This recipe makes 2 cups of vegan cheez whiz. It tastes really tangy and good as I was putting it in the fridge, I licked the spatula! window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; THANK YOU for including a non-cashew option! So thanks, friend! For best results (the creamiest, dreamiest results), use soaked raw cashews as the base. Yay! Unfortunately I didn’t have the roasted red peppers, so I subbed pimientos, but it still turned out really good. However, I will do it as written the next time. The flavour is a bit more woodsy and sometimes the colour is a bit on the grey side but they can blend up just as nicely if you soak them. Before I started making cashew based dairy substitutes, I bought ten pounds of cashews. But, it doesn’t melt. Fortunately, most of the ingredients can be pulled out of your pantry s… In particular, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Next time I will try using almond butter to make it even more smooth. Personally, I’ll use it on everything from sandwiches to pasta to raw, steamed or roasted vegetables so it’s usually gone within a week. The brand I use has a neutral flavor backdrop and is pour-able and very smooth. Please let me know if you do and how it turns out. 30 seconds should do it. ), Healthy Vegan Oil-Free Granola (So buttery! Or if you're pressed for time, you can boil the raw cashews for 10 minutes. So I cooked a sweet red pepper, added a little piece and for more spicieness I took a little bit chili powder. When I used the larger container to blend, I needed 1/4 cup of water. You know, the celery boats with the Cheez Whiz, maybe some raisins? Add in any extras you like such as jalapenos or chili powder to make it spicy or for a more nacho cheese flavor! Yay! water (as needed depending on how much nutritional yeast you use), raw runny tahini (I used 4 or I highly recommend cashew butter for the cheesiest flavor if not allergic to nuts! I was able to blend the mixture until it was glossy and smooth with only a couple tablespoons of additional water to help out. Just blend the ingredients smooth and it’s ready to drizzle over broccoli, fold into cooked pasta, top burgers and pizza — it’s up to you! It will keep for up to two weeks in the fridge. Great save, Dan!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram. An amazing Vegan Cheez Whiz that requires just 5 minutes to throw together. It could have bee smoother but I love it. If you don't like tahini, just sub with cashew butter! If you want a laugh watch a totally clueless cook make this on Tik Tok. I also did not have peppers in a jar. You can either throw a cup of raw cashews into the fridge covered in water overnight, soak them for an hour at room temperature, or, if you don’t have time, boil them for 10 minutes. Add all of the ingredients to a blender (I used my Vitamix) or food processor and process until smooth and thick. Thanks for a really great recipe. Looking forward to trying your other recipes, especially the burgers, they look really juicy!. Taste and add up to one additional teaspoon of salt if desired. Tomato paste is hard to mix, so a blender is best. It’s still pretty good! Pin this recipe. I just made this and I’m not much of a cook. Thanks for your fantastic recipes, and I hope you’re staying safe and sane. What should I veganize next? For those with allergies to nuts (or just allergic to the price of cashews right now), try sunflower seeds for a lower cost alternative. Learn how your comment data is processed. Continue until the mixture blends smoothly. Hi Mary! This goes great with chips, burritos or even on broccoli! It is crucial to use a raw tahini here that is smooth, so the tahini isn't too thick or overpowering. This ist so great. Tofu sometimes also has a beany flavour so you can add a bit extra flavour to cover it up. Just a note. ), Vegan Apple Cider Donuts (Gluten-free and Oil-free), No Bake Vegan Brownies (Oil-free and Gluten-free). It was tangy like this, and that’s really what Cheez Whiz basically is. Combine all ingredients, including ONE teaspoon of salt and EXCLUDING water into your blender. That is, if you don’t eat it up before then! No cooking or standing over the stove. Skip to the printable recipe. This was a breeze in my VitaMix. Your email address will not be published. I used almonds because cashews are such expensive here in Germany. The nuts do need to be soaked to make this easier on your blender. -xo Mary. I think it’ll taste wonderful. You can whip up this vegan cheese spread anytime with vegan pantry staples – no fresh produce necessary. No cooking or standing over the stove. Blend the ingredients in a tall narrow cup to make things easier. A great alternative is raw sunflower seeds. Yes, because they use a microbial source of rennet Cheez-Its are vegetarian. It's deliciously tangy, rich and smooth; made with nutritious ingredients from the pantry in minutes. Blend until very smooth. Theoretically. Plus, they’ll help this spread firm up without the need for any additional thickeners or stabilizers. Vegan Cheez Whiz An amazing Vegan Cheez Whiz that requires just 5 minutes to throw together. Or you can soak them overnight in the fridge. Too thick of tahini can make the flavor too strong. I just recently found this recipe and I really like it. Adjust seasonings if desired, although I didn't alter it one bit. Blend using the pulse setting for 10 seconds at a time. If you do not have red wine vinegar can you sub in red wine and white vinegar? This will take more patience but it can work! Hi Mary, the cheese wiz tastes amazing! . Either way, the homemade cheez whiz will firm up in the fridge even with the additional water. They are: Maple syrup is the one ingredient that might give you pause in this recipe, but trust me, go with it! If you’re allergic to nuts and seeds, you can use a cup of firm tofu instead. Between pulses, scrape down the sides. While, raw cashews seem to make the best vegan cheez whiz, they are pricey and it seems like they’re getting more expensive all the time. Drain the tofu very well before you use it but it will also blend up to a nice creamy base. Chill the sauce and it’ll firm up into thick creamy spread that’s perfect on toast and crackers. Although I made some substititutes, the taste is nearly perfect. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} I’m so glad you were able to find substitutes and enjoyed this recipe. I’m eating this right now on macaroni. I’m so happy this recipe could stand in for one of those childhood favourites. I find the ingredients and amounts add up to the perfect vegan cheez whiz flavour and even minor changes can disturb the balance. I recommend sticking to the ingredients list, at least the first time, when making this vegan cheez whiz recipe. Many years ago I found a cheese spread that was made with white beans and pimientos. I used to use my $30 Oster blender for making vegan cheese with soaked nuts and seeds all the time. I much prefer this version with cashews. Just blend the ingredients smooth and it’s ready to drizzle over broccoli, fold into cooked pasta, top burgers and pizza — it’s up to you! Love the pimentos idea! My 20 € blender had some problems with the really hard almonds and it took so much patience (and some more water). Otherwise you may need to decrease the amount of tahini used. Actually I think I would qualify as the anti cook. This thick creamy spread is the grown up version of the Kraft Cheez Whiz that we loved as kids. thank you so very much, it’s really good. *One small roasted red pepper (about 30 grams) is perfect to achieve the cheez whiz flavour. This helps with the costs of running this website. Cool thing is, serving to serving, my vegan cheeze whiz has 2 grams less fat and 10 less calories than the Cheez Whiz original.

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