a bit late in the day but I have a 2004 s6+cw electro with cutaway for sale if your interested. Personally, I think there’s a big difference between the S6 guitar and the Coastline S-Series, namely the solid wood top. Maybe it’s the age. I had my S6 Cedar for about a month and noticed a tuning problem. But even though the guitar appears to be all wood on the inside the so called cherry finish on the out side appears to be a fake print on vinyl like laminate flooring. It also has a nut width of 1.8 inches and a nice matte finish for comfortable playing. Again, these are the details that make the Seagull’s S6 such a quality beginner guitar. It is widely accepted in the guitar-making world that … It’s pretty resonant but no pick up like mine had and it feels heavy and stiff. Day before yesterday I had an awkward accident while travelling. But the BEST strings, after all, are the ones that sound best to you. It sounds almost closer to a mandolin and I think it must be because of the shallow depth, it’s only 104mm at the deepest (measured at the butt). In a word: quality. Fractured neck at the top just below keys. Wood used in this particular guitar is better than the average wood that you’d find, and the tonality is excellent. Finger style, slap, strumming – it just does the job:). I have a M6, not exactly sure of the year. I ended pulling the trigger on one. Here comes the painful part. Whenever you see one and only one neap gating email, you immediately think ” this must be someone with an axe to grind”. However, I wouldn’t pay more than 799 USD for one that wasn’t acoustic / electric. So bad it’s an open gash — you can see the metal inside the neck. ), Seagull Guitars was established back in 1982 as a sub-brand of Godin Guitars. But I am wondering if anyone out there can help me with solutions? This wood is very durable with eye-appealing aesthetics. I had the action lowered and a Fishman onboard pick up fitted: This is why the Seagull S6 steel string acoustic guitar has made our 5 Best Acoustic guitars under $500! Its always a real treat to visit their booth and see what they have on display. It has Seagull’s Concert Hall shape.. Consequently, this also allows for maximum harmonic vibration.This will benefit the player with a better experience. Would just add that about 7 years ago I bought a seagull m6 cedar top which I believe is the same as the s6 only for the fact it has mahogany sides and back and after playing the guitar for a month or two I have to say i was very sorry I had invested my hard earned money in a seagull guitar,I tried changing to several different string brands and even asked everyone I knew who could play guitar (much better than me I might add )for there opinion on its sound and everyone agreed it wasn’t good and I have to say I nearly sold it for spite I was that disapointed but since it was my first real guitar and the most expensive piece of wood (that’s how I felt about it) I had ever bought I stuck with it and played it everyday……and here is were the narrative goes from negative to positive because after sometime, I can’t quite say exactly how long but the sound seemed to sweetened and mellow and mature fantasticly.My brother who is a very successful musician picked it up a while ago and after ten seconds of playing I observed him taking an admiring look and a gaze into the sound hole to see what kind I guitar it was and then commenting on how beautiful it sounded and how easy it was to play(he had thought it was rubbish when i first bought it)and i know he has acouple of gutars that cost a lot more then my baby.Today as I sit here and write this its hard to believe I ever had those harsh feelings for for my beautiful seagull,people have played it and ask me if I’d sell her but I rather go blind that part with her.Hopefully seagull and me are going to be together for many years to come for when we’re together it all about the love,slan. Before even comparing it to any other acoustic, just picking it up and playing it, there is a natural feel to this acoustic that sort of begins to inspire immediately. 4452050, no model name] made in Canada is an exceptional guitar with an action equaling a good 6-string. The hardware inside doesn’t appear to be damaged from what I can tell. Cherry, Rosewood, Sprucetop. My 12-string Seagull [serial no. Instead of the typical laminate spruce wood tops that you find on most beginner guitars, the Seagull S6 uses a pressure-tested solid cedar top. It’s obvious from the tone that a lot of time has been spent crafting a beautiful guitar that fits a market need: a quality guitar within the budget range of many entry-level guitarists. As others have mentioned, straight out of the box, these guitars are a bit shallow with respects to tone. The folks at the company decided to use a bolt on neck but add epoxy. Thanks for your comment, Wayne. Required fields are marked *. Like others, my high appreciation for Seagulls grows over time. I’ve seen a video of an S6 cedar top and a spruce top jamin blue grass on YouTube and they complimented each other very well. Its bassy but not boomy, bright but nor harsh, mid frequencies are strong and the sustain is long. We highly recommend it! The tones are excellent and have matured with time. I’ve played high-end Taylors and Martins, the playability of the Seagulls matches them step-for-step. The electronics include volume, bass and treble controls for a transducer located in the saddle. Being part of the Godin brand, they are nothing short of amazing. Keep on pickin’! Seagull fell and landed on a hard floor, bang. Plays well, great neck and top. In fact everything is the same except for one major difference – the … Its the kind of sound that one would naturally think came from a more expensive acoustic! Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! You may notice that your hand doesn’t wrap around the neck quite as much as other guitars you pick up. ive been playing guitar for aruond to years and im considering bu.ying a 12 string.Im now playing a seagull mini jumbo f/maple performer and looking at a seagull excursion 12 string with spruce top and walnut back and sides. Seagull used Canadian Wild Cherry for the back and sides of the S6. If you’re expecting a high-end, hand-made acoustic guitar you might be slightly disappointed but if you’re in the market for a new beginner guitar or an addition to your collection, you’ll love the Seagull S6.

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